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Stade Canac - Quebec les Capitales

Photos by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.71

Stade Canac

100 Cardinal Maurice-Roy Street

Quebec, QC G1K 8Z1

Year Opened: 1938

Capacity: 4,300

La Maison des Capitales

Stade Canac, located in Quebec’s Parc Victoria, was built in 1939 as a public project meant to create jobs and municipal facilities during an economic downturn in the province. Over the years, several professional teams have called the stadium home, including teams affiliated with the Dodgers, Cubs, Braves, and Expos. Notable players to play at Stade Canac include Warren Spahn, Hank Aaron, Gary Carter, and Andre Dawson.

Since 1999 les Capitales de Quebec have called Stade Canac home, first as members of the Northern League, then the Northeast League and Can-Am League. Since 2020 les Capitales have been members of the Frontier League. The team has been very successful, winning 8 league championships over its history, including the 2022 Frontier League title.

Food & Beverage 4

Concessions at Stade Canac are surprisingly strong for a ballpark of this size. The main concession stand in the lobby serves up standard ballpark fare (well, standard Quebec ballpark fare). In addition to burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, and french fries, fans can select poutine and smoked meat. The poutine appears to be the most popular menu item here and is not a scaled-down version of the Canadian standard. You can order your poutine topped with popcorn chicken or sliced hot dogs.

A good variety of snack food is available, including corn dogs, popcorn, nachos, peanuts, and chips. Pepsi products are featured at Stade Canac. If you are looking for something a bit colder on a hot summer night, slush puppies are also sold in a variety of colors (flavors?).

Sleeman beers are featured at Stade Canac, both at the main stand and in the Sleeman Lounge underneath the third base stands. Fans looking to avoid the lines of the main stand can visit the self-serve station or the bar located in the lobby.

Outside the entrance of the ballpark is a food truck offering steak and cheese subs and grilled hot dogs along with a variety of beverages. Ice cream and other snacks are sold at the Zone Famille, located in the first base party zone.

Atmosphere 3

The game day atmosphere here in Quebec is fairly typical of other minor league ballparks across the continent. The fun begins before the game, as music is played in the right field party zone. Stadium Journey attended a pair of weekend games, so this may not be an every game occurrence, but the party zone was certainly the place to be before the first pitch. The fans in attendance, especially the younger ones, have learned that the old metal seats in Stade Canac make a lot of noise and create a solid home-field advantage.

The team employs a mascot who spends his day roaming the ballpark interacting with fans and participating in between-inning shenanigans. An on-field emcee makes sure the promotions keep moving and the crowd stays hyped. Members of the promotions team dance on top of the dugout when not coordinating on-field contests, joined in by the majority of the crowd. There is a video board in right field in addition to a manually operated scoreboard.

The public address announcer and on-field emcee do their thing in French, but visitors need not worry about not being understood. In a city the size of Quebec, the majority of the population speaks both French and English. You should have no problem communicating, even with the fans around you.

Neighborhood 3

Stade Canac is located in Parc Victoria in the Saint-Roch neighborhood. Visiting fans will not find much in the way of eateries or lodging near the ballpark. However, there is a great deal to see and do here in the capital of the province.

Old Quebec, the most popular tourist attraction in the city, is a short ten-minute drive away. If visiting from out of town be sure to wander the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec and Petit Champlain before heading to the ballpark. Montmorency Falls, Dufferin Terrace, and the Plains of Abraham are other popular destinations not far from Stade Canac.

Fans 4

Quebec annually ranks among the leaders in the Frontier League attendance rankings. For the 2023 season, they are third in the circuit, drawing over 2,800 fans per game. Visitors would be well advised to check for ticket availability ahead of time, especially if you are planning to visit on a Saturday night.

Quebec may be first and foremost a hockey town, but a city this size is sure to have its share of baseball fans. Of course, you’re going to find your share of younger fans mixed in with the die-hards since les Capitales are marketed as family-friendly entertainment. The fans here know their stuff and are into the game. It’s a fun atmosphere here at Stade Canac.

Access 3

Stade Canac is located in Parc Victoria, a large municipal park on the shores of the Saint-Charles River. Also located on these grounds are facilities for soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, hockey, and skateboarding. The old Quebec Arena, home of the NHL’s Quebec Bulldogs, was located here until it burned down in 1942.

If driving, Stade Canac is very easy to get to, as it is located just off Autoroute 973. The tourist destination of Old Quebec is located just three kilometers away, an easy 10-minute drive. Parking is available at no charge in the lot adjacent to the ballpark. Should this lot fill up, additional parking is available throughout Parc Victoria.

Fans who have visited Stade Quillorama in Trois Rivieres will find the layout of Stade Canac familiar, which makes sense considering they were designed by the same person and built at the same time. Loge and mezzanine seats are folding metal chairs that are very noisy and not so comfortable. The general admission seats look a lot like church pews. Those look equally uncomfortable.

Getting around Stade Canac can be difficult. It’s cramped and crowded. Steep ramps lead from the floor level to the seating bowl. Depending on where your seats are, you may need to navigate a maze of stairs and walkways to get to your seats. Some of the seats higher up in the seating bowl feature obstructed views and nets run the length of the bowl, obstructing all views.

Party zones on either end of the grandstand provide some room to spread out and some relief from the cramped quarters throughout the ballpark. Restrooms are dated, but adequate for the crowd on hand. It would be nice if the doors to the restrooms were closed, though. As you may imagine, since the crowds are large and there is only one way in and out of the ballpark, leaving the ballpark and the parking lots can be slow. Be patient as you leave Stade Canac.

Return on Investment 5

Tickets for Les Capitales games are separated into three tiers: Loge ($23), Mezzanine ($20), and General Admission ($12). Students and Seniors receive a one-dollar discount, while children under 12 receive a two-dollar discount. On Sundays, children are admitted for $5. Parking is free in the lot adjacent to the ballpark. Concessions are very affordable.

Extras 4

Six retired numbers are displayed on the front of the press box. Among the honorees are Gary Carter, Jean-Phillipe Roy, Eddie Lantigua, and Jackie Robinson. On the outfield wall are championship banners honoring les Capitales’ eight titles.

A pair of extra points are awarded for the historic displays located in the hallways underneath the grandstand. On the first base side is a display featuring Capitales history and on the third base side is a display featuring the teams that have called Stade Canac home throughout its history. There is incredible detail in both these displays and plenty for baseball fans to see. Warning – the displays are in French, but this shouldn’t make them any less enjoyable or informative.

A final extra point is awarded for the manual scoreboard in the right field. The operator will place goose eggs in place of zeros for the visiting squad. One note to Capitales management – get this poor man a stool or a chair! He stands on the ledge of the scoreboard the entire game doing his job. He deserves a seat!

Final Thoughts

Quebec would never be considered a baseball city by most fans, but Les Capitales have been one of the more successful independent teams both on and off the field. A trip to historic Stade Canac is one worth taking for any ballpark chaser. Pair Stade Canac with a visit to its sister ballpark, Stade Quillorama in Trois Rivieres, and you have a terrific Stadium Journey.


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