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Stadio Comunale – Virtus Entella

Photos by Stefano Romagnoli, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.14

Stadio Comunale Via Aldo Gastaldi, 22 16043 Chiavari (GE) Italy

Year Opened: 1933 Capacity: 5,535


Stadio Comunale

Virtus Entella is the main football club in Chiavari, a city 40 km away from Genoa. It owes its name to the river that runs through the city and flows into the Ligurian Sea. The company was founded in 1914 and one hundred years later (after changing several times designation), in the 2014/2015 season, it played for the first time at Serie B championship, the second level of Italian professional football.

Its colors are white and light blue (in honor of Argentina), while in the coat of arms appears a little devil with pitchfork in hand and ball for football near the foot (because Dario Costa, president of the Thirties and Forties of the XX century, defined his players “blacks devils).”

Since 1933 Vitrus plays their home games at the Stadio Comunale, which was built with the name of the Stadio Littorio. The match of inauguration of the system was Entella vs. Albenga of October 29, 1933, match that ended with a 1-1 score.

The facility was renovated several times during its history. In 1935 the grandstand, which still exists, was built. In 1945 it was renamed Stadio Comunale, abandoning the name that had been given during the fascist period. Between 2011 and 2015 further improvements have enabled the structure to receive the OK from the authorities to host competitions of Lega Pro, and later Serie B.

Curiosity: Giampiero Ventura, the head coach of Italian National Team after Euro 2016, trained the Virtus Entella for three seasons (1982/1983, 1984/1985 and 1985/1986).

Food & Beverage 3

Like all sports facilities, Stadio Comunale is equipped with inside dining options. The bar located in the grandstand sells sandwiches, sweet and salty snacks, and ice cream. Pizza and sandwiches cost 2,00 euros. The water (half-liter bottle) costs 1,00 euro. There is also a cafeteria service. Additional refreshment points are located in other areas of the stadium.

Outside the stadium we did not find the classic peddlers of sandwiches and drinks. Not far away stands the Bar Entella, meeting place for fans “Biancocelesti”. Near the facility, there are a few restaurants and pizzerias.

Atmosphere 4

Stadio Comunale has a rectangular layout (and remember, in fact, the British systems), with four sectors which are disconnected from each other: Tribuna (in turn divided into: Lateral – Central – Authority), Distinti (central covered – lateral uncovered), Gradinata Sud (reserved for local fans and from October 2015 entitled former footballer Ermes Nadalin), and Gradinata Nord (reserved for visiting supporters).

Four towers for lighting rise near the corner flags. Among the Gradinata Nord and the sector Distinti is a big screen on which, before the match, run the names and images of the players of Virtus Entella.

The grandstand is covered, the Distinti (with alternating seats in white and light blue) partly covered and partly uncovered.

The two tiers are uncovered and made with a metal structure.

The playing field measures 103×62 meters and the turf is a natural-synthetic mix.

Neighborhood 2

All around the structure are small buildings of five or six floors (during the match some fans view the game from the terrace or the window of the house).

Not far away is the touristic port and the course that runs along the Ligurian Sea.

Fans 2

The supporters are organized and more passionate following home games of Virtus Entella from Gradinata Sud. Flags and scarves that are white, light blue and black paint this part of the stadium. In Serie B the most heated matches are against Spezia (the two cities are about 50 kilometers away) and Pro Vercelli. However, the historic rivalry (and formerly also political) is the one with Sestri Levante and giving life to the so-called Derby del Tigullio.

Access 4

Reaching the Chiavari Stadio Comunale is quite simple. The city is located on the A12 route linking Genoa to Rome. Coming from the south is recommended exit to Lavagna. Coming from the north, use the Chiavari exit. Upon exiting the highway, in both cases, it is necessary to drive for about three kilometers. Chiavari Train Station is about one and a half kilometers from the stadium. The nearest airport is Genoa – Sestri.

Return on Investment 4

Both online and in Chiavari, points of sale are given on the website of Virtus Entella. You can buy tickets to attend home games of the team. The cost of tickets varies depending on the chosen section and the day of purchase (the day of competition the price is higher). Season 2016/2017:

Tribuna Centrale: 30,00 euro full price (25,00 reduced). Tribuna Semicentrale: 25,00 euro full price (20,00 reduced). Tribuna Laterale: 20,00 euro full price (14,00 reduced). Distinti Centrali: 16,00 euro full price (13,00 reduced). Distinti Laterali: 13,00 euro full price (10,00 reduced). Gradinata Sud “Ermes Nadalin”: 10,00 euro full price (5,00 reduced). Gradinata Nord – Settore Ospiti: 10,00 euro full price.

The reduced ticket is reserved for over 65 years old, women, boys aged 12 to 17 years old, and the disabled. Children aged 7 to 11 years pay a 2.00 euro ticket, while children under 6 years and disabled can take advantage of free tickets.

For all methods of purchase, the prices and the necessary information is available on the website of Virtus Entella, in the “Stadio” section.

Extras 3

Chiavari is a romantic village along the Ligurian Sea to spend pleasant holidays. The Cinque Terre, World Heritage Site, a stretch of the Ligurian coast from Riomaggiore and Monterosso, and Portofino, a famous holiday resort for VIPs and stars of show business, are all in the area. The city of Genoa with its great and famous aquarium and many other attractions, is situated about 40 km away.

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