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Phoenix College Softball Stadium - Phoenix Bears

Photos by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.00

Phoenix College Softball Stadium 3201 N 15th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85013

Year Opened: n/a Capacity: n/a


Bears In Phoenix

Phoenix College is a community college in Phoenix, Arizona. It is the flagship of the Maricopa County Community College District and was founded in 1920, making it one of the oldest community colleges in the nation. The Phoenix College Softball Stadium is the home to this successful team.

The Phoenix College Bears compete in the NJCAA as part of the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference Conference. Famous alumni of Phoenix College include Nick Nolte, CeCe Peniston, and A Christmas Story’s Peter Billingsley.

The softball team has been one of the most successful teams on the Phoenix campus. The team has won the NJCAA National Women's Softball Championships eleven times, and ten of those were in the 2000s (the other being in 1979). The 2022 Spring season ended with them winning the Division II championship.

Food & Beverage 1

There is a very nice snack bar located right at the softball stadium. The game we attended had the stand not open, but we are assuming that it is open for some games. We are giving a courtesy of one star for food and beverage.

Atmosphere 3

The Phoenix College Softball Stadium is a very simple field with a small set of bleachers behind the field. There is a decent amount of room to stand and watch the games, as well as picnic tables that family and team supporters seem to claim fairly early.

The fans make this a pretty good place to watch a game, as the atmosphere seems excited to be watching softball and their Bears teams.

Neighborhood 4

Phoenix College is located in the Encanto Village, near downtown Phoenix. Encanto is also home to the Arizona State Fair, which includes the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the original home of the Phoenix Suns. The Phoenix Art Museum is also nearby.

Encanto Village has a fairly eclectic restaurant scene with many good options nearby. Durant’s is a high-end steakhouse with the look and feel of a dive bar. George & Dragon English Pub may be a more reasonable option for a post-game bite.

Fans 3

Although many of the fans are family and friends of players, this does not seem to lower the enthusiasm for the game and their team. It is a knowledgeable crowd who are eager to get into the game action.

Access 4

Phoenix College is located northwest of downtown Phoenix. It is not far from I-10, along a fairly major road, Thomas Road.

The Softball Stadium is located far northwest of the Phoenix College campus. There are a decent number of parking lots right near the field, so parking should not be an issue. One should check local parking regulations, especially for games that occur on regular college operating days.

Return on Investment 4

It was free to attend the game we attended. There is a gate to the stadium, so a small admission charge is certainly possible. We are assuming it would be a good value, even if an admission fee is charged.


Extras 2

The softball team has been very successful, so spend some time checking out the signage and awards for past Bears teams.

There are not a lot of extras at Phoenix College, but one should look out for the feral cat colony on campus. It is a Trap, Neuter, and Return program that is working with the Animal Defense League of Arizona to manage the cats. You will need to refrain from feeding the cats, as their care is under that program.

Final Thoughts

Phoenix College Softball Stadium is a simple affair but has been home to many champions. If you enjoy the game of softball, this would be an ideal stop for a fan who is in the Phoenix area.

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