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Dallas Cowboys Are the Most Popular Team Outside of Texas

Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey


It should come as no surprise to even the most casual of fans, but the Dallas Cowboys are really popular. In virtually every corner of the country, and in a lot of places outside the U.S. borders, you’ll find die-hard fans of ‘Dem Boys – and now we have some quantifiable proof of this popularity.

New data studied by online betting site CSGOLuck revealed that the five-time Super Bowl Champion Cowboys were the most searched for team outside of the state of Texas. Researchers analyzed the Google keyword searches for NFL teams outside of their home state for all 50 states over the past year.

Data that was utilized included individual searches for all 32 NFL teams, as well as searches for each team name along with the word “tickets” next to it. The Cowboys were far and away the most searched team, averaging close to 21,000 searches outside of Texas each month. Unsurprisingly, Oklahoma had the most fans, averaging 2,032 searches per month, followed by California – longtime home of the Cowboys training camp – with 1,938 searches.

The team that came in second in this popularity poll was the Arizona Cardinals. Located in Glendale, Arizona, the Cardinals averaged just under 16,000 searches per month, with Missouri – former home to the Cards – being the state where they had the most fans, followed by Illinois.

“The fandom for an NFL club is not limited within states but is widespread,” a spokesperson for CSGOLuck said in a news release. “Fans can develop an affinity for a particular team due to several reasons such as family ties, team success, player allegiance or a team's culture or style of play. Also, with increasing technology and media coverage, it is now easier than ever for fans to watch and support their favorite NFL teams regardless of where they live.”

Coming in last in terms of popularity were the Indianapolis Colts; the two-time Super Bowl champions averaged just over 1,600 searches per month. The nearby states of Illinois and Ohio produce the most Colts fans outside of Indy.

Research results courtesy of CSGOLuck


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