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  • Paul Swaney

Scott Park Field – Toledo Rockets

Photos by Paul Swaney, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 1.86

Scott Park Field

Nebraska Ave and Parkside Blvd

Toledo, OH 43607

Year Opened: 1992

Capacity: 1,000


(Not So) Great Scott

The Toledo Rockets baseball team plays at Scott Park Field. Located on Scott Park campus, and named for Jesup W. Scott who donated the land in 1872, the Rockets have played here since 1992. Like many small college baseball programs, there is little to capture your attention or imagination other than the game itself. The Rockets are a part of the Mid-American Conference. The program has never made an appearance in the College World Series, and they have never won a MAC championship.

In a town with a strong baseball tradition, it is a shame that the Rockets haven’t been able to become a part of that fabric. The Toledo Mud Hens have a fantastic ballpark in Fifth Third Field, but you’ll find that Scott Park Field is just the basics.

Food & Beverage 1

There is one small concession stand which services both the baseball field and nearby softball field. The options are very limited. Hot dogs ($3), cracker jack ($3), candy ($3), and chips ($1.50) make up the whole of your food selections. Pepsi products are available ($3), as is coffee and hot chocolate ($2) for those colder April days.

Atmosphere 2

Find a spot on the cold metal bleachers that make up the seating area which stretches from dugout to dugout. There are no nets here, but instead, a large metal backstop to prevent foul balls from traveling into the seating area. Programs for the day are available in the bleachers behind home plate along the fence, so you can find your stats and player names.

The playing field itself has a symmetrical outfield with dimensions of 330-370-400-370-300 from left to right. You’ll hear pop music played between innings and the occasional announcement from the PA announcer. By and large, though, this is baseball in its simplest form, with little to distinguish the experience.

Neighborhood 1

There is nothing within walking distance from the field and little within an immediate drive. I would recommend heading to downtown Toledo if you are spending some time in town and need something to eat. The Toledo Zoo is a short drive away and could be a good place to spend a few hours, but I was surprised to find a $14 entrance fee.

I drove in quite a while trying to find something to eat before the game. Passing by fast food chains like Wendy’s and Church’s Chicken, I ended up visiting South End Pizza. There I found a slice for 99 cents to get me through the game.

Fans 2

Few fans other than family braved the elements for a game with temperatures in the 30’s and the occasional snow flurry, and it was hard to blame them. The cold bleachers made the experience that much more frigid, so this may be a good place to bring a seat cushion or blanket to help keep warm during an April game.

The location away from the other man athletic facilities of the Glass Bowl and Savage Arena make this a less than ideal setting for students to help bolster attendance.

Access 4

Parking is free just outside the Findlay building. It is a lot that has signs indicating that a pass is necessary, but that did not seem to be the case during my visit as there are plenty of spaces available. The restrooms are small, clean, and best of all, warm. I made two trips to the restroom just to get a break from the cold winds that swept through the complex.

Return on Investment 2

It is difficult to complain about free parking and a $5 admission fee, but for what you’re getting, it really should be free to enter. Kids can get in for just $1, and I was glad to see that discount, but once you get down to $1 admission, what’s the point? I would like to see the Toledo Rockets change this to free admission, and try to earn some revenue through an improved concession selection and perhaps some merchandise within the complex. For now, this is an experience that is not even worth the small cost associated with it.

Extras 1

I appreciated that there were programs available so you could have the names of the players on both sides as well as updated stats. Otherwise, there was nothing unique or particularly exciting about the experience of attending a Toledo Rockets baseball game at Scott Park Field.

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