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Elton Pollack Field - Presbyterian Blue Hose

Photos by David Welch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.29

Elton Pollack Field E Maple St Clinton, SC 29325

Year Opened: 1988 Capacity: 1,000


Elton Pollack Field – Presbyterian College Blue Hose

Rural Clinton, South Carolina is home to the Big South Conference member, Presbyterian College Blue Hose. Some may see the “Blue Hose” as a bit of a peculiar name, but when considering the Red Sox and White Sox were named from the color of their uniform socks, it might be more common than initially thought – the Blue Hose derived their nickname from the blue stockings their mascot wore. References to socks or hosiery have been a fairly common moniker throughout the history of sports, most commonly in baseball.

Following Presbyterian’s first NCAA baseball tournament appearance in 2021, veteran head coach Elton Pollack was honored by the Blue Hose baseball alumni, who raised the funds to name the Presbyterian Baseball Complex in his honor. Pollack has been at the helm at Presbyterian for nearly two decades, taking over from the current Vanderbilt skipper, Tim Corbin.

Food & Beverage 1

Concessions did not used to be an option at Blue Hose games at all, but with the recent completion of facility upgrades, a concession stand was added as part of the clubhouse and restroom additions.

Despite there now being concessions when there hadn’t been any in the past, fans are still allowed to bring their own food; this is probably your best bet as the concession stand options are limited to soft pretzels, candy, snacks, and a handful of non-alcoholic beverage options.

Atmosphere 2

Elton Pollack Field is as simple as it gets when it comes to college baseball stadiums in the south. Most fans will pass through a black iron gated entryway framed with brick pillars as they enter the field. A newly completed brick building housing restrooms, the small concession stand, and team clubhouse now sits adjacent to the field’s entry point. The grounds around the grandstand still appear to be taking root.

The Blue Hose play on a natural grass field with grass base paths down the lines. The dimensions are balanced from foul pole to foul pole with the lines running 325’, power alleys going 375’, and straightaway center 400’. A relatively short 5-foot fence wraps around the outfield and is backed by tall, dense shrubbery.

Day games can be rather troublesome when it comes to the sun. While the grandstand is not covered, the problem tends to be more with the aluminum bleachers that reflect the sun a great deal, making keeping your attention on the field a challenge, and tracking a ball in the air is nearly impossible without sunglasses.

Neighborhood 3

Elton Pollack Field Is on the back side of Presbyterian’s campus, neighbored by the college’s fraternity houses at one end and Bailey Memorial Stadium, the school’s football and lacrosse stadium, on the other.

The college is about a mile from the Clinton town center that is home to a handful of shops and restaurants and the historic train depot. Clinton also has 15 bronze historical markers around the town as part of a walking tour that shares its history – an accompanying narration of the tour can be found on the distrx app, on Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Fans 2

Given the size of Presbyterian’s student body of just under 1,200 students, the Blue Hose draw decently well. Many of the fans do seem to be parents and family members; they are highly supportive of the team. It is a bit disappointing that there seems to be a lack of student support, which is a bit of a mystery given the fraternity houses are just steps from the field.

Access 2

Unless traveling between Columbia, SC and Greenville or Spartanburg, the I-26 corridor is not a route many would find themselves on. Being just 3 miles from the highway, Presbyterian is easily accessible for those looking to visit the campus.

Once at the field, the primary parking spot for the area is a grassy lot on the opposite side of the street. Be cautioned though – this lot is in prime foul ball territory. However, there are some spots in the small lots next to the football stadium that are well out of reach from a wayward baseball.

Return on Investment 4

With free admission, parking, and inexpensive concessions, the financial investment is minimal, but the time investment might be the bigger concern. Though the college is not far off the nearby highway, it really is not a road most would find themselves on, unless specifically going to Clinton. Other than alumni, or a potential student, a trip to Clinton is probably not high on most sports “To Do” lists.

Extras 2

Recent facility upgrades have provided fans with a bit more comfortable experience.

Player introductions play homage to the Scottish roots of Presbyterianism, as a recording of bagpipes is played as the players take the field. This is also aligned with the school’s mascot, Scotty the Scotsman.

Final Thoughts

The current upgrades in facilities have provided basic amenities that were either non-existent or minimal at best in the past – just not having to use an outhouse at such an event does a lot to improve the overall experience. Even with the upgrades, however, the facility is still rather sparse in terms of amenities. The game is enjoyable overall, just don’t go with expectations to be entertained with much more than the game on the field.


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