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Bok Center – Tulsa Oilers Indoor Football

Photos by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 4.14

Bok Center 200 S Denver Ave Tulsa, OK 74103

Year Opened: 2008

Capacity: 19,199


Beautiful Bok

Bok Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a standout facility that literally hits you in the face as you drive by, with its stunning silver façade and glass atrium appearing to hang over the side. There are plenty of great amenities inside, and more importantly – you can come here to watch football!

Bok Center opened in 2008, and is currently home to minor league hockey’s Tulsa Oilers, as well as indoor football’s Tulsa Oilers; the names can be a little confusing when you are doing online searches, so be careful to make sure you are checking the right game schedule.

The football version of the Oilers only began in 2023, so they don’t yet draw as many fans as their hockey counterparts. Nevertheless, a visit to Bok Center for a football contest will be an absolute blast.

Food & Beverage 5

There aren’t as many food and beverage options inside Bok Center as you may find at other facilities, but what helps set Bok Center apart is the number of bars and lounges dotted around inside, all of which are sleek, clean, and ultra-modern, offering great seating and TVs you can watch the game on. The best of these is River Spirit Casino Resort Lounge, with its full bar, but also its wraparound gaming chairs (and other seating) in the back, where you can sit down in your own little cocoon, drinking your drink while watching the game on a giant TV.

Besides the lounges, you can find upscale versions of all the food items you might expect, such as nachos, burgers, hot dogs, Frito pie, pizza, pretzels, popcorn, chicken tenders and wings, packaged candy, and ice cream, as well as bottled water, bottled or fountain soda, Gatorade, and of course, beer. Be sure to walk around the concourse a bit before you decide, as all the stands offer different things,

Atmosphere 5

The great thing about the field itself at Tulsa Oilers games is that the turf is brand new, unlike some of the indoor football fields you may have seen in the past. There is also the dance team and a noticeable mascot in the form of a giant yellow bison-like creature, as well as a wicked cool logo in the form of an oil derrick (there are two merch stands in the building, one large and one small, so be sure to go find the big one as it has way more stuff).

But the thing that really takes the cake here at Bok Center is the concourse with all the amenities it offers – everything from charging stations for your phone, little tables dotted around where you can stop and eat your food, play areas for the kids (for example a mini inflatable hockey rick where kids can play one-on-one), cornhole, a giant gumball machine, multiple TVs in little nooks and along the walls, so you can watch the game while walking around, and the glass atrium with its views of downtown. Even if you don’t like football, I would encourage to go to Bok Center at least once just to check it out.

Neighborhood 4

Downtown Tulsa really impressed me with how clean and well kept up it is, with none of the shady areas (at least that I could find) that you will find at many big cities in America. There are also hotels within walking distance, for example a Hampton Inn across the street. There are also lots of restaurants within walking distance, although not as close as the hotels.

Probably the coolest attraction in Tulsa, however, is Route 66 – it is a few miles away from downtown, but worth driving down and of course taking some pictures of the historic signs.

Fans 2

As I mentioned earlier there are not too many fans at Tulsa Oilers football games, but those who are there are into the game, and the team gear shop does a brisk business with its $10 t-shirt and other specials at every game.

Access 4

Downtown Tulsa is right next to the river, so if you are coming from the west you may have to cross the bridge, but otherwise it is easy enough to get here, and there is a parking lot right across the street where you can park for $10, or you can park for free along some of the streets if you are willing to walk a little further.

Once you get inside the facility, there is plenty of room to move around. The only potential downside is that the ticket window is on the far side of the building, so you may prefer to buy your tickets in advance do you don’t have to bother. If you do need tickets at the door, though, there will be plenty available, as the arena will not be full. Lines for bathrooms and concessions are very light, and there are plenty of staff inside cleaning up during the event, so you are guaranteed to have a good experience while you are there.

Return on Investment 5

Tickets to Tulsa Oilers football games start at $13, and if you buy at the door you can avoid the Ticketmaster fees. Parking is cheap, especially for a downtown venue, and there are plenty of lower cost concessions items if you look around (although you could certainly spend a wad on food and drinks if you wanted to). All that said, this is a great return on investment, given the great amenities and atmosphere at a game here.

Extras 4

I mentioned it already, but the large team store is a big plus here, with all of the different items it sells (way more than I have seen at similar venues, except the NBA-level ones with full team stores). The number of staff on hand is also mind-boggling, there to help answer questions or cleaning up the venue as fans move around, so you don’t have to step in anything icky. The oil derrick logo is also great, as are all the activities for kids and adults inside the arena.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend a visit to Bok Center for a Tulsa Oilers football game – great venue, a brand-new team, and a cool smaller big-city to visit. I would highly encourage a trip to Tulsa; you won’t be sorry.

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