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Terwilliger Brothers Field at Max Bishop Stadium - Navy Midshipmen

Photos courtesy of Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.57

Terwilliger Brothers Field at Max Bishop Stadium King George St Annapolis, MD 21402

Year Opened: 1962 Capacity: 1,500

Anchors Aweigh

Located in a scenic location along College Creek near its confluence with the Severn River, Terwilliger Brothers Field at Max Bishop Stadium has been home to Navy Midshipmen baseball since 1962. Named after former Navy baseball coach Max Bishop and Naval Academy graduates Ron and Bruce Terwilliger, the stadium seats 1,500 and has a playing surface that is entirely turf except for the pitcher’s mound and the areas around home plate and the bases, which are dirt.

Food & Beverage 2

There is one small concession stand located behind home plate. You can see the field from there, which is a big plus as you don’t have to miss any of the action. The only things that could be the main course are hot dogs for $3 and burgers for $6. A box of popcorn, a hot pretzel, and Dippin Dots all cost $4, assorted candy is $2, and chips are $1. To drink, bottled water, coffee, soda (all Pepsi products) and hot cocoa are all $3. During Stadium Journey's visit in spring of 2021, only credit and debit cards were accepted to minimize touch surfaces during the COVID pandemic. It is unclear if they have begun accepting cash again.

Atmosphere 4

Terwilliger Brothers Field at Max Bishop Stadium is a beautiful stadium in a beautiful setting. College Creek runs along the first base line behind the visitor’s dugout and many rowboats from the Academy can be seen docked there. Just beyond the outfield fence, College Creek flows into the Severn River, which itself flows into the Chesapeake Bay a few miles downstream. Parts of the Naval Academy are also visible beyond the outfield fence.

As for the stadium itself, all seats are chairbacks and have an excellent view of the field. As it is a small stadium, all seats are very close to the action. The entire seating bowl is behind a net but in this setting with aluminum bats, that is necessary to ensure fan safety. There are several other interesting locations where you can watch the game from. There is an entrance plaza down the leftfield line where fans can stand around and watch the game, as well as an elevated standing room area on top of the team’s indoor batting cages just to the left of that. Some fans also watch the game from atop the grass hill beyond the left-field fence. There is a large scoreboard in left-center field. In addition to the linescore, this board has video capabilities and will show other graphics about the game such as lineups when it is not being used for that. Such elaborate scoreboards are commonplace at bigger college baseball stadiums but almost unheard of in the Patriot League.

The game itself involves the standard things such as announcements, between innings music, and not much else, but being in such a nice stadium really adds to the atmosphere. Considering the Patriot League is in the lower tier of Division I and college baseball stadiums in this part of the country are usually not fancy at all, that makes this even more impressive.

Neighborhood 5

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and there is plenty to do here. From checking out Sandy Point Beach along the Chesapeake Bay to heading downtown to the many restaurants, there is so much to do here. Miss Shirley’s is a local favorite and open for breakfast and lunch, and Buddy’s Crab’s and Ribs serves exactly what is in the name and also is known for their buffet on weekends, at least in non-COVID times. Tours are normally offered by the Naval Academy and are well worth it, but at the moment they are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans 3

The Midshipmen currently average a couple of hundred fans a game, and while officially they averaged about 600-700 pre-pandemic, the real number was likely closer to what they draw now than what they claimed to draw. Many of the fans that show up are often fans of the other team, but the Navy fans who do show up are passionate and will cheer for the Mids throughout the game. Again, many college baseball stadiums in this part of the country don’t even draw that many fans, especially in the lower tiers of Division I like this is.

Access 3

There are several cramped lots surrounding Max Bishop Stadium, but at least on a weekend, you should be able to find a place to park. The lots also serve several other buildings which are closed on weekends, but they may be more crowded for weekday afternoon games. Overflow parking is available for $5 at nearby Navy Marine-Corps Memorial Stadium with shuttle bus service available for Patriot League games only. This presents a rather paradoxical situation, as Patriot League games are typically played on weekends, when it is easier to park close to the stadium for free and fans would have little reason to park at the football stadium, while non-Patriot League games are typically played on weekdays, when the parking situation at the stadium is more challenging. That being said, parking is available at the football stadium for non-conference games, it’s only the shuttle that isn’t, and it’s only about a 15-minute walk.

Return on Investment 5

Admission is free, parking is likely to be free, and concessions are affordable. Throw in the ability to watch baseball in a beautiful stadium and the added value offered by the frequent doubleheaders the Patriot League plays, and a visit to Max Bishop Stadium is a great value.

Extras 3

One star for the scenic setting offered by views of College Creek, the Severn River, and the Naval Academy itself.

A second star for the large flagpole in centerfield reminding you of the fact that you are attending a sporting event at a service academy.

A third and final star for offering multiple unique vantage points to watch the game in addition to the conventional seating bowl.

Final Thoughts

Terwilliger Brothers Field at Max Bishop Stadium is a beautiful stadium in a beautiful setting. Navy has been at or near the top of the Patriot League for many years so you’re going to see some good baseball here. Throw in the history of the Naval Academy and all there is to do in Annapolis and a visit here has a great deal to offer even the casual fan of college baseball.


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