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Alumni Arena

Buffalo, NY

Home of the Buffalo Bulls



Alumni Arena (map it)
175 Alumni Arena
Buffalo, NY 14260

Buffalo Bulls website

Alumni Arena website

Year Opened: 1985

Capacity: 6,100

There are no tickets available at this time.


Local Information


Buffalo Bull Basketball

Out in the suburbs of the city of Buffalo, you'll find the campus of the university that bears the city's name. It's a place somewhat devoid of character and soul, and within its limits lies Alumni Arena, a basketball venue that seems to match the aura of the campus that surrounds it. There's a capacity of six thousand here, and it's designed with most seats on one side of the venue. This creates a dynamic of a high roof that gives the venue a more overwhelming look than necessary.


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Food & Beverage    3

The fare is pretty standard here. Hot dogs ($3), nachos ($4), pretzels ($3.50), soda ($3.25). Though admittedly I didn't touch much of that because my mind was on a postgame pizza run. It's solid, if not overwhelming stuff and nothing that will surprise you.

Atmosphere    1

Alumni Arena has a capacity of over six thousand, and when there's a small crowd with a smaller student base, "cavernous" could be the term used to describe the venue. A school that has over 20,000 students can barely muster a couple hundred dispassionate fans to the arena, and with a local rival (Niagara) in the building that night the place was not even a third full. It was a pretty disappointing sight to see, and I wasn't alone as the student newspaper and a local radio host opined in the days thereafter about the lack of atmosphere for Bulls games. The place just seemed dead from start to finish.

Neighborhood    2

The campus is somewhat large, so anywhere to go around the arena definitely requires a car. For my money, the best place to hit is Zetti's Pizzeria, my favorite in all of Buffalo at the corner of Maple and Flint just off the campus. For a little longer drive, just get on the 290 to the Niagara Falls Blvd. exit where you'll find a pretty decent selection of chain restaurants and such.

Fans    2

The crowd was weak, though they did have a pep band there to get some noise into the building. Being a local, I've seen much better days here. On this night the fans were a shadow of what once was, say back in 2004 when the fans stormed the court after winning a conference tournament prequarterfinal game.

Access    3

It is easy to get to the campus, but getting to the arena once on it can be a chore. Get off the interstate 290 spur at Millersport Highway North and swing a left onto Flint until you hit the campus then make a right towards the arena.

The campus brought in Division I hoops in the early 90's and football in 1999, but it doesn't seem that the parking lots were designed to handle this. Few lots exist within a very short walk to the arena, and many that are close are usually filled with cars for people attending night classes or living in nearby dormitories. The traffic pattern near the Arena doesn't involve much in the way of traffic lights that can move large amounts of cars on and off the campus and the arena area quickly. On game nights with plenty of fans this can be a bit of a hassle.

Return on Investment    3

$14 was the cheapest ticket here ($14-$18 range), a bit pricey I thought, and I saved my food appetite for post game. The cost is pretty fair for watching college hoops below the power conference level. The parking is free, but a bit more of a walk than one should expect, and the walk seems a bit long during the cold winter nights that accompany Bulls games.

Extras    2

There was a kids area in one of the corners between seating areas. There are also many banners celebrating championships won by multiple Buffalo sports teams in the seating bowl, but only a 2009 MAC regular season champions banner hangs for the men's basketball team along with some retired numbers of players who starred here long before Buffalo was a Division I basketball school.

Alumni Arena

Couldn't agree more with the disappointing atmosphere, especially for a school that large. I was there in 2004 (in the middle of their two-year rise above mediocrity) at an early-season game against Fairleigh Dickenson and though the attendance was somewhat respectable for a non-conference November affair, it would have been nice to see some more excitement in the crowd when UB tied it with a dunk at the buzzer.

Really well put how the uneven seating design gives it that bigger look. And for someone not familiar with the settings, it is a little odd and confusing driving/parking for a game at Alumni

by shamus170 | Dec 22, 2010 01:49 AM

My take

Thanks for the outside photo of the venue. I was there at night and never got a good view of what it looked like.

I found it to be the not very well-designed venue. It works fine, but it could have been designed to get more fans closer to the action.

My highlight was getting my picture taken with "Conehead" the famous vendor that works the NFL, AAA plus Buffalo football and hoops games. He wears a cone head the kind made famous in the SNL skits of the 70s.

by CigarBoy | Dec 20, 2011 12:19 PM


Moving back to the old campus (now called South Campus) or downtown is the only solution. :-) Otherwise, Duff's on Millersport is close by and has cheap beer and classic buffalo wings.

by haberstr | Mar 11, 2013 11:37 AM

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