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Buccaneer Field – Charleston Southern Buccaneers

Photos by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Buccaneer Field 9200 University Blvd North Charleston, SC 29406

Year Opened: 1970

Capacity: 4,000


Big South Pirates

The Charleston Southern University Buccaneers football program began in 1991, but their home turf, the aptly-named Buccaneer Field, opened 21 years earlier in 1970. The facility is a multi-purpose one with a running track surrounding the football field, and two sets of grandstands (one on each side of the field) behind the track. The CSU Buccaneers compete in the Big South Conference of college football’s Football Championship Subdivision (FCS); the stadium holds 4,000 fans.

Food & Beverage 3

Buccaneer Field has more than enough options to keep you satisfied during the game – the main stand on the home side features burgers, hot dogs, and Chick-fil-A sandwiches, as well as nachos, popcorn, packaged candy, and chips. There is also a standalone Chick-fil-A stand toward the north end zone, as well as a couple food trucks/carts near the south end zone which offer additional fare such as fancy donuts, teriyaki or sesame chicken bowls, peanuts, egg rolls, and Italian ice. The lowest priced item at the stadium is a donut for $1.50, while the highest are the chicken bowls for $8; burgers are a very reasonable $4, with hot dogs selling at 2 for $5. Drinks include bottled water, canned or fountain sodas, and Gatorade for $1 to $3.

Atmosphere 3

Buccaneer Field provides a solid atmosphere for college football – while the venue is not large, the stadium fills up pretty well for the average game. The west stands are the home side and include the press box tower, and most of the fans sit on this side. Almost all the seats in the facility are metal bleachers, but at the top of the middle section on the home side you can chair back benches and bucket-style chair back seats, decked out in the blue and gold of the Pirates.

There is a pirate-themed play area on the south side for the kiddos, as well as some field-level seats behind the north end zone. The CSU band, or Pride of the Lowcountry as they are called, also plays modern music during breaks in the action, and of course performs before the game and at halftime. The PA announcer also helps keeps the fans entertained with very lively music during timeouts, and of course the Buccaneers staff throws out t-shirts to the crowd to keep them revved up and on their feet.

Neighborhood 4

There is a gas station across the street, but there aren’t really any restaurants within walking distance of Buccaneer Field, being on campus as it is, but there are plenty within a 3 to 4-mile drive south down Highway 78 (aka University Blvd). There are a slew of Mexican restaurants in that direction plus Cracker Barrel, Carraba’s, Mei Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar, and Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant to name a few. But if you are looking for someplace to hang out before or after the game, and maybe take in some other college football action on the day, check out Montana’s a couple miles east of the stadium.

If you plan to be in town for the day or weekend, there are plenty of historical sites to take in around the Charleston area, such as the H.L. Hunley, the first combat submarine to sink an enemy warship, which is on display in North Charleston. In fact, nearby Johnson Hagood Stadium (home of the Citadel Bulldogs football team) was the original burial site for some of the sailors who served on the Hunley – their remains were mistakenly covered over when that stadium was constructed, and were subsequently moved to Magnolia Cemetery when the remains were found by historians in 1999.

Besides the Hunley, the first shots of the Civil War were fired right here in Charleston at Fort Sumter, or for more recent naval history check out Patriot’s Point, where the main attraction is the WWII aircraft carrier USS Lexington. In addition, you can also find haunted ghost tours in downtown Charleston (if you are into that sort of thing).

Fans 3

CSU boasts a pretty good group of fans, who cheer for their team and generally pay attention to the game. They understand the game and know when the ref makes a bad call, and they know when the game is on the line. You will see plenty of team gear in the home stands, but if you forgot yours there is a table set up selling Bucs team gear.

Access 5

Buccaneer Field is in a good area traffic-wise, so the stadium is quick and easy to get without having to spend too much time waiting at lights. In addition, there is plenty of parking for $5 right across the road from the stadium if you don’t have a parking pass, so you won’t have far to walk once you get there.

Once you are inside, there is plenty of room to move around, and the concessions lines are not long at all. There are also bathrooms right underneath the concourse, and you can walk around and watch from wherever you want, even if you have a general admission ticket (the upgrade seats typically will not be filled all the way).

Return on Investment 3

Tickets to football games at Buccaneer Field start at $20 for general admission, which is pretty average/slightly on the low side for FCS football. There are some stadiums that charge a lot more (starting in the $30s) but you can also find a few that are a little cheaper. But on the plus side, $5 for parking is an absolute bargain, and the concessions here at CSU are more than fair.

Extras 3

The play area for the kids is a nice touch, and instead of foam fingers fans can get foam pirate sabres, which all the fans seem to enjoy (the adults too, if I may say so). I did not see a mascot, but the band and PA announcer do a great job with the music, providing a fun atmosphere.

Foam Sabre, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

Final Thoughts

Buccaneer Field is a great little stadium at which to take in some football, and Charleston itself is a great tourist destination, especially in the fall when it is not quite so hot; if you have the time, make the trek down to Charleston and take in a Bucs game on the way – go Bucs!


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