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RE/MAX Field – Edmonton Riverhawks

Photos by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.00

RE/MAX Field

10233 96 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5K 0A5 Canada

Year Opened: 1995 Capacity: 9,200


Hawks of Edmonton

RE/MAX Field, formerly Edmonton Ballpark, and Telus Field, opened in 1995 as home to the AAA Edmonton Trappers of the Pacific Coast League. Since 2005 it has been home to various teams in various leagues.

John Ducey Park was its predecessor at this location from 1933 to 1995 and was home to the Edmonton Cubs, Edmonton Dodgers, Edmonton Drakes, Edmonton Navy Cardinals, Edmonton Eskimos, and the Trappers

Five-time Stanley Cup winner Randy Gregg is head of the ownership group for the Riverhawks. The Riverhawks played their first game in 2022 as part of the West Coast League, a collegiate summer baseball wooden bat league.

Food & Beverage 3

The RE/MAX Field menu is pretty standard fare, with all your typical ballpark options at typical prices. The concessions also offer a selection of domestic beer as well as many specialty beer choices.

Atmosphere 4

The seats in the main portion of the stadium go from first base to third and are nice ones for fans. Further down on both sides are metal bleachers which are available for general stadium seating.

Beyond the outfield walls is a fairly interesting industrial area, as well as a very beautiful bridge. Both areas offer a great view from the stands. You can also see the Alberta Legislature building from various parts of the ballpark.

The infield is artificial turf, while the outfield is natural grass. This gives the field itself an unusual look that you won’t find in a lot of places.

We attended a combination fireworks and “play catch on the field after the game” night. This was a bit of a mess as kids were running and playing just a few feet away from staff setting up fireworks on the same field. Then after the fireworks were done, kids were jumping over the spent fireworks equipment. We would suggest they add some roping or something in the future as we were shocked the whole time, expecting disaster to happen any second. They did push the crowd during the actual fireworks past the foul lines, but we might suggest keeping things a bit more separate.

Neighborhood 2

The stadium is located just to the south of downtown Edmonton and near the Alberta Legislature area. The area around the stadium itself is primarily residential though and doesn’t offer much to do before or after the game. Although pleasant enough the rating is impacted by the poor access to the stadium on days with high attendance.

Fans 4

The team draws fairly well and if fireworks or other promotion nights are involved, you can expect a large crowd. The fans in attendance seem to be a knowledgeable lot, although the general admission bleacher sections are often filled with kids who may be less involved in the game action.

Access 1

Although located right near the heart of Edmonton, RE/MAX Field is hard to get to on game days if there is any amount of substantial attendance. There is not a lot of parking in traditional lots at the stadium. There should be enough parking spaces, but you may end up packed into a grass lot across from the stadium. The streets leading up to the area will be jammed with traffic. We thought we would miss the start of the game although we left plenty of time to get to the stadium.

We would recommend taking 105 Street NW north and turning east on 96th Avenue NW as a backway into the grass lots. 10427 96 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 0A7, Canada is a good address to put into your GPS, but remember to come from the west.

Another recommendation is to use public transportation, or even if a bit of a walk, find parking downtown. It will be an uphill walk back after the game, so be aware.

The concourse also has a few pinch points around the concourse. It is hard to believe this concourse was a AAA ballpark as it is far too small for any large crowd.

Return on Investment 4

General admission tickets are $19.99 for adults, $14.99 for students and seniors, and $9.99 for kids 17 and under. You can also upgrade to Balcony seats for $24.99. There are also premium areas available from $24.99 and up. Parking is $10. The prices are fairly high but not outrageously so.

Extras 3

The Alberta Legislature and Parliament are close by and provide a cool view from certain areas of the stadium. If you have time, you should stop by and check out their free hourly tours.

There is a mascot and the usual games and items found at many minor league stadiums.

There is a nice souvenir stand located in the crowded concourse.

Final Thoughts

RE/MAX Field is a nice place to watch baseball even with the poor access to the stadium.

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