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Mirabito Stadium – Binghamton Rumble Ponies

Photos by Michael Rusignuolo, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.00

Mirabito Stadium 211 Henry St Binghamton, NY 13901

Year Opened: 1992

Capacity: 6,042


A Rumble in Binghamton

Just north of the Pennsylvania border, the city of Binghamton, New York is home to the Binghamton Mets of the Eastern League. The B-Mets, the more common name for the New York Mets’ AA affiliate, moved to Binghamton in 1992 from Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The construction of NYSEG Stadium coincided with the relocation of the B-Mets. NYSEG Stadium is located in downtown Binghamton and offers an overall enjoyable experience. Even though the area directly around the stadium is not ideal, the B-Mets create a family-friendly atmosphere for a night out in Binghamton.

Note: The stadium name changed from NYSEG Stadium to Mirabito Stadium in 2021.

Food & Beverage 4

NYSEG Stadium offers a good balance of standard ballpark fare and local options that will please nearly any hungry fan. The hidden gem of NYSEG Stadium is Hickory’s BBQ located down the first baseline. Hickory’s offers local classics such as Lupo’s chicken spiedie sandwich ($6) and classic barbecue with its pulled pork sandwich ($6.50).

It is well worth the walk down to Hickory’s to enjoy some great food. If you are looking for more traditional options, NYSEG Stadium has several concession stands located under the seating area that offer items such as hot dogs ($3.75) and nachos ($4.50).

The B-Mets serve a variety of Coca-Cola products from the fountain. The selection of alcoholic beverages at NYSEG Stadium is also quite good. Beer choices include Labatt Blue Light ($6.50) and a Good Hops craft ($7). NYSEG Stadium also offers Bully Hill Vineyards wine by the glass ($6) and in slushie form ($8). The Lupo’s chicken spiedie sandwich is a fan favorite and is well worth the investment.

Atmosphere 3

NYSEG Stadium provides an enjoyable atmosphere to see a game but lacks any unique features that separate it from other stadiums. The seating area at NYSEG Stadium runs from first base to third base and is divided into two main groups, box seats which are lower and reserved seats which are higher.

A small concourse separates the two different groups of seats and allows easy access to the seating area. All the seats throughout the stadium are blue box-style seats with cup holders. A small set of inflatable amusements is down the first baseline and is a popular attraction among children. A large video board and a digital scoreboard are located in right field and enhance the in-game experience. A picnic area is located down the third baseline and accommodates larger groups for private events. A handful of suites are also located directly behind the seating area.

The B-Mets make an effort to incorporate promotions into the game day experience at NYSEG Stadium. Most nights feature some sort of theme, such as “Mets-aritaville,” that will serve as the focus of that night’s in-game promotions. The entire seating area at NYSEG Stadium provides great views of the field. If you attend on a fireworks night, the third base side of the stadium may be your best bet because fireworks are launched in right field. NYSEG Stadium also features some covered seats in the upper part of the sections located behind home plate.

Neighborhood 2

NYSEG Stadium is located on the primarily residential northeast side of downtown Binghamton, which limits the options that surround it. While the selection of restaurants directly near the stadium is not great, Binghamton does have some quality choices within driving distance. For delicious diner fare at amazingly low prices, Chris’ Diner is only a short drive from NYSEG Stadium. Also located downtown, Water Street Brewing Co. offers great burgers and fries as well as a wide array of drafts.

Binghamton has an ample amount of attractions that make a trip to the city worthwhile. The Roberson Museum and Science Center is a favorite for both kids and adults in the area. If you want to spend some time outside, Otsiningo Park is located right next to the Chenango River and provides gorgeous views of upstate New York. The area surrounding NYSEG Stadium has several hotels from which to select.

One of the best options for lodging is the DoubleTree by Hilton because of its location and quality accommodations. The greater Binghamton area also has plenty of hotels if you prefer not to stay downtown.

Fans 3

While most fans that attend B-Mets’ games are knowledgeable about baseball, the number of fans that show up to games can be quite limited. The B-Mets have been at the bottom of Eastern League attendance for several years. NYSEG Stadium is one of the smallest stadiums in the Eastern League, by a small margin, but the average attendance is still below half of the stadium’s capacity.

The B-Mets have been making a push recently to increase attendance numbers, including an effort to rebrand the team by proposing a change in the team name. Crowd engagement throughout the game is fairly good. One major problem with creating a boisterous crowd, however, is the number of empty seats that are distributed throughout the stadium. The fans that do attend games cheer at the proper time and stay engaged relatively well throughout the game.

Access 3

NYSEG Stadium is easily accessible by car off of I-81 and fairly easy to navigate once inside the stadium. The public transportation in Binghamton is limited. The best option for travel from downtown to NYSEG Stadium is the 12 bus on Broome County Transit.

An ample amount of parking is located beyond the right field wall of NYSEG Stadium for $4. It is a little bit of a walk to NYSEG Stadium from the parking lot, so be prepared to walk. Traffic can be slightly hectic once the game has ended. NYSEG Stadium has several gates from which to enter.

Gate 1 is located right beside the right-field foul pole. If you need tickets, however, Gate 2 is located right next to the box office, which makes it the most popular point of entry. The lines of entry are manageable and do not cause too much of a backup.

The concourse under the seating area, where the concessions are located, is relatively small and does not offer a view of the field. Restrooms are conveniently located and do not cause a hassle for fans. Handicapped accessibility throughout the stadium is well done, especially with the large handicap section located directly behind the home plate.

Return on Investment 3

While a game at NYSEG Stadium is by no means expensive, the B-Mets do not offer many unique aspects to the game day experience that add more bang for your buck. Ticket prices range from $9 for reserved seats to $11 for box seats, with an extra dollar added for the day of game purchases. If you decide to purchase something to eat and drink, a night at NYSEG Stadium will cost around $25 per person.

Extras 3

The B-Mets do a few small things that enhance the gameday experience. The staff distributes a concession guide to all fans after they park their vehicle, which makes knowing where to find certain items substantially easier. NYSEG Stadium has a fairly extensive merchandise store that sells a variety of B-Mets apparel. Also, the inflatable play area down the first baseline is a great way to keep children entertained throughout the game.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Binghamton Mets have struggled to increase their attendance numbers in recent years, the team offers a fairly good ballpark experience at NYSEG Stadium. If you have the chance to catch a game in Binghamton, it is worth the trip.

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