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Connors Park – Siena Saints

Photos by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.57

Connors Park

515 Loudon Rd,

Loudonville, NY 12211

Year Opened: 1950

Capacity: 370


The Cozy Confines of Connors Park

The site of Connors Park has been the site of Siena baseball since the program began play back in the 1950s. Long known simply as the Siena Baseball Field, the facility was renamed in 2017 as Connors Park in honor of Michael, Theresa and Brett Connors. Brett played for the Saints from 2013-2016. The family was the driving force behind a series of renovations that have modernized and transformed the ballpark.

Siena competes in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. The Saints have qualified for a pair of NCAA tournaments, in 1999 and 2014. Five Siena alumni have reached the Major Leagues.

Food & Beverage 0

There are no concessions available at Saints baseball games. Fans are welcome to bring their own snacks to the games to enjoy. There is a soda machine in the Callahan Field House behind the third base side of the field, but judging by the struggles one fan was observed having with the machine, it’s questionable whether or not this machine actually works.

Atmosphere 3

The atmosphere at Connors Park is dominated by the field’s location. Nestled into the center of campus, with Plassman Hall beyond the center field fence and the Standish Library beyond the right field fence, the ballpark has a most picturesque location.

As you might expect in a setting such as this, the game day presentation is more traditional than flashy. This isn’t a spot where exploding scoreboards, hype videos or other shenanigans would fit. What you’ll get at a Saints game is a simple and enjoyable experience, where you can hear the chatter around the infield and coaches barking instructions at their players. Be careful, the umpires can and will hear you if you heckle them too loudly.

There’s a simple scoreboard beyond the center field fence which displays basic game information. Music plays over a good sound system in between innings and batters. The PA announcer does an excellent job relaying game information. Most of the fans in attendance have a personal connection to the players on the field and as a result, are knowledgeable about the game and enthusiastic in their support. Given the location of Connors Park, you’ll find many students wandering around the area to take in a few innings before going on their way to other parts of campus.

Neighborhood 3

Siena College is located in suburban Loudonville, NY, a well-to-do suburb of Albany. The school is situated in a residential neighborhood with little in the immediate neighborhood in the way of attractions, restaurants or lodging options. Right behind Siena is Schuyler Meadows Country Club if you happen to bring your golf clubs with you. The woods surrounding Connors Park features several nature trails that may complete a nice spring day outdoors.

Newton Plaza, about a mile from campus, is the closest spot for visitors looking for dining or shopping options. More shopping options can be found just a bit further north on Route 9 at the Village of Shaker Creek. Most visitors to Siena will most likely head to downtown Albany, a short 15-minute drive away. A more complete look at the options for visiting fans can be found here.

Fans 3

Crowds at a Siena baseball game can best be described as a “friends and family” type of crowd. The small grandstand here seats only 370 and is generally at least half-filled with enthusiastic fans. As mentioned before, many of the fans in attendance enjoy a personal connection with the players on the field and are regular fixtures in the stands. With Siena’s schedule consisting mainly of other local teams, it’s not unusual to see a good turnout from visiting fans.

Access 3

The Siena campus is located in Loudonville, NY, a suburb to the north of Albany. Located right on Route 9, Siena is easily accessible from Interstates 90, 87 or 787. Despite its location outside the city, downtown Albany is only a 15-minute drive away. Fans looking to take public transportation can use the Capital District Transit Authority’s 182 bus, which runs right along Loudon Road at the front entrance of the school. Detailed driving directions can be found here.

Connors Park is located near the center of this tiny campus, with the rest of the school’s athletic facilities just to the east of the ball field. The small parking lot adjacent to the field is much too close in this writer’s opinion, as your car is in real danger of being hit by foul balls. Veteran Saint fans will park a bit further from the field when possible.

Everything about this ballpark is cozy, from its location nestled in between several other buildings to its tiny new grandstand, which seats 370 (it’s more than large enough for most Saints games). Seating consists of metal bleachers, with sections directly behind home plate consisting of individual stadium seats. The entire grandstand fits behind the backstop, meaning you are looking through a fence or net wherever you sit. There is some standing room down either side of the field, where some fans will stretch their legs or sit in the grass while watching the game.

Rest rooms are located inside the Callahan Field House right behind the third base side of the field.

Return on Investment 5

There is no charge to attend a Saints baseball game, nor is there any charge for parking. With no concessions at Connors Park, fans will not spend a single cent while watching a game at Siena.

Extras 1

Siena has honored their MAAC championships and College World Series appearances with graphics on the left field fence.

Final Thoughts

While you’re very unlikely to arrive at Connors Park accidentally, this is the kind of setting that will remind you of why you fell in love with the sport of baseball. The park’s location in the center of campus is something you just don’t find enough in college sports these days. The recent renovations to the facility have enhanced the traditional feel of the field while improving amenities.

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