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New Review: Augusta GreenJackets

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Review by: Lloyd Brown -- May 04, 2016

The Augusta GreenJackets are on the verge of becoming the second Georgia team to move to South Carolina in recent years. Review by Special Correspondent Lloyd Brown.

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Brewster, Coming to a Ballpark Near You

Brewster, Coming to a Ballpark Near You

by James Hilchen - May 02, 2016 12:25 PM EDT

Baseball fans have been in this situation many times. You are at the game and really wanting a beer. The beer vendors never seem to get to your section and you don't want to go to the concourse to get the drink yourself. Inevitably, you decide to go get the beer and as soon as your attention is diverted from the game, you hear the crowd erupt, only to find out you missed a home run or a fabulous defensive play. Those troubles may be a thing of the past if Sam Griffen, Sam Young, and Viet Phan have their way.


When Foul is Good-Q&A with Foul Ball Czar Ed Comber

When Foul is Good-Q&A with Foul Ball Czar Ed Comber

by Jon Hart - Apr 30, 2016 7:52 PM EDT

Muncie, Indiana is the home of the Ball State Cardinals. This Midwestern city is also the residence of the first and foremost expert on Major League Baseball foul balls. Ed Comber studies foul balls and everything to do with such. He documents his findings and thoughts on his site, www.foulballz.com. Ed took a few minutes to discuss his passion.


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