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Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - IMSA

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.86

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park 3233 Concession Road 10 Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K6 Canada

Year Opened: 1961

Capacity: 100,000


Canadian Excellence

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (also known as Mosport) is one of the best-known race courses in Canada, and indeed around the world. The fast, sweeping turns at the facility were created for Formula One’s golden days of speed, and the facility hosted the Canadian Grand Prix multiple times throughout the 1960s and 70s. The 2.459-mile circuit is a beacon for the North American racing fan, and features some of the best camping around, while also featuring some incredible on-track action.

Food & Beverage 4

The food options at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park are pretty standard, including burgers, fries, and chicken. There are also various food trucks on site throughout the weekend, and local vendors featuring fresh grilled burgers, kabobs, and BBQ. Drinks are also varied, featuring soda and energy drinks, as well as the best in Canadian beer.

The best part about the food here is that the food booths and vendors are located all around the facility, as opposed to being just in one centralized area. As some of the portions of the track are a bit of a walk from others, this helps those fans who care to venture to the farthest edges, but don’t want to have to walk a mile back to the paddock for a snack.

Atmosphere 5

Fans at Mosport are among the best in racing, as they camp out from the opening of the gates on Day 1 all the way through the final checkered flag of the weekend – the hillsides at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park are filled with campers and tents as far as the eye can see.

The track itself is nestled in the countryside an hour east of Toronto proper, meaning you don’t feel the hustle and bustle of city life, but instead can enjoy comfortable relaxation in and among the forests of Ontario. But for a race fan the energy is not lost here either, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

Neighborhood 2

Outside the main gates, you’re greeted with beautiful green rolling hills with sprawling farmland all around. However, this also means that there isn’t really much around Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, and the nearest towns are a good 20 to 30-minute drive from the venue; Oshawa and Bowmanville are the closest towns where you can find food, shopping, and lodging.

Favorite food stops include the Crooked Uncle in Oshawa and Chanterelle Bistro in Bowmanville. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Clarington-Bowmanville and Best Western Plus Bowmanville are your two closest hotels. For viewing the sights, Clarington Family Outdoor Adventure Park and Ehrenwort Hiking Trail at Camp 30 are the most popular outdoor activities for visitors.

Fans 5

Fans at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park are the best that Canada has to offer – not only do you get to experience some motorsport-knowledgeable fans, but you also get to see them at their rowdiest (or at least the Canadian equivalent) during the race weekend. They know how to party and know where the best places to watch from are, and best of all, they really are as polite and welcoming as you would expect.

Most fans here also come to the track throughout the year to all the different races – whether they’re looking to catch Pirelli World Challenge, IMSA, Ferrari Challenge, NASCAR, or vintage race weekends, they’re at the track every time.

Access 3

Getting to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is a bit of a drag, as the main highways aren’t anywhere near the track. However, thanks to the continuing construction eastward of the toll highway 407, you can get ever closer with each passing year.

The track itself is off highway 20, aka Boundary Road, which you can get to from the east via Regional Road 115, or from the west via Regional Road 57. Once at the track parking is plentiful, as is camping. Plus, a ticket will get you into the facility and also includes free parking.

Return on Investment 4

The cost of admission at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is very much worth it when you consider that you are getting a top-notch racing experience at the track. You also get to take in some quality racing at one of the most popular tracks in North America, that has been steeped in history for years. And while getting to the track may be a bit of a drive, as it is an hour east of Toronto without traffic, the escape of going to a race in the beautiful Canadian countryside is definitely worth the trek.

Extras 4

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park recently remodeled their main office building, which now includes several suites and hospitality areas. In addition, fans are able to get up close to the teams, as entrance into the paddock is included with your ticket.

Victory Lane is located right in the middle of the paddock, meaning fans can celebrate with the winners after each race. Also, most fans take to the track during race weekends at night, walking the circuit and enjoying the evening on the track itself, something not many other tracks allow you to experience. In fact, in 2019 fan favorite driver Daniel Morad hosted an open track walk to all fans who wanted to come, showing what drivers look for on track while walking the entire circuit.

Final Thoughts

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, watch some quality motor racing at a historic track that offers the beauty of the Canadian countryside, and has plenty of options for viewing the action itself, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is the best option for you. The fans are great, the camping is top notch, and the racing is fast.

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