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  • Lance Sutehall

Pruitt Hall - West Alabama Tigers

Photos by Lance Sutehall, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.29

Pruitt Hall Pruitt Drive Livingston, AL 35470

Year Opened: n/a Capacity: 1,500


A Hidden Gem In Western Alabama

Located less than a half-hour drive from the Mississippi state border sits the small community of Livingston, Alabama. If you are not paying attention while driving on Interstate 20/59 it is very easy to miss the exit to reach the campus of the University of West Alabama.

Do not let the fact that UWA is a Division 2 program fool you, its teams are competitive and the fans are very supportive. Basketball is no exception as a visit to Pruitt Hall will show you just how great Division 2 action can be.

Food & Beverage 1

There is one concession stand on the right of the foyer that sells hot dogs ($3), popcorn ($2), candy ($2), and coke products ($3) for drinks. The stand is cash only. Livingston has a few good restaurants so I would grab a bite before heading to the game.

Atmosphere 4

When you arrive in the Foyer at Pruitt Hall you notice a trophy cabinet on the left showing the Tiger's athletic accolades over the years. A sign says “UWA Tigers” between the entrances to the seating areas of the basketball court.

To the left side of the gym by the team benches are the seats with backs on them and I assume those belong to Season Ticket holders. There are only four rows of seats on that side of the gym! 

The general admission side of the court is on the right side and the worst seat is a whopping seven rows away from the court. Banners commemorating the successes of the men’s and women’s basketball programs are placed on the walls above the bleachers.

The student section is located behind the baseline away from the entrances and has a tiger logo and “UWA" letters above it. The other wall has a giant tiger logo. The court has a red exterior with “Tigers” spelled out on the baselines while the midcourt has the tiger logo with “UWA” letters below it. 

There are two screens on opposing corners of the gym that I thought were going to be videoboards but were simply scoreboards that also showed the players during the starting lineups.

The band played during all of the breaks in action and the cheerleaders did perform although they were hard to see from the general admission side until the last media timeout when they performed on the baseline.

Neighborhood 2

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of tourist attractions in Livingston. However, there are some good restaurants including Diamond Jim’s & Mrs. Donna’s for American fare, Tres Hermanos for Mexican, and Austin’s Q&A Steakhouse. The lodging options include Comfort Inn or Western Inn.

Fans 3

The fans show up for basketball and get behind their Tigers throughout the entire game. They can get loud and can cause problems for the opposition. I witnessed some fans going at one of the Valdosta State players (in the “good fun” way, not the “despicable behavior” way). I thought that was funny to witness and figured it bore mentioning.

Access 2

The good news is Livingston is located on Interstate 20/59. The bad news is Livingston is a bit of a drive away from decent-sized towns such as Tuscaloosa or Meridian. 

From I 20/59 take exit 17 onto State Highway 28 (you should pass the restaurants and hotels I mentioned earlier). Turn right on Highway 11 and go straight until you reach Chapman Street where you will make a right turn onto the campus of UWA. 

Parking is free on Chapman and a short walk to the entrance of Pruitt Hall. There is one restroom per gender and you walk on the side of the court to get to your seat, not unlike most high school games.

Return on Investment 3

Tickets are $10 per person with a drink and a hot dog going for $6. $16 for a women’s and a men’s game is a good deal in my opinion. I would skip the food and just pay the $10 to get in.

Extras 1

Pruitt Hall is a short walk from Tiger Stadium, home of UWA football and where Malcolm Butler and Tyreek Hill once played.

Final Thoughts

The University of West Alabama and the community of Livingston, Alabama may both be small but that does not mean they are not proud. There is some good eating and a great university with a proud athletic tradition to check out should you ever be on I-20/59.

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