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Trespassers Break Into The Intuit Dome

Photo by Andrei Ojeda, Stadium Journey

As the Los Angeles Clippers play out their final season at Arena, excitement is building toward their move to the Intuit Dome come Fall of this year. With the Clippers strongly competing for the top spot in the Western Conference, along with the excitement of this year’s team and the anticipation of the opening of their new home, the Clippers wasted no time in rebranding their look with a new logo along with new uniforms for the 2024-25 season

With construction still ongoing the Clippers aren’t the only ones wasting any time in anticipation for the opening of the Intuit Dome. 

Two teenagers, likely juveniles, snuck inside the unfinished construction site of the new Clippers arena, adding to the recent news of the graffiti-plastered Oceanwide Plaza project across Arena. 

A video of their mischief was uploaded to TikTok earlier this week.

It shows the two boys hopping a wall and entering Intuit Dome where they shot baskets, deployed a fire extinguisher on a practice court, and appeared to climb onto the roof and the rafters above the main court.

This isn’t the first time a TikToker has broken into a local venue or construction site as Dodger Stadium and nearby SoFi Stadium have also been featured in TikToker videos. 

Unbeknownst my knowledge of the events that took place inside the unfinished venue, on the day I had a chance to pass by and snap some shots (No pun intended) outside the future home of the Clippers, I later happened to cross paths on Prairie Avenue with a media member, one of several in the vicinity covering the headline, and she expressed the potential danger of trespassing in the construction site, as explained by one of the construction workers via KTLA.

“It’s unfortunate. They’re doing it as a thrill. But they’re putting their lives at risk,” Walter Zuniga, an Intuit Dome construction worker, said. “If you haven’t been trained … especially at night… not knowing what’s behind you, you could fall into a trench. It could even cost your life.”

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts has said he plans to contact the teens involved and their parents. Because of their juvenile status, their names cannot be released.


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