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Scully-Fahey Field - Dartmouth Big Green Lacrosse

Photos by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.71

Scully-Fahey Field

Summer Court

Hanover, NH 03755

Year Opened: 2000

Capacity: 1,600

Big Green Lacrosse in the White Mountains

Scully-Fahey Field is named in honor of Donald Scully, class of 1949, and Peter Fahey, class of 1968. Scully was a member of Dartmouth’s lacrosse and soccer teams as an undergraduate. He was a midfielder and three time All-American. Scully scored 107 goals, a school record that stood for 30 years. Fahey was a member of the school’s basketball and track teams. Four of his children also graduated from Dartmouth, and three of them played lacrosse for the Big Green.

Scully-Fahey Field is situated within the Chase Field Complex, near Thompson Arena. It was constructed at a cost of $4.4 million, and features seating for 1,600 fans and lights for night games.

Dartmouth has won three Ivy League championships over their history, and have qualified for the NCAA tournament once, in 2003, losing in the first round.

Food & Beverage 0

There is no food sold at Dartmouth lacrosse games. Experienced Big Green fans simply bring their own snacks and beverages into Scully-Fahey Field.

Atmosphere 3

Overall, the gameday atmosphere at a Dartmouth lacrosse game is similar to other venues across the country. The party starts in the parking lot, where you can find fans tailgating before the action begins. It’s a much more laid-back scene than you would find at a football game, but that’s part of the charm. Some fans even hightail it out to the lots at halftime to sneak a quick snack and drink.

There’s not a whole lot of extra activity going on during a lacrosse game, but the action down on the field more than makes up for it. The fans in attendance, many of whom have a personal connection with the players on the field, are really into the action.

Neighborhood 4

The town of Hanover, New Hampshire boasts a population of about 11,000 citizens. The population increases by over fifty percent when Dartmouth’s 6,300 students roll into town. As you would expect, there is a great small-town feel to Hanover. CNN and Money rated Hanover as the sixth best place to live in the United States.

Weather permitting, visiting fans will want to take the short walk to The Green, which is usually the hub of activity in the town. While the weather early on in the lacrosse season in New Hampshire can be brutal, and there may be a couple of feet of snow on the ground when you visit Hanover, the downtown area is still worth a visit. The Dartmouth campus boasts classic Ivy League architecture, or you can head down Main Street and explore the shops and eateries that line the street.

For a town of this size, there is no shortage of places to eat or drink, all of which are located a short walk from Scully-Fahey Field. The Appalachian Trail runs through Hanover, and there are a great many outdoor activities available for visitors to the area to sample as well, should you be visiting before the weather warms up. Several world class ski resorts are located just a short drive from Hanover should you be visiting the area during the spring skiing season.

Fans 3

The NCAA doesn’t release attendance figures for lacrosse, so judging lacrosse crowds empirically becomes a bit difficult. Lacrosse season begins in February, so one might think that crowds would be sparse early in the season, but this isn’t always the case. Lacrosse fans show up in February the same as in April. In addition, the fans who do show up are really enthusiastic about the action going on down on the field, and are very knowledgeable about the sport. Lacrosse fans travel very well, so it’s not unusual to find a significant amount of visiting fans at any game. Also, dogs are welcome at Scully-Fahey Field, so you may see several in attendance.

Access 3

The small town of Hanover, New Hampshire may be somewhat off the beaten path, but it’s easy to get to. Located near the intersections of Interstates 89 and 91, the Dartmouth campus is located only a couple of miles from the highway. Driving is easily the most efficient method to arrive in Hanover, but there are bus and car services that run from Manchester, located an hour to the southeast, and to Logan Airport in Boston. You can get more information here. Also, Amtrak has a train station just across the Connecticut River in White River Junction, Vermont.

The Dartmouth campus dominates the small town of Hanover, and Scully-Fahey Field is located on the southeast edge of campus alongside the other athletic facilities. Signs direct out-of-town drivers to the best parking spots for the day’s athletic events. There is a large parking lot adjacent to Scully-Fahey Field in between the lacrosse stadium and Thompson Arena which features free parking. Directions can be found here.

Seating at Scully-Fahey Field consists of metal bleachers. The first row is about five feet above ground level, so all seats offer great views of the action. There is some standing room near the entrance where fans can still take in the action while stretching their legs.

There are no restrooms at Scully-Fahey Field, but the facilities at Boss Tennis Center next door are open for Big Green lax fans.

Return on Investment 5

There is no charge for early-season games at Dartmouth. Once the team enters Ivy League conference play, tickets can be had for seven dollars for adults, with youths admitted for four dollars. Parking is free in the lot adjacent to the Scully-Fahey Field. It’s entirely possible to attend a game here without spending a single cent!

Extras 1

There’s not a whole lot going on at Dartmouth lacrosse that can be considered extra, but the team does give out free programs to all fans. Also, getting to bring your four-legged friends to the game has to count for something.

Final Thoughts

Scully-Fahey Field is a simple, but solid facility. If you feel like braving the cold weather in New Hampshire during February and March, it’s a solid, affordable place at which to take in some top-notch college lacrosse. If you visit the wonderful small town of Hanover at the right time, it’s possible to also take in some hockey, basketball or hit the slopes while you are there.

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