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The Most Popular NFL Mascots

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Who doesn’t love a mascot? Basically, since the dawn of team sports, those teams have been used to entertain their fans. The NFL is no different, as virtually every team has a costumed, larger-than-life character patrolling their sidelines, interacting with fans, and, well being a living symbol of their team.


So, for the sake of argument, which mascot is the best? Which one do fans love the most? That is exactly the question that casino slot experts Raging Bull Slots attempted to answer. Their researchers combed through Instagram and used a series of metrics to definitively prove that the most popular mascot in the NFL is: the Cleveland BrownsBrownie the Elf


“Mascots in the NFL play a crucial role in creating a vibrant and engaging fan experience each game,” said a spokesperson for Raging Bull Slots. “Beyond serving as entertaining symbols, they contribute to the team's identity and fan camaraderie. A well-designed mascot can become a beloved figure, fostering a sense of community and loyalty among supporters.”


Metrics used in the research included mentions, follows, and engagement rates. The Browns have a long, on-and-off history with Brownie, who is based on a creature from English lore. When the Browns were formed in 1946, the first ad promoting their ticket sales featured the elf, with the text reading, "The Brownies are Coming!"


Brownie the Elf scored a 20 on the metric rankings, with just over 29k Instagram followers, and the highest engagement rate at 10.4%. Sourdough Sam, the mascot of the San Francisco 49ers ranked second and had a follower engagement rate of 9.2%.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

“Ultimately, mascots bring fun to every game, and engaging with supporters on Instagram is a great way to keep fans involved throughout the season,” said the spokesperson.


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