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The Diamond – Richmond Flying Squirrels

Photos by Joseph Oakes, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.86

The Diamond 3001 N Blvd Richmond, VA 23230

Year Opened: 1985

Capacity: 9,560


When Will The Squirrels Get A New Home?

When the Richmond Braves left Richmond for Gwinnett in 2008, the city was left without a team for the first time since 1965. The baseball hiatus in the capital was thankfully short-lived however, because in 2009 it was announced that the Double-A Connecticut Defenders would relocate to Richmond in 2010. The Richmond Flying Squirrels began playing at the Diamond in 2010 with the promise that a new ballpark would be built in a couple of years. However, thirteen years later, the Squirrels are still playing in the Diamond.

A new stadium is supposed to be completed by 2026, which cannot come soon enough. The Diamond is old, unkept, dirty, and is just a dungy place to visit. The lack of upkeep outside the stadium and in the parking areas (trash everywhere, old pallets piled up in parking lot/sidewalks) just gives.

Food & Beverage 3

The majority of food at the Diamond is standard ballpark food. Items range from hot dogs to chicken sandwiches to chicken tenders as main courses. Snack items include nachos, soft pretzels, peanuts, cracker jacks, fries, mozzarella sticks, etc. A couple of fan favorites are the MacBrisket Bowl and the Buffalo Drumsticks. Bottled Pepsi products are available, as well as coffee and hot chocolate. Domestic beer and craft beer are also available.

Atmosphere 2

The Diamond is a huge chunk of concrete that resembles a cut-out of the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. The stadium was built in 1985 and its age shows. It is a stadium whose time has passed. However, when the Flying Squirrels moved into the stadium in 2010, all 3,200 seats in the lower bowl were replaced. The lower bowl is the best place to sit as it is intimate and close to the action. The seats on the upper deck are old and dirty, and we do not recommend sitting there.

Neighborhood 3

There is not much to do right around The Diamond, and it is in some uninteresting part of town. Across the street from the stadium is the Greyhound Bus Station, and on either side of the ballpark is the Arthur Ashe Athletic Center and Sports Backers Stadium, home of the VCU soccer team.

There is nowhere to eat within walking distance. Your best bet is to drive, and in a couple-mile radius, there are several good options for eating and drinking: ZZQ Barbecue, En Su Boca, Boulevard Burger and Brew, and Hardy Park Craft Brewery. A couple miles away on Broad Street is Buz n Neds BBQ which is also a great spot.

There is also a movie theater nearby, Movieland at Boulevard Square, which is housed in an old manufacturing warehouse. Also nearby are the Children’s Museum of Richmond and the Science Museum of Virginia.

Fans 5

Despite not being rewarded with a new stadium, baseball fans across show up in force to see the Flying Squirrels. In 2023, the Squirrels were the Double-A attendance champions who had over 428,000 fans throughout the season, which is over 6,000 average attendance per game.

Access 3

The Diamond is located just off Interstates 95 and 64 near downtown Richmond and is easy to get to from wherever you may be traveling from, including Richmond International Airport. There is plenty of parking around the Diamond for $5. However, if you park behind the outfield wall, where most of the parking is, you have to walk all the way around to the front gate as there are no outfield gates, and the side gates are not utilized. There are no direct sidewalks either, so you have to meander your way through cars and random barriers in the parking lot.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket window near the main entrance, with both cash and card accepted, or online in advance. The concourse is small and can get cramped when there are big crowds. Restrooms are located on the first and third base lines and have diaper-changing stations. There is an elevator near the main entrance for the handicapped and to a large, handicapped seating area on the concourse level directly behind the home plate.

Return on Investment 2

Squirrels ticket prices range from $10-$20 which is on par with most minor league teams. However, due to the poor condition of the Diamond, it is simply not worth it.

Extras 2

One extra point for the free game program, and one extra point for the friendly mascots Nutzy and Nutasha who make their way around the ballpark to take pictures with kids and families.

Final Thoughts

While the Squirrels have been a competitive team of late and have drawn well, the condition of the ballpark makes the entire experience lacking. Hopefully, the city of Richmond will keep its word and have a new ballpark for the team by 2026, but until brick and mortar are present it is doubtful. The team and their fans certainly deserve it! Unless you are definitely keen on seeing the Squirrels play or a certain player, we would recommend waiting until a new ballpark is built to go to a Flying Squirrels game.

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