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BayCare Ballpark – Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 4.29

BayCare Ballpark

601 Old Coachman Rd

Clearwater, FL 33765

Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training website

BayCare Ballpark website

Year Opened: 2004

Capacity: 8,500


Phanatics in Clearwater

The fans at Clearwater’s Spectrum Field are among the most impressive in Spring Training. Immediately, it feels as if all of Philadelphia have flocked to Florida to watch their team play. With a bright young core of players and some solid veterans, the Phillies are set for another great year, which has the fans in Florida excited as ever for the future.

Spectrum Field is also used by the MiLB Clearwater Threshers of the Florida State League.

Note: In 2021, the name of the ballpark changed from Spectrum Field to BayCare Ballpark.

Food & Beverage 4

Food options are pretty standard for a sports stadium, and the prices are affordable compared to other professional venues. Hot dogs cost $4, burgers run $6.75, fries and soft pretzels both cost $4.50, and chicken sandwiches cost $6. The popular chicken tender basket sits at $8 on the menu, while peanuts cost just $3.

There is also a full-service alcohol bar on the left field deck that features numerous cocktails and drinks ranging in price from $4.50 for beer to $18 for the 1800 Margarita Bucket. In addition, various nights throughout the year feature food and drink specials to help make the already affordable dining at the ballpark even cheaper. Among the most popular concessions stands is that of Tijuana Flats, which offers tacos, burritos, and nachos that start at $4.50 and go up to $8.

Atmosphere 5

Spectrum Field is a beautiful facility, looking more like what one would expect a spring training facility to be. There are lower bowl seats along with upper deck seating and suites behind home plate and down the baselines, while the outfield features berm seating on the grass and a multi-tiered patio set-up with tables and chairs down the left field line, perfect for sitting and enjoying your food and drinks.

The main concourse resembles that of various pro stadiums, featuring vendors, concessions stands, and signage that displays game lineups and the standings around the league. What separates this facility during spring training is how full it gets. Phillies fans flock in from all over and pack the stands game after game, making it a must-have ticket in the area during spring break. The excitement in the air is palpable.

Neighborhood 4

Located in the middle of one of the most popular spots for tourists in the summer, it is hard to feel like the spring home of the Phillies was placed in a bad place. Indeed, the opposite proves to be true – just steps away in the same parking lot as Spectrum Field sits Buffalo Wild Wings, while just a few blocks down sit Lenny’s Restaurant, a local establishment known for its breakfast and brunch options.

For lodging, the Magnuson Hotel Clearwater Central, La Quinta Clearwater Central, and Clarion Inn & Suites all sit literally across the street from the stadium. Visitors often frequent Clearwater Beach voted once again the #1 beach in America in 2018, and the famous Clearwater Marine Aquarium when looking for something to do outside of the game itself.

Fans 5

There are rarely any empty seats at Spectrum Field when the Phillies are in town. Fans flock to Clearwater for a view of the year’s coming baseball squad. Every inch of the place is covered in Phillies white and red colors, and there is often a long line just to get into the team store at Spectrum Field.

Every fan there has a personal story or connection to the team’s long history, regardless of their age. They’re all sport and team knowledgeable and represent some of the most diehard fans in Philadelphia sports. When looking for a true spring training experience, this is one of the places you must visit to be among the crazed fans who love their team.

Access 4

Spectrum Field is easy to get to, located next to major roadways while remaining hidden within the surrounding neighborhood. On-site parking is just $10 for regular season games and is plentiful.

Located right off of US-19, Spectrum Field is just a short drive across Tampa Bay on Rte. 60/Gulf to Bay Drive. Once at the stadium, parking lots at the stadium itself and across the street have plenty of spaces to host fans on even the busiest of nights.

Return on Investment 4

Single-game tickets for Phillies spring training games start at $15 for berm seating, while seats rise to just over $30 for field box. Add to that parking costing just $10 and the low price of concessions, and it stands to reason that the Phillies follow up on the Thresher’s affordability in Florida baseball.

Extras 3

Diehard fans can enjoy seeing the game’s starting lineups posted on the main concourse walls inside the stadium. The outfield also features a directional post showing the distance to various locations in and around Philadelphia and the greater Pennsylvania area, as well as the team’s MiLB stadiums.

In addition, there are two oversized beach chairs for fans to take photos next to, and the main concourse also now features a Clearwater Hall of Fame wall, with fans voting each year on who to induct each season. Currently, the wall features popular MLB stars such as Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, and others.

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