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Bearcats Baseball Complex - Binghamton Bearcats

Photo courtesy of Binghamton University Athletics

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.71

Bearcats Baseball Complex

4400 Vestal Pkwy E

Vestal, NY 13902

Year Opened: 2012

Capacity: 464

Bearcats Ballpark

In 2012, Binghamton University opened its updated Bearcats Sports Complex, which included new softball, tennis, and baseball facilities. The ballpark is light on bells and whistles, but is a comfortable place to see the Binghamton Bearcats of the America East Conference.

The ballpark has seating for 464 spectators in green plastic bucket seats. There are no lights here, nor seats that would be in the shade, so if you’re fortunate enough to get a warm day on the eastern edge of the Southern Tier, then bring your sunscreen and enjoy a ball game.

Food & Beverage 2

There is a table set up behind the main grandstand offering concessions. The food and drink available is somewhat determined on the weather, but even when the full menu is available, there still isn’t a lot, so you may consider bringing in your own snacks and drinks. On a recent visit, they didn’t set up for hot dogs because it was too windy.

The prices are quite reasonable with all items going for $1-$2 including fresh fruit, cookies, candy, and chips. Prices are not posted so just ask the staff member working the table.

Drinks include bottled water and Coke products in 20 ounce bottles for $2.50.

If you are feeling peckish, then you should be able to get something to keep you satiated for the game, but if you want something more substantial, consider bringing in your own food. A trip to the Spiedie & Rib Pit just down the road on Vestal Parkway would be an excellent stop pre-game.

Atmosphere 3

For this part of the country, this is a nice little college ballpark. It’s a no frills experience, but is a fine and functional facility.

All of the seats are green bucket style chairback seats. They’re reasonably comfortable, but a little narrow. If you like a little extra room, then consider bringing your own chair and setting up along the left field line where there is a small hill that presents a good alternate view of the game. All of the seats in the grandstand have a net to protect the fans.

The ballpark is symmetrical with 325 feet down each line, 365 to the power alleys, and 390 feet to straightaway center. The scoreboard is located in left center field and offers just the basics for you to follow along with the game. The PA announcer is to the point, just sharing a batter’s name, number, and position. You’ll also hear music in between innings.

Neighborhood 3

Binghamton’s athletic facilities, including the Events Center, are located just off of Vestal Parkway, and there are plenty of chain restaurants that line this busy thoroughfare. Just name your favorite chain, and you’ll likely find it here.

However, when you’re in Binghamton, a spiedie really is a must. A spiedie is basically a sandwich with marinated meat (sort of a kebab sandwich). The Spiedie & Rib Pit is a great choice, and it’s located within walking distance from the baseball field. A little further down Vestal Pkwy is the Ale House, a good place to have a couple of beers. They also have surprisingly good pizza.

If you come later in the season, you may be able to make it a doubleheader by seeing the Binghamton Rumble Ponies at NYSEG Stadium. If you’re looking for something besides sports, then consider a trip to the Robersom Museum and Science Center, or Bundy Museum of History and Art.

There are plenty of hotel options along Vestal Parkway. The Holiday Inn Express is a good choice just down the road.

Fans 2

You won’t find a lot of fans at a Binghamton baseball game, but the good news is that since it is a small facility, it doesn’t take much to fill up the venue.

You are likely to find a couple of hundred fans at a Bearcats game. Mostly it’s a mix of friends and family, and some of the students. The good news is that the fans have had a lot to cheer about in recent years. Binghamton was the regular season champion of the America East Conference in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Additionally they won the conference tournament, and a trip to the NCAA Regionals in 2009, 2013, and 2014.

Access 4

Parking is free and plentiful on the other side of the tennis courts which sit next to the ballpark. Overall, it is very easy to move around the ballpark since it is so small.

There is plenty of public transportation throughout Broome County, with the 47 bus being the one that will drop you nearest the ballpark. You can check out the entire system of routes online.

You’ll buy tickets and enter the ballpark near the big pagoda near the main parking lot. If it’s your first visit, you may be a little confused, but just head to the pagoda and you’ll be all set. There is also a permanent restroom here for each gender, if you would prefer that over the port-a-potties they have at the field.

Return on Investment 3

Tickets are just $5 for general admission seating. It’s hard to complain about a $5 ticket, free parking, and reasonably priced concessions, but there are plenty of college programs that don’t charge admission at all. Still, it’s worth the cost for what you’ll get.

Extras 2

One extra for being able to bring a spiedie into the game. It really adds to the experience and gives you that true Binghamton vibe. I visited on a day of a doubleheader, and it was just what I needed between games, and close enough to get it and come back without missing a pitch.

Another extra point for the small size of the ballpark. It really is the perfect size for this program. They built a new facility and did it the right way.

Final Thoughts

You’ll enjoy a trip to Binghamton’s Baseball Complex. Whether you’re in the area for business, pleasure, or following your school on the road, Binghamton provides a good ballpark experience for a decent price with plenty to do in the immediate vicinity of the field.

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