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Temple Sports Complex – Temple Owls

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.43

Temple Sports Complex 1228 N 13th St. Philadelphia, PA 19122

Year Opened: 2016

Capacity: 500


Cherry and White Soccer

Opened in 2016, the Temple Sports Complex in Philadelphia is home to Temple University's men's and women's soccer teams. Confusingly, the Temple Sports Complex can refer either specifically to the soccer field or to the whole complex which also includes Howarth Field, home to Temple field hockey and lacrosse. For this review, we will just be focusing on the soccer stadium, although many elements are shared by the entire complex. This review will focus on the experience at a Temple women's soccer game, although the experience is likely to be similar to a men's game.

Food & Beverage 0

There is no food or drink for sale at the Temple Sports Complex, although fans are free to bring their own except alcohol. On a crisp fall day, you will see many fans with coffee cups from Starbucks and other stores.

Atmosphere 2

The Temple Sports Complex consists of a few rows of bleachers on one sideline. They are close enough that all seats have an outstanding view of the action. Other than the game itself, there is not a whole lot going on here. As soccer is constant action with no breaks except halftime, that is unsurprising to some extent, but the school does not do a whole lot to promote the experience here. That is disappointing as this is a nice stadium with great views of the action, and could be even better if the school would put some effort into the matchday experience.

Neighborhood 3

Temple University is located in North Philadelphia near the intersection of Girard Avenue and Broad Street. Although this was once a very bad neighborhood, it has improved somewhat. There are a few restaurants located right across Girard Street from the complex, including John's Seafood, Crown Fried Chicken, and Angie's Vietnamese Cuisine. The Met Philadelphia, a prominent concert hall, is a short walk away on Broad Street. You will find other options nearby as well, including Larry's Steaks, serving up the classic Philadelphia cheesesteak.

Fans 2

Although Howarth Field seats only 500, the Owls are lucky if they draw 200 to a particular match. Most of the fans are friends or family of the players, and while they can get loud at times, for the most part, it is so quiet here, that you can hear everything being shouted on the field. While that can be nice in its own right at times, at least to sports purists, it is not the most conducive to the matchday atmosphere. Furthermore, when Stadium Journey visited, almost half the fans were there to cheer on Temple's opponent, despite it being located halfway across the country. This is not the greatest look for the Owls.

Access 4

There are many highways in Philadelphia, so getting into town by car should prove no problem. Once you get to the stadium, you will park about a 5 to 10-minute walk away in the Temple Towers lot. Turn left on 13th Street when you leave the lot and follow the signs to the entrance. Parking costs $20 and you pay by credit card when you exit. Cash is not accepted, so plan accordingly. If you are attending another event in the Temple Sports Complex on the same day, such as a field hockey game, you do not need to pay twice. The $20 will have you covered no matter how long you park, as long as you leave by midnight.

The Girard Station on SEPTA's Market-Frankford subway line is also located just around the corner from the Temple Sports Complex, giving an easy opportunity to arrive by public transit.

Restrooms are available in a building in between the field hockey and soccer fields, although as numerous signs tell you, you will enter the restrooms from outside the building and are not allowed in the building itself through the main doors. They are of a more than sufficient size for the crowd, even if it gets large.

Return on Investment 3

Admission to all Temple field hockey games is free, with the possible exception of American Athletic Conference and NCAA Tournament games. However, if you arrive by car, you will pay $20 for parking, which is a bit much. You can improve the value somewhat by going to a field hockey game in the complex the same day at no additional cost, but this is still a bit on the high end given the matchday experience here. That being said, it is understandable that parking will be expensive in a major city like Philadelphia, and the flat rate for the whole day can either be a plus or a minus depending on how long you plan on staying.


Extras 3

Look for the banners honoring Temple soccer history.

There is a marketing table by the entrance with free posters.

A third and final star for the chance to see multiple events in the Temple Sports Complex in one day, one at the soccer field and another next door at Howarth Field for field hockey.

Final Thoughts

The Temple Sports Complex is a gorgeous and intimate place to watch a college soccer game, so it is disappointing that the Owls do not put much of effort into the matchday experience here. That being said, spending a couple of hours watching a soccer game here is still an enjoyable way to spend a fall afternoon, especially for fans of Temple athletics.

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