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Villanova Ballpark at Plymouth - Villanova Wildcats

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.57

Villanova Ballpark at Plymouth Walton Road Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Year Opened: 2003 Capacity: 750


Nova Nation Baseball in Plymouth Meeting

Villanova Ballpark at Plymouth is the home of the Villanova University Wildcats baseball team. For years, the Wildcats played on-campus, but this ballpark opened about ten minutes off-campus in 2003 in a park run by Plymouth Township. The Wildcats baseball team dates back to 1866, although they have made the Division I Tournament only twice, most recently in 1991.

Food & Beverage 1

There is a small concession stand run out of a portable cart behind the press box, but options are quite limited. Candy and cookies are $4, chips, soda, and bottled water are all $3, and Powerade is by far the most expensive option at $8. Fans are also free to bring their own food and drink, and most choose to do that option, or simply eat before the game.

There are also a couple of vending machines selling drinks down the right field line near a small pavilion and the port-a-potties. If the cart is not there for whatever reason, fans can use those.

Atmosphere 2

Villanova Ballpark at Plymouth Meeting has a very basic layout. There are two small sets of bleachers, one down each line, as well as a grassy area down the first base line where fans will bring their own chairs or stand and watch the game from there. There is no seating behind home plate as that is where the press box is. One interesting quirk is that due to the topography of the area, the front row of the bleachers is about eight feet above the the fact that it is roughly level with the parking lot and entrance. This leads to some unique viewing angles, although you will still be close to the action regardless. A small scoreboard in the outfield shows the linescore and other basic information. The good news is the stadium is covered in Villanova banners and other signage for the Wildcats. Unlike many off-campus stadiums, this truly feels like the Wildcats' home.

Other than the game, there is not a lot going on. There is music played during breaks in the action but that is about it.

A grassy area down the first base line at Villanova Ballpark at Plymouth Meeting. Many fans are standing along the grass or sitting in lawn chairs. There is also a tree, a bush, and the side of a wooden post. The post supports a sign but the sign is not visible from this angle.

Neighborhood 4

The ballpark is located less than a mile from the Plymouth Meeting Mall, which has almost a million square feet of shopping, restaurants, and other places to hang out. Redstone American Grill and Miller's Ale House are two places worth checking out there, but there are many others as well. The Villanova campus is about a ten minute drive away, and downtown Philadelphia is about half an hour, but there are plenty of options here in Plymouth Meeting, and many hotels as well. Most of them are even within walking distance of the park.

Fans 2

Villanova draws a couple hundred fans a game, which may not seem like much until you consider that the stadium only seats 750. The bleachers can get pretty full during weekend games, and the fans who show up are a mix of friends and family of the players and other Villanova fans from the surrounding area. If they are playing a Big East foe like Seton Hall or Georgetown which is pretty close by, expect to see a lot of visiting fans as well. Ultimately, this is your standard northeastern baseball crowd. Despite the stands being fairly full, the crowd is not that loud, which is disappointing but not too unexpected.

Fans in the bleachers about eight feet above the playing field at Villanova Ballpark at Plymouth Meeting. The padded fence below them says Villanova in all caps in white text against a green background. To the left of the text is the Villanova dugout, at field level. The players are in or around the dugout, wearing powder blue jerseys and pants.

Access 2

Villanova Ballpark at Plymouth Meeting is just off of I-278 via Exit 333. However, you may have to sit in mall traffic to get from the exit to the stadium, or going back out after the game. Make sure you turn in the right place, as there is no sign, and if you turn where there is a sign, you will be at the community center around the corner, not in the right place. There is a paved lot fans can park in, and if that fills up (and it will) fans can park in a grass overflow lot adjacent to it. There are no permanent restrooms at the ballpark, but there are a couple of port-a-potties down the right field line by the small pavilion and vending machines.

Return on Investment 5

Admission to Villanova baseball games is free to sit up close to the action, parking is free, and concessions are affordable if limited other than the absurdly overpriced Powerade. This makes a trip to a Villanova baseball game a great value.

Extras 2

Check out the numbers on the outfield fence honoring Villanova greats of years past. Although these are officially "retired jerseys" and the numbers are reissued, it is nice to see them honor history.

There are free dog treats available in a bin behind the press box for fans who bring their furry friends to the game.

Retired Villanova baseball jersyes represented by numbers in circles, with names written above. The numbers are 2 (Fidaldgo written above it), 4 (Mahan), 6 (Bennett), 21 (Scott), a second number 21 (Merullo), 42 (no name above it) and 55 (Skaff). All numbers are dark text in white circles except number 42 which is white text in a dark circle.

Final Thoughts

Villanova Ballpark at Plymouth Meeting is a basic college baseball stadium and is certainly nothing fancy. However, baseball fans in the Philadelphia area will find it an affordable and enjoyable way to take in some baseball on an afternoon in the spring.

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