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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Tottenham Hotspur FC

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 4.43

Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium 782 HIgh Road, Tottenham London, UK N17 0BX

Year Opened: 2019

Capacity: 62,062


A Brand New Home for the Spurs

After months of delays, the £1 billion Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium opened in May of 2019 and the grand project might have been worth the wait as it is in a class all by itself among the football stadiums in England. The 62,062 all-seater replaced the Spurs former home of White Hart Lane and brought the club back to the neighborhood after playing the past two seasons as Wembley Stadium.

The stadium has been met with almost universal approval including 95 percent of Spurs supporters being satisfied with the new stadium. The design retains the feel of the old White Hart Lane and although much larger, still provides a “feeling of intimacy due to the closeness of the stands to the pitch.”

The new grounds are designed to be an all-year destination for visitors offering events from concerts, rugby, and is the official home for NFL games that are played in London. Underneath the grass pitch is a synthetic surface that can be used for NFL games and other events held at the stadium. The complex also houses its own microbrewery, the largest club shop in England, and eventually a Sky Walk and Hotspurs Museum.

Food & Beverage 5

When it comes to food options there may not be a better football stadium in England. There are 60 food and drink options that are inspired from London’s vibrant street and market scene. Fans can enjoy options that are standard and international from around the globe, plus its very own microbrewery that is the first of its kind in any stadium in the world. It should also be noted that the stands open 2.5 hours before and after the game. Beer and drinks cannot be brought back to your seats during the match

The Market Place is a gathering spot where fans can enjoy food and drink and choose from numerous vendors for a variety of cuisine from The Chicken House (fried chicken), N17 Grill (fish and chips), Naan Noodle (Asian street food), Linesman (burgers), and Smashed Olive (pizza). The Touchdown Grill offers hot dogs, burgers, nachos, and spicy bean burgers.

The Tap Inn offers traditional meat pies and sausage rolls that are common among football grounds across the country. Fans can enjoy steak, minced beef,chicken tikka masala, spicy bean, and steak and blue cheese pies. The beer selection includes varieties from Heineken, Amstel, Strongbow, and Old Mout Cider.

A few more highlights to visit include the Goal Line Bar (south stand) that runs the length of the entire goal line. The 65 meter bar is the longest in Europe. The Beavertown Brewery is located in The Market Place on Level 1 brewing fresh beer on site and is the first of its kind in any football grounds in the world. The brewery serves Beavo Lager (Czech Lager), Neck Oil (IPA), Gamma Ray (Pale Ale), 8 Ball (Rye IPA), and Smog Rocket (Smoked Porter) among its varieties.

There are three other featured bars in the East Stand that include The White Hart, The Shelf, and The Dispensary. The Shelf incorporates bricks that have been salvaged from the East Stand of White Hart Lane and The Dispensary takes its name and design influence from the old Tottenham & Edmonton Dispensary that once graced the High Road

Atmosphere 5

The roads surrounding the stadium close two to three hours before the start of the match and the concession areas inside the facility open up around the same time; fans line up the streets as they walk towards the facility from multiple mass transit entry points creating a buzz in environment well ahead of the opening kickoff.

The stadium itself is aesthetically pleasing from the outside and features a 4.5 meter near double-sided fiberglass cockerel that sits on top of the roof structure above the South Stand which is a replica of the one first introduced in 1909 at the former ground.

According to the Spurs fan guide, the generous and open concourses are bathed in natural light from extensive glazed areas with contemporary polished concrete floors made using aggregate from White Hart Lane. You will see an unrivaled standard of finish using materials such as brushed steel, copper, European oak and quartz.

The seating bowl is designed to place everyone closer to the pitch than any other comparable sized stadium in the United Kingdom. The distances from the front row to the touchline range from 4.9 meters to 7.9 meters with stands set up at a 35-degree angle. The 17,500 single-tier South Stand is more than 34 meters in height. The design of the bowl ensures that the Spurs maintain a long tradition of having one of the most engaging and atmospheric homes in English Football.

There are four giant HD screens and a state-of-the-art sound system providing pre and post-game entertainment, highlights and replays to the fans in the seating bowl. The individual seats are designed with a modern and comfortable style offering plenty of legroom in uninterrupted views of the game on the pitch.

The concourse walls are decorated with an array of murals celebrating the club’s history and its neighborhood. The murals include homages to the old White Hart Lane, match day programmes, neighborhood street signs, and former players. The Gallery is located on the Level 1 Concourse in the West Stand and showcases work by four local artists. There are other areas that are designed to resemble sections of the old stadium as well. The attention to every little detail is impressive to visitors to the facility.

The Tottenham experience is located on High Road and is the largest of its kind in all of football featuring a 100-seat auditorium area to host both pre-match in post-match events. Fans have plenty of room to choose from kits, t-shirts, jackets, key chains, and any other thing with the Spurs logo emblazoned on it.

Coming soon will be the Tottenham Spurs Archive offering a vast collection of artifacts and past records, telling the story of the club’s founding and history. The Sky Walk will be a 40 meter glass walkway above the pitch offering breathtaking views of London and shooting a spike of adrenaline to each person’s nerve who dares to take this walk. The Club Museum is designed to tell the team’s history, display Spurs artifacts and educate the visitors about the club’s lengthy history.

Neighborhood 4

The stadium is on the High Road in Tottenham and a collection of retail outlets, restaurants, and businesses line up the streets. There is quite a bit of revelry on game day and the Spurs are currently making it a neighborhood destination 365 days a year.

There are various pubs located near the stadium that include home pubs: The Bricklayers, Bell and Hare (largest beer garden in Tottenham), Antwerp Arms, and No. 8 Tottenham Pub.

The Banana African Restaurant & Bar offers traditional Nigerian, West African, and Caribbean cuisine. San Marco is a family-run restaurant for classic Italian dishes including hand-stretched pizzas from a brick oven. Brothers Cafe & Restaurant specializes in East African dishes. The Beehive Pub is an ideal spot for vegan options.

Fans 5

The fan support is spirited and among the best in the city. The supporters section make beautiful noise throughout the game and cheer every time a goal is scored or a penalty is called against the opposing side. The size of the stadium has drowned out some of the energy from its previous home, but to anyone enjoying a good match, these fans are right on point.

Access 4

It is advised to head out to the stadium well ahead of game time as the streets surrounding the stadium close. The best option is public transportation. The stadium is accessible via a number of London Overground, London Underground and National Rail stations: Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale, Northumberland Park, and White Hart Lane stations. The four train stations each feature signage adorned in the club colors.

Once near the stadium Fan Ambassadors have been recruited from the local area to assist with visitors. There are also 1,600 wireless access points to assist anyone looking for more information on their smartphones.

No cash is accepted for any purchase made within the stadium and its surrounding campus that the club hopes will increase the speed of service and shorter wait times. Options include bank cards, mobile payment, prepaid cards, and gift cards.

If you have purchased a general admission ticket you are only allowed access to levels 1, 2, 4, and 5 once inside the stadium. You also may not have the opportunity to check out certain sections of the stadium since you are not either a season ticket holder or a Spurs one member.

Return on Investment 3

Single game ticket prices fall into three categories of A, B, and C, with A being the higher price point. An adult ticket for A games range from £52-£98, while those prices decrease greatly for B games, £30-£43, and followed by category C where ticket prices are £30-£80. There are also separate ticket prices for seniors, young adults, and juniors. These prices are lower than the standard adult ticket. Concession prices are on the norm with many other new EFL stadiums.

Extras 4

The Spurs earn a point for the Beavertown Brewery that brews beers on site and is the first of its kind in the world. It earns a second point for the amount of great food that has been inspired from the city’s street food scene. The Spurs earn a third point for its dedication to minimising the environmental impacts of all our activities. Fans empty rubbish in dry mixed recycling or general waste bins. The Market Place is an ideal destination to meet up with friends for a post-match drink or bite. The area also features a dedicated stage that will play host to live music or DJ sets and is open 2 hours after the final whistle.

Final Thoughts

The Spurs finally opened their brand new stadium after many months of delay, but appears that the wait has been well worth it. Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium is one of the grandest of its kind in football on the planet. The modern features, details to excellence, view of the pitch, and overall atmosphere puts the grounds among the upper echelons of English Football.

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