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Oahe Zap Reveal Uniform Sets for Inaugural Season

Photos Courtesy of the Oahe Zap

The Oahe Zap of the Independence League Baseball revealed their inaugural uniform set for the 2023 season. The Pierre, S.D., summer collegiate club released a home, away, and alternate set, along with two specialty jerseys.

The home jerseys are white with their script Zap logo across the chest and their Z logo on the left sleeve. It is a pullover shirt. The road jerseys, and button-ups, are navy with “Oahe” written across the chest in a classic script and their Z logo on the left sleeve.

The alternate set is a pullover jersey that is Columbia blue with their Z logo on the right part of the chest and their Powerhouse logo on the left sleeve. The back of each jersey features block numbers with their Capitol logo on the upper back close to the neck. Each jersey also features its jersey sponsorship partner, Allied Plumbing and Heating, on the right sleeve. Jerseys will be paired with either white or Columbia blue pants.

"Our regular uniforms were designed by Deremer Sportswear in Omaha," said co-owner Jackson Bruce. "We went fairly traditional with the home and away. Our alternate is an 80s style, like the Cardinal, Mariners, and Brewers powder blues. We think all three make our extricate brand pop and will be a hit with the fans."

The club will also be featuring three specialty jerseys that will be worn during specific promotional nights this season. The first will be Jersey Shore-themed jerseys for Jersey Shore Night on June 8.

The jerseys will be black with cheetah print sleeves and a Jersey Shore-style Oahe Zap logo on the front. The acronym “G.T.L.” is situated on the upper back for all of those who need a reminder of the infamous “Gym, Tan Laundry” to-do list. The Zap script logo will be featured on one sleeve with a sponsor logo on the other.

"As for the specialty jerseys, our Jersey Shore jerseys have a Jersey Shore-type logo that incorporates our name," explains Bruce. "We went with cheetah print because it seems to be a popular pattern with one of the main Shore members, Snooki. We thought it would be a nice touch to throw the GTL on the back to show we are serious about the night like they are serious about the Gym, Tan, and Laundry lifestyle on the show. Thanks to OT Sports, we were able to get an amazing design."

Taking a cue from Great Britain’s WBC uniforms set, the second will be a Minimum Night-themed jersey for the Zap’s promotion on July 3. The white jerseys feature “zap” in lower case, Times New Roman font across the front, and a Zap Script logo and Times New Roman numbers on the back. There will be a league logo on one sleeve. Bruce further explains the genesis behind this design for his team.

"The minimum jerseys were an idea we cooked up doing promotion planning. We heard of Nothing Night but wanted to at least give the people something, even if it’s lazy. There is nothing lazier than white in Times New Roman font. We wanted to show we could wear a uniform with about as little effort into making it as possible. That uniform design was made in three minutes using Canva and OT Sports was able to bring it to life."

The third jersey is to be determined. All specialty jerseys will be auctioned off for charity through silent auctions during the respective game days. Charities are to be announced.

The Zap home opener is Tuesday, May 23 at Hyde Stadium.

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