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Ken Dugan Field at Stephen Lee Marsh Stadium - Lipscomb Bisons

Photo Courtesy of Lipscomb Sports

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.43

Ken Dugan Field at Stephen Lee Marsh Stadium 4201 Granny White Pk Nashville, TN 37204

Lipscomb Bisons website Ken Dugan Field at Stephen Lee Marsh Stadium website

Year Opened: 1991 Capacity: 1,500


Home of the Bisons

College baseball doesn’t reign supreme in the South like college football does, but there is still a fair share of dedicated fans to be found at Lipscomb baseball games. There were plenty of those types of fans during my visit in spring 2013 to Ken Dugan Field, home of the Lipscomb Bisons.

Lipscomb University is a private college that is more known for their basketball program than their baseball. Night baseball has only been going on at Lipscomb for less than a decade, so baseball is not necessarily on the top of the priority list.

Even though there’s not much glitz and glamour at Ken Dugan Field, you can still have a great time out at the ballpark if you’re in the area.

Food & Beverage 2

Come to Dugan Field more in a snacking mood, because there are very few options at the one concession stand at the ballpark.

Hot dogs and a moderate-sized bag of popcorn are both $2, and the hot dogs were actually pretty good on my visit. You can upgrade to a chili dog for $3, and nachos are also $3.

Bottled Pepsi products are $2 a piece, and bottled water is just $1. Gatorade is $2, so you should be fine on finding something to drink.

The prices are as low as you can expect, so that somewhat makes up for the few options that you would expect at such a small ballpark.

It’s worth a note that many of the fans brought in food from other restaurants during the game. The concession stand was neglected for most of the evening.

Atmosphere 1

There is a small, but cozy feeling when you enter Dugan Field. You’re certainly not going to be blown away once you walk past the small table that serves as the ticket booth.

The fact that Lipscomb is such a small baseball program is one thing, but there is virtually nothing done throughout the game to get fans involved. There was music played in between innings when I visited although it was played at such a low volume that you could barely hear it at times.

There are no flashy things presented at Dugan Field like player stats or fun animations on a video board. This particular night felt more like catching a game at a local high school than a baseball game at the college ranks.

When a puppy gets half of the attention of the fans at the game, you may have a problem.

Neighborhood 3

The surrounding area is mostly residential, but it’s a gorgeous area, to say the least.

There is a Subway and a local pizza place called Pizza Kebob as the two choices right by the campus. However, the campus is 5-minute drive away from places like Applebee’s and a few other dine-in restaurants.

As far as nightlife, you pretty much have to make the 10-to-15 minute drive to downtown Nashville to find most of the available entertainment options.

Fans 4

Most of the fans are very energetic, and you have to keep in mind that there is a really limited number of seats.

There was a small group of fans — filling most of the seats at Dugan Field — which was very vocal throughout the game.

A home run that broke the 0-0 tie on the night I visited got the modest number of fans on their feet cheering. The fans did a good job of filling the limited number of seats that are actually there.

It is also obvious that there are several fans in the stands that have probably been attending Lipscomb baseball games for many years. This is the sign of a loyal fan base, and Lipscomb has a fair amount of those types of fans.

Access 3

Lipscomb University is a short drive off of Interstate 65. This area can get extremely congested during rush hour.

The road leading to the campus, Woodmont Avenue, is a one lane road. This means that traffic can creep along if you’re trying to catch a first pitch at 6 P.M.

Parking is simple for a Lipscomb baseball game. There is one main parking lot that serves all of the athletic facilities, and the general turnout for baseball games leaves plenty of available parking spaces. Parking was also free on this particular night, and probably on any occasion.

There is one bathroom, and it’s about the same size of one you would find at a gas station.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets are a flat price of $5, but there are quite a few reserved seats with nameplates on them. There are metal bleachers on every other row if the reserved, chair-back seats are taken.

Since the price is so low, you really can’t complain. If you’re a baseball purist, then you’ll enjoy yourself without emptying your wallet.

Extras 0

Unfortunately, there is really nothing that’s being offered to the fan outside of a simple baseball game. Nothing is done to entertain the fan between innings, and you’re basically there to watch the game.

Think about heading to the local ballpark to watch Little League, and this is basically what you get at Dugan Field.

Final Thoughts

Local baseball fans can have a good time at Dugan Field, and this is especially true if you really love the game.

Outside of that, you may find yourself getting bored during a game at Dugan Field. There’s just not anything going on other than the game itself.

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