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  • Richard Smith

Maggs Physical Activities Center - Salisbury Sea Gulls

Photos by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.14

Maggs Physical Activities Center 1101 Camden Ave. Salisbury, MD 21801

Year Opened: 1977

Capacity: 2,300

Gulls To The Shore

Salisbury University is a public university located in the city of Salisbury, roughly 30 miles west of Ocean City, Maryland. Salisbury is a member of the University System of Maryland. The school opened in 1925 and has been known as the Maryland State Normal School, Maryland State Teachers College, Salisbury State College, and Salisbury State University before going to their current name. The Salisbury Sea Gulls compete in Division III athletics in the Capital Athletic Conference, while the football team competes in the New Jersey Athletic Conference. Salisbury is well known for the success of its athletic programs, amassing 19 national championships in team sports and 24 individual national championships in track and field and wrestling.

Food & Beverage 0

There is no permanent food stand. Make sure to eat before or after the game as this arena is not a good place for food concessions.

Atmosphere 2

The gym is very nice, but it is basically a high school type of setup. As you enter the arena you will find wooden grandstands sitting along two sides of a basketball court. There are cheerleaders that help enhance the atmosphere. Just outside the gym is the Salisbury trophy case.

Neighborhood 4

There are many choices nearby to the university. Fast food joints and various establishments line the road outside. If you have to eat, there is a local branch of the Cook Out chain. A good local choice is the Evolution Brewing Company and their quite nice tasting room. They also offer a full restaurant option next door to that. Another option is the Market Street Inn in downtown Salisbury. I would also recommend stopping over to Ocean City and trying the dizzying array of food options located in this tourist town. OC Wasabi is a personal favorite that offers an amazing sushi roll that contains fried soft shell crab. Or try the numerous crab options in the area.

Fans 3

The only real fans who attend the games are friends and family of the players. A few scattered students attend, but it is obviously not a big event on campus. The majority of students were not back from break so it may get a slight bump when they are all back.

Access 3

The university is located along South Salisbury Blvd./Business US Route 13 just south of Downtown Salisbury. Be aware that on some weekends there is a large amount of traffic heading east towards Ocean City, as well as traffic heading west at the end of said weekends. Plan ahead carefully as traffic has been known to backup all the way to Washington, DC and Baltimore, many hours away. It really can be that bad. Luckily, for most of basketball season this should not be an issue.

Return on Investment 2

The price of admission is $7. That does not seem high when even high school programs charge around that amount. But for the lack of amenities and level of play the price is too high. Many Division III programs do not charge and the Sea Gulls should consider changing that or adding more options to the facility.

Extras 1

The Salisbury trophy case is certainly filled with trophies showing the accomplishments and successes of the Sea Gulls. It is worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

Salisbury is a pretty basic, low-level arena located in a nice suburban setting of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It is not worth making a trip going just for a Sea Gulls games, but if you are in the area you will enjoy the game for its low level of investment.


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