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Red & Charline McCombs Field – Texas Longhorns

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.86

Red and Charline McCombs Field 2001 Comal St Austin, TX 78705

Year Opened: 1998

Capacity: 1,254


Softball in Texas

The softball field at the University of Texas at Austin is a beautiful facility, which features a team with some passionate college sports fans. Taking in college softball can sometimes feature some run-down or featureless stadiums, but Red & Charline McCombs Field is quite the exception.

Food & Beverage 4

For being a small college stadium, the food options are quite varied at Red & Charline McCombs Field. The most expensive item is the loaded chili nachos at $12, followed by the Longhorn Dog, a footlong hot dog with queso raja, pico de gallo, sour cream, and jalapeños served on a bed of tortilla chips. Regular nachos or a regular hot dog run $5, while a sausage wrap costs $6.

Snacks include candy, popcorn, jumbo pretzels, peanuts, or pickles, ranging from $3 to $6 each. Drinks include soda ($5-$7), water ($4-$6), beer ($8-$9), and even wine ($8).

Atmosphere 3

Red & Charline McCombs Field is beautiful, matching stone accents with modern construction and featuring comfortable seating throughout the bowl. There are fan giveaways, and the fans are always engaged in the action on the field – the hot sun of Texas can be a bit overwhelming, however, on those cloudless afternoons.

Neighborhood 5

Red & Charline McCombs Field is in the heart of downtown Austin – the city center is visible from the softball field’s grandstand, so you are right there in the middle of one of the most vibrant and quickly growing cities in the nation. The airport is a bit of a drive, however, depending on traffic.

For great food, you can’t skip The Salt Lick or Torchy’s Tacos. Austin is also home to the University of Texas’ main campus, as well as Zilker Park on Lady Bird Lake. Finally, for a hotel, look for Hilton Austin Airport or Holiday Inn Austin Airport as two options that are great, due to their proximity to the airport and to major highways that lead to downtown.

Fans 3

The fans at Red & Charline McCombs Field are loyal, as they are with all Texas Longhorns athletics events. While the grandstands may not be packed during afternoon games, evening matchups feature a greater fan turnout, as you would expect at a non-major sport at any given college. However, the lack of filled seats on a daily basis can make the stadium feel empty and quiet, a feeling that is amplified by the openness of the facility itself.

Access 5

Red & Charline McCombs Field enjoys the luxury of quite literally being one block from the nearest interstate highway – located off exit 235 on I-35, the facility is refreshingly easy to access.

Parking is located on site, and costs just $5 per vehicle.

Return on Investment 4

With tickets as low as a few dollars per game, and season tickets as low as $59 for general admission, taking in a softball game at the University of Texas is definitely affordable. Grabbing the family for a night of college softball is definitely easier to fit into the budget than perhaps a night at a football game nearby.

Extras 3

Red & Charline McCombs Field features game day giveaways throughout the year for fans in attendance. The facility also features various plaques and memorials to former softball greats at Texas, which decorate the stadium’s main concourse.

There is also a team store located inside the main concourse, which makes picking up your fan gear an easy accomplishment for both new and long-time fans alike.

Final Thoughts

Texas is known for everything being bigger, and it is clear that UT softball is no exception. Yes, Red & Charline McCombs Field is quite grand when compared to the likes of your average mid-major D-1 program’s softball field, but it doesn’t feel forced or overly large – on the contrary, the venue feels quite comfortably designed for fans to enjoy a nice day of softball.

With a great food selection as well as affordable tickets and easy access, it is easy to see why locals flock to Red & Charline McCombs Field on weekend evenings.

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