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Bloomfield Road - Blackpool FC

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Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.29

Bloomfield Road Seasiders Way

Blackpool, England


Year Opened: 1899 Capacity: 16,616


Welcome to the Seaside

Blackpool FC is currently a member of the EFL Championship and plays at Bloomfield Road. The club first used the grounds in 1900 and has called it home every year since the 1901-1902 season. The team was founded in 1887 and previously played at Raikes Hall Garden and the Athletic Grounds.

Bloomfield Road has changed dramatically since football was first played in 1899. Back then, it was nothing else but a grandstand with a playing field. However, fans came out in droves and had to be pushed back by linesmen and officials. All four of its stands have been rebuilt with the latest renovations taking place with the Jimmy Armfield South Stands in 2010, which resulted in a capacity of 16,616.

Blackpool is England’s main beach resort, and the club is nicknamed “The Seasiders”, although they are also called the “The Tangerines” based on the orange colour of their kit stripe, first worn in 1923.

The club won the 2020-21 Football League One Play-Off championship and was promoted to the Championship. They have spent time in the top four leagues in England, with one season in the Premier League in 2010-211. They are the first ever club to gain promotion from every division within the Football League via the play-off system.

Food & Beverage 3

The usual assortment of concession items is available at Bloomfield Road once you walk through the gates. The typical fare includes pies (meat and potatoes, cheese and onion, and Cornish pasty), rollover hot dogs, and something new, a chicken biryani meal. The biryani has been inspired by other grounds in the league and adds a tasty option at the game. Snacks and confectionery include Walker Crisps varieties, chocolate, and sweets.

The non-alcoholic drinks include Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7Up Free, and Tango Free. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and Bovril are ideal for cold, wet, or foggy games during the season. The alcoholic beverages include Heineken at selected kiosks, John Smith’s, Strongbow, Fosters, and Strongbow Dark Fruits.

Atmosphere 3

The atmosphere at match days is very impressive, with crowds of around 11,000 dissenting upon Bloomfield Road hours before the game. The streets are packed, fans decked out in tangerine color kits are mulling about, and local pubs are packed with home and away supporters. It is ideal to arrive early to soak in the atmosphere of this coastal town.

There are four main grandstands at the grounds: Armfield South Stand, Matthews West Stand, East Stand, and Mortensen North Stand (The Kop). The Matthews Stands contains the players' tunnel, the East Stand houses away fans, and The Kop is home to the family section and club shop.

The seating is steep but close to the action on the pitch. It is slightly uncomfortable, but many fans cheer on the home side doing battle down below.

There are also five hospitality lounges at the stadium: Heineken Lounge, Moretti Lounge, Club 1953, and Club Matthews. The Club 1953 is for home fans only and is more relaxed than the others that are located on the halfway line. There are also executive boxes with padded seating, balcony views, and a full-course meal.

The club does feature a mascot named Bloomfield Bear, who is available for photos and hugs with the smaller fans. The team’s official team shop offers a wide selection of merchandise before, during, and after the game. Programmes are available at the grounds and sell for £3

Neighborhood 4

The neighborhood surrounding the stadium is a mix of residential and commercial units. There are options to grab something to eat or drink before the match, which includes local and national brands. There is also a selection of tourist attractions that should make a visit worth your trip.

The Old Bridge House is a 5-minute walk from the stadium. It is a nice gathering place with food, drink, and large-screen TVs. The Velvet Coaster is on the coast and close to the South Train Station. The Bridge is where you will find Blackpool fans decked out in tangerine. Away supporters will find solace at The Manchester, The Castle, Bloomfield Brewhouse, and The Bridge.

Pleasure Beach is an amusement park with thrilling rides and one large roller coaster. The Blackpool Tower offers stunning views from its observation deck overlooking the city and the coastline. SeaLife Blackpool has 50 displays and 1,000 aquatic seals. Sandcastle Water park offers 18 slides in an 84-degree tropical climate for the family. There are also three giant piers located at the beaches.

The Blackpool FC Stadium Hotel is located on the grounds and fluctuates in pricing on gameday, but an ideal lodging place for your football experience in town. Other lodging options near the stadium include The Rimini, Travelodge, and Bloomfield Brewhouse.

Fans 3

The average attendance for home matches is well over 11,000. The fan experience is similar to other football clubs in the league, and the passion can be felt when “The Tangerines” are marching toward promotion. Away supporters sit in the South Stands, and there are plenty of chants, songs, and other forms of revelry at a game.

Access 3

Mass transportation is the best option to attend the match. The Blackpool South station is one mile from the stadium and runs hourly. The Blackpool North Station runs more frequently and is a 25-minute walk from the stadium. Bus routes include services from numerous lines from the town center bus station and offer 10-15 minute walks to the grounds.

Parking is limited at the stadium, but there are a few lots near the stadium. The Lonsdale Road Car Park and the Bloomfield Road Car Park are two options. They require a pre-payment of £13 and arrival should take place well before the start of the game.

Bloomfield Road is a cashless stadium, except for the team shop. The venue accepts paper and tickets from your phone at all of the gates. Once inside the stadium, the concourse becomes crowded during half-time, but it's easy to move around since the stands are rarely filled for games.

Return on Investment 4

The price of a ticket depends on what stand you want to watch the game. An adult ticket starts at £25 in the Southwest Family Stand and increases to £45 in the West Stand. If you are with the kids, the ticket prices in the family stand are £5-£10, with kids under 5 years of age admitted for free. Programmes are sold for £3, the car lots cost £13, and concession stand prices are reasonable.

Extras 3

Blackpool earns a point for one of the better programmes in the league. The return of Bloomfield Bear is a bonus for the kids before the match. Stadium tours are available that last 1-2 hours and cost Programmes are sold for £10.

Final Thoughts

Attending a Blackpool match is a fun experience in a great location in England for Championship football. It is an ideal destination if you are with the family, but great if you are ground-hopping alone or with a few friends. Bloomfield Road has plenty to see, along with the rest of Blackpool.

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