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Faurot Field – Missouri Tigers

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Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Faurot Field 600 E Stadium Blvd Columbia, MO 65201

Year Opened: 1926 Capacity: 67,124


Let’s cheer MIZZOU!

Missouri football has been in existence since 1890 and has a long and illustrious history. Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium has been host to the football team since 1926. It has been expanded and renovated many times since it’s opening. In 1972, Memorial Stadium’s playing surface was named Faurot Field in honor of longtime coach Don Faurot. The seating bowl is horseshoe shaped with lawn seating in the end zone featuring a pile of painted rocks in the shape of a block M. Missouri football recently joined the SEC after a long run in the Big 12 and Big 8. Joining the SEC has seemed to rejuvenate the passion among the Tiger faithful. There is a new sense of pride being associated with the conference and their run of success in football.

Food & Beverage 3

There are plenty of concession areas around the stadium with choices for everyone. The regular concession items such as hot dogs, hamburgers (fresh off the grill), and brats (tasty and well cooked) can be found at most stands. There are specialty stands offering larger varieties of cheesesteaks and barbecue sandwiches. Mizzou has also partnered with Levy Restaurants to include a few more specialty items like the popular mac and cheese burnt end sandwich, loaded crispy potatoes, parmesan garlic fries, and M Dawgs that puts boring hot dogs to shame. The Faurotious Dawg is topped with buffalo sauce and blue cheese slaw and the Big Zou Dawg is covered with baked beans, potato salad, cheddar cheese, and barbecue sauce.

Coca-Cola products are available and are priced fairly with a large going for $5. Snacks can be found around the stadium such as popcorn, nachos, pretzels, and candy. The prices for these will run between $3-$5.

Lines at the concession stands flow well and you should have little problem getting food and getting back to your seat in time. The basic stands have plenty of workers which is nice. The concourses are wide as well so fans can still walk by without having to dodge people waiting in line.

Atmosphere 4

The atmosphere here is electric, especially for night games. The stadium is set on campus which makes it perfect on a fall afternoon or evening. Before the game, fans can be seen tailgating in parking lots or in the residential neighborhoods near the stadium. Missouri football does a fantastic job with its pregame presentation, and the band does a wonderful job getting the crowd into it the game. Truman, the Tigers mascot, makes a lap around the perimeter of the playing field in a black and gold fire truck. After the National anthem, a hype video is displayed on a massive scoreboard in the north end zone showcasing Missouri highlights from years past.

One feature that isn’t seen often at other places is the entire starting team (offense/defense/specialists) introductions on the big screen. The Missouri band has Big Mo, the world’s largest drum at nine feet tall in the south end zone. There is also a cannon that goes off when Missouri scores; it is loud so be prepared for it.

Below the north concourse and above the north end zone is the stadium’s most historic and identifiable landmark-the large “M.” Measuring at 90-feet wide by 95-feet high, it’s made up of white washed rocks set in the grass berm where fans sit in general admission seating. It debuted October 1, 1927, and was built by students using leftover rocks from the original construction of Memorial Stadium. The rock “M” is whitewashed by incoming freshman prior to the first game. If Missouri ever encloses the lower seating bowl, I hope they find a way to keep this feature.

Neighborhood 3

The neighborhood around the stadium is athletic fields and structures. The campus is just to the north. To find most retail stores, bars or restaurants you have to go about a mile or so to the downtown area. Around the stadium there are tailgaters in parking lots along Stadium Road and about anywhere fans can find to set up their game day banquet. Amazingly, they pull their cars up on the grass along Stadium Road and park their cars. They break out their grills and the tailgating shifts into high gear.

There is not a lot of entertainment options close to the stadium, but there is a sports bar at the Hampton Inn a couple blocks away on Stadium Road.

On the other side of campus, north of the stadium, there are plenty of places to eat and drink in downtown. Some of these places include Booche’s, Addison’s, 9th Street Public House, and Flat Branch Pub and Brewery.

Fans 4

Mizzou fans are loud and proud of their team. They are a passionate bunch who seem to be relishing the fact that they now support an SEC program. If you get there early you can experience the Tiger Walk. This is when the football team arrives at the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex and walks across the pedestrian bridge down the south tunnel to its locker room. At some point the students will yell “M-I-Z” and the alums will respond “Z-O-U.” This is similar to Ohio State fans that yell “O-H,” “I-O.” Legend is that Mizzou fans liked the Ohio State chant and adopted their own version of it.

Access 4

Faurot Field is easily accessible from any direction around Columbia and is off of I-70 on Stadium Drive. The stadium area is set up well for incoming/outgoing traffic. You will have to fight some traffic after the game, but that’s par for the course at any stadium. Parking at the stadium will cost you $25 nearby or free along Stadium Drive if you get there early enough. Some residential spots charge a few bucks less to park in their driveways.

There are a series of bus routes that will take you to and from the stadium as well. There is a bus from the Holiday Inn a few miles out near I-70 for three dollars round trip. This can save on parking or if you want to stop somewhere for a beer before the game.

The area around the stadium is taxi/Uber/Lyft friendly as well. On another trip here, our Uber drivers pick up in the south lot of the stadium. Apparently, they can show a pass and they are let in and out easily. This can help alleviate traffic after the game and very helpful for to anyone using this service.

Restrooms are large and spacious, and the lines go quick for the most part unless you want to use the bathroom at halftime.

Return on Investment 3

Tickets here go for around $50, normal for SEC games. There are plenty of people selling tickets outside as well if you can’t get a ticket before the game. Food is priced right and the options for free parking make it a worthy experience and easy on the wallet.

Extras 3

Faurot Field is a basic place to watch a college football game and that is not a bad thing at all. Fans are loud, sightlines are perfect, and the ingress/egress around the stadium is good for fans. The massive scoreboard has valuable information, stats, and scores from games around the country.

Final Thoughts

Attending a game at Mizzou is a great experience. Its campus setting is perfect for tailgating and catching up with friends old and new. Inclusion into the SEC has brought a great sense of pride and swagger among the fans and program. You will not regret seeing a game here.

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