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L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium - Louisville Cardinals

Photos by Marc Viquez, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.86

L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium 2550 S Floyd St. Louisville, KY 40208

Louisville Cardinals website L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium website

Year Opened: 1998 Capacity: 65,000


Cardinal Football in Louisville

L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium, formerly Cardinal Stadium, was built in 1998 for the Louisville football program and, since that time, has produced almost 100 wins at home for the Cardinals. The success of the program this century led to a recently completed $63 million renovation to expand the north end and close off the stadium.

The unique diamond-shaped stands increased the capacity from 42,000 to 61,000. Many who take in a game at Cardinals Stadium enjoy a facility regarded as one of the best in college football, with easy access to concession stands, friendly staff services, and a passionate fan base that expects winning football on the gridiron.

Parking is plenty in the multiple lots surrounding the building, and excitement is abundant before each game. Before each game, the fans are encouraged to meet the team when the Cardinals arrive for Card March, approximately 2:15 hours before kickoff. The players and coaches will meet at the Denny Crum Overpass and make their way to the stadium through the crowd behind the marching band and cheerleaders.

L&N Federal Credit Union signed a 20-year, $41.3 million naming rights deal with the university in January 2023.

It had been known as Cardinal Stadium since July 2018. The stadium will also be known as L&N Stadium for short.

Food & Beverage 4

Visitors have a range of menu options from the built-in concession stands and portable kiosks operated by independent owners. The usual can be found that includes all-beef hot dogs, super nachos, and brats. The Tumbleweed Mexican stand features queso dogs, nacho supreme, and margaritas.

The two most notable strands are The Kentucky Producers and Pit Bar-b-cue; they both feature the not-so-typical menu items for a college venue. Kentucky Producers offers pork chop sandwiches, baked country ham sandwiches, and pork burgers. The BBQ stand offers pulled pork sandwiches, sliced brisket sandwiches, andouille sausage, and the popular pulled pork barbecue nachos. All items are served as plates with kettle chips and coleslaw.

The barbecue theme is featured at the We R’ Family portable stand, known for its smoke wings tossed in either a Buffalo or sweet chili sauce after being in the smoker for 4:30 hours. The Dawg Pound stand creates hot dogs topped with chili, sour cream, jalapenos, and spicy salsa.

If you need something to wash all this food down, you can choose between a domestic draft beer or a soda. The Fall City kiosk offers drafts and features a pilsner, pale ale, and an IPA among its selections.

Atmosphere 4

Louisville enjoys a winner, and thankfully there has been plenty to cheer for the past few seasons, from quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater to Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson and finishing in the top 25 on eight occasions this century. Fortunately, they have a stadium that serves their needs and is accommodating with red chair-back seats and wide and open concourses.

Well before kickoff, there are multiple campers, tents, and tables throughout the various parking lots with fans tailgating. There are drinks, portable barbecues, generators, and the popular cornhole set. When it comes time for the game, many will take the walk towards the stadium in unison, sporting the colors red and black.

As with many other college football venues, the band begins the game with the formation of the school’s nickname and even creates a fleur-de-lis at centerfield. Soon the Cardinals players enter the field through the Howard L Schnellenberger Football Complex and a cloud of smoke. After kickball, the action is on the field for many in attendance.

The newly renovated north stands feature 12 exclusive field-level suites with patio seating and putting fans within inches of the action in the endzone. The stands reach a point at its climax featuring a row of 16 seats while a gray Adidas logo is painted on the rest of the seating.

Neighborhood 5

Louisville is a foodie town, and local restaurants are abundant. Royals Hot Chicken and Feast BBQ are both situated in the East Market District of the city. and offer affordable and delicious cuisine. Feast is known for its barbecue, but it also has excellent desserts (s’mores chocolate chess pie, sides (vinegar slaw), and drinks (bourbon shakes).

Another favorite in the neighborhood is the Garage Bar, housed in a former auto service garage, serving up ice-cold beer, Kentucky Bourbons, wood-fired pizzas, and Southern menu items. Also, a great spot for a few rounds of cornhole or table tennis.

If you are still looking for more options in the neighborhood, check out Grind Burger Kitchen and Akasha Brewing Company. The Louisville Slugger Museum, Churchill Downs, and the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience are great options for tours in the city.

You will keep yourself busy in town before or after a baseball game. 4th Street Live is a one-stop destination for retail, dining, and entertainment. The pedestrian-only covered street has two levels of fantastic nightlife. Make a weekend out of the visit and enjoy this great city.

Fans 3

Louisville enjoys a winner, and that can result in packed houses at Cardinals Stadium. There are times when one has to wonder where everybody is, especially on a very sunny late October weekend, but there are many in attendance who bleed the school colors, cheer on the team to victory, and are in angst when the opposing team scores another touchdown.

Access 4

Cardinal Stadium is a few blocks off Interstate 65 and visible from the interstate. If you arrive early enough, you will find your way to the many parking lots surrounding the stadium. Police do a fine job guiding motorists through the pedestrian traffic and traffic lights.

There is a single main concourse that wraps around the field and offers everything from concession stands to bathrooms, and access to upper seating levels. The simplicity of the structure is a win for the fan who enjoys walking from point A to point B.

Return on Investment 4

Depending on who the Cardinals are playing, ticket prices on secondary market websites can be as low as $7 against North Carolina State but increase to $74 for the same ticket against bitter in-state rivals Kentucky. The Kentucky game will likely be a packed house and a festive atmosphere.

You should also not pay more than $20 to park for a game, but if you enjoy saving a buck or two like me, there are $10 lots at the Kentucky Fairgrounds parking lot, a close 15-minute walk. The food prices are reasonable and include $2 and $3 domestic pints before opening kickoff--it pays to arrive early at the stadium.

Extras 3

Cardinal Stadium receives one point for the party deck above the south end of the stands. The area provides views of the area of the baseball field, Patterson Stadium, and Churchill Downs. There is also a statue of Johnny Unitas that deserves a photo at the game.

Cardinal Stadium receives a second point for having $2 drafts (at the party deck) and $3 drafts everywhere else before the opening kickoff. Arrive a little bit early if you want to save money.

Cardinal Stadium receives a third and final point for the unique chevron-shaped north-end stand that creates a focal point at the facility.

Final Thoughts

Cardinal Stadium is a sharp-looking football venue that shines when the Cardinals are winning. The price to attend a game here is of supreme value and gives the university another stellar sporting facility to watch university sports.


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