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Owen T. Carroll Field - Seton Hall Pirates

Photos courtesy Seton Hall

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.29

Owen T. Carroll Field 400 South Orange Ave South Orange, NJ 07079

Year Opened: 1907 Capacity: 1,800


Pirates Baseball in South Orange

Owen T. Carroll Field has been the home of the Seton Hall University baseball team since 1907. The field underwent a 6.5 million dollar renovation in 2006. The renovation included the addition of field turf. In June of 2010, the field turf was replaced. Carroll Field is located on the campus of Seton Hall University. The field is named for Owen T. Carroll, who coached the Pirates from 1948-1972. The field is located near the Richie Regan Athletic Center, where the Seton Hall women’s basketball team plays.

Food & Beverage 0

There is no concession stand at Owen T. Carroll Field. There are many places to purchase food in the town of South Orange, and a few options on the Seton Hall campus. There is no alcohol allowed since this field is on a college campus.

Atmosphere 2

The atmosphere at a Seton Hall baseball game is very subdued. There is a PA announcer who does a solid job at introducing the players and adding some enthusiasm. There is walkup music for each player on the Pirates, as well as between innings. There are 2 large bleacher sections near the dugouts, and a small area behind home plate. There are also bleachers in the outfield. These seats are generally used for the soccer games, as the Seton Hall soccer squad plays on the same field as the baseball team. Some fans also stand on the parking deck along the third baseline to get a different perspective of the game. There are also some giveaways throughout the season. Schedules, player posters, and other giveaways and promotions are seen during the year.

Neighborhood 3

Owen T. Carroll Field is on the campus of Seton Hall University. The village of South Orange is relatively safe, even though it borders the city of Newark, which has a reputation as a dangerous place. Fans looking for some dining options can go into the village, which is right down South Orange Ave. There are plenty of dining options and even a movie theater.

The village of South Orange is a typical college town. You will see many storefronts that support Seton Hall University athletics. There are many things to do and see in the village, which is a short walk down South Orange Ave.

Fans 1

The fans at Seton Hall baseball games are generally family members.Some students come to the games, and there are also family members from the opposing team if Seton Hall is playing a school close by.The fans are quiet except for the cheers from an RBI or a nice defensive play.

Access 4

Seton Hall is located on South Orange Ave. which runs through Newark. You can reach Seton Hall from the Garden State Parkway, and is fairly easy to find. Once on the Seton Hall campus, Owen T. Carroll Field is fairly easy to find. Once inside the gates of Seton Hall, you just follow the road and it will be on your left. There are many lots so parking will be easy to find. There is also a train station in the village of South Orange. The campus of Seton Hall is about a 10-15 minute walk from the train station.

Return on Investment 3

There is no price to attend a Seton Hall baseball game. Seton Hall does not charge for parking, and there are no concessions sold at the game. The quality of baseball that you will see is well worth the cost of gas to get to the game. Seton Hall is a Division One program, and many great players have come through South Orange. Perhaps the most notable alumnus is 2015 Baseball Hall of Famer Craig Biggio. You will have a great seat no matter where you sit, and you will see some top notch college baseball.


Extras 3

One star is awarded for the programs that are given out at every game. The programs provide information on each Seton Hall player as well as the stats of each team.

A second star is awarded for the great scoreboard at Carroll Field. In addition to all your basic information, it also shows a graphic for each player when they come to the plate.

A final star is given for the beautiful field and facility that Seton Hall has, as well as the retired numbers which can be seen along the right field fence.

Final Thoughts

There are very few bells and whistles at Owen T. Carroll Field. What you will see however, is high quality college baseball. This quaint college town of South Orange is a nice place to spend a day, and take in a ballgame while you are there. You may end up seeing a future MLB player, or as many Pirate fans have in the past, a future Hall of Famer.

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