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LU Athletics Stadium - Lincoln Lions

Photos by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.57

LU Athletics Stadium 1675 Baltimore Pike

Lincoln University, PA 19352

Year Opened: 2012 Capacity: 2,600


Lions of PA

Lincoln University is a public state-related HBCU near Oxford, Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, Temple, Pitt, Penn State, and Lincoln have this state-related designation. Legally, the universities remain separate and private entities, operating under their charters, governed by independent boards of trustees, and with assets under their ownership and control, thereby retaining much of the freedom and individuality of private institutions. The nearby University of Delaware also has a similar structure.

Lincoln was founded as the private Ashmun Institute in 1854, it has been a public institution since 1972. It is the United States' first degree-granting HBCU. Lincoln has an impressive list of famous alumni including US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, poet Langston Hughes, and jazz artist Gil Scott-Heron.

LU Athletics Stadium opened in 2012. The football program only began in 2008, as a club program, and in 2009 as a Division II team.

The Lincoln Lions play in NCAA Division II as a member of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association. The Track and Field program has been the university's most successful program. The basketball team set many records in 2006 by winning 201-78 over Ohio State Marion.

Food & Beverage 3

There is a simple food stand at the stadium. The offerings list is very short with Chicken Tenders, Nachos, and drinks being the only things sold. The prices are all pretty much around or under $5 so the value is pretty great.

Atmosphere 5

The stadium is a simple facility with a very nice home section and a very small visitor stand across the field. There is a walkway around the entire field. You will be close to the action, no matter where you choose to sit. There is a great cheer squad that dances and cheers loudly and effectively throughout the game. There is also a very good band.

Neighborhood 3

Lincoln University is located outside of the town of Oxford, which is a borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania The Oxford Historic District and Oxford Hotel are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are a few interesting restaurants in the small town and we can recommend Hollow Earth Brewing, Margherita's Italian Restaurant, and Bellybusters Sub Shoppe. You can also stock up on food at the Landhope Farms convenience store or the Wawa in nearby Nottingham.

Nottingham is also home to Herr Foods, which offers tours on weekdays. Check on the hours of their gift and outlet shop if in the area. Herrs also has a very good, and free, Christmas light display from December to January.

Fans 5

The fans are very engaged in the game and create a great atmosphere for games. The crowd is not super large but the atmosphere is still great. The fans are knowledgeable and loud.

Access 3

Lincoln is located off a section of US Route 1 which is a divided highway so access is fairly decent. The only issue is that even though it is in the Mid-Atlantic region, this area of Chester County is much more isolated than you would expect. If you are traveling through this area you may know it as between Herr's Factory and Longwood Gardens.

The university has guards at the entrance to their lots but if you let them know you are attending a sports event they will wave you through. There is plenty of parking near the gym.

Return on Investment 5

Tickets to the game cost $20 for general admission. With it being Division II and the cheap cost of attending a game, the return on investment is quite good. Parking is $10.

Extras 3

The cheer squad is pretty amazing and is a great enhancer of the atmosphere. The band is a delight to watch.

We enjoyed the ability to walk around the entire field.

Final Thoughts

Lincoln University is a great sports stop if you are looking for an event between Baltimore and Philadelphia.

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