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Penn State Field Hockey Complex - Penn State Nittany Lions

Photos by Gregory Koch Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Penn State Field Hockey Complex

250 University Dr

University Park, PA 16802

Year Opened: 2005

Capacity: 750


We Are Penn State Field Hockey

Penn State is one of the elite field hockey programs in the country, having qualified for the NCAA Tournament 30 times, with seven appearances in the Final Four and two in the title game. Despite this, the Nittany Lions have yet to win the NCAA Tournament, though they did win two national championships in the pre-NCAA era.

The Nittany Lions’ home stadium is appropriately known as the Penn State Field Hockey Complex. This 750-seat stadium is the fifth different home of the field hockey team, having opened in 2005. The stadium is located near several other sporting venues on campus, including the baseball, softball, ice hockey, and soccer stadiums as well as the Bryce Jordan Center and Beaver Stadium.

Food & Beverage 2

There is one concession stand operating out of a truck at the Penn State Field Hockey Complex which offers only the very basics. The only things that can be a meal are hot dogs and nachos for $5 each. Candy is $4 and chips are $1. Bottled water is $4, while soda and Gatorade are $5. Credit cards are accepted.

Atmosphere 5

Unlike the vast majority of field hockey programs in the country, Penn State really puts in the effort to create a great atmosphere here and it shows. The team will play music after big plays to pump up the crowd, and the public address announcer is enthusiastic and helps the fans get into it as well. There is also a very small but active student section who will do chants throughout the game to improve the atmosphere, a feature ubiquitous at basketball and football games but quite uncommon for college field hockey.

There is a scoreboard at one end of the field that shows the basic information as well as shots, saves, and penalty corners for each team. It is also capable of showing video, and plays a hype video before each game to get the fans ready.

Neighborhood 3

Penn State is located in State College, which as the name would imply is a classic college town. If looking for a place to eat or hang out, your best bet is to head downtown to College Avenue where one will find a number of restaurants and bars. However, fans with a sweet tooth may want to check out the Berkey Creamery on the Penn State Campus, a short walk from the stadium.

Fans 5

Penn State consistently ranks towards the top of the nation in attendance, routinely drawing 300-500 fans a game in a stadium that seats only 750. This gives the impression of the stadium being quite full and it can get loud and rowdy in here. As mentioned above, the students bring some energy but so do the rest of the fans. Some of them are friends or family of the players, but others are just fans of Penn State athletics showing up for a game. The fans and the atmosphere here go hand in hand, with each of them helping to make the other better.

Access 2

If driving to the game, your best bet is to park in the Stadium West lot in between Beaver Stadium and the soccer field. Parking is $5.50 if reserved in advance through the Parkmobile app or $10 the day of the game. Note however that if you plan on attending another Penn State game in the vicinity the same day, such as soccer at Jeffrey Field or ice hockey at Pegula Ice Arena, if you are buying an event-specific parking pass in advance you will need to pay separately per event, but if you pay the $10 the day of, you will be good for the entire day and will come out ahead in the end. We recommend parking as close to University Drive as possible for the shortest walk – this is the opposite end from the football stadium.

From the lot, head down Curtin Road to the stadium. Note that some lots are closer than Stadium West, but if you do not have the appropriate permit you will be ticketed and/or towed. While students, faculty, and others with the appropriate permits may be able to park in these lots, everyone else will have to use Stadium West.

Once you are in the stadium, getting around is easy enough because of the small size. There are no permanent restrooms, but there are a few port-a-potties scattered throughout.

Return on Investment 4

As with most college field hockey across the country, admission to Penn State games is free. Concessions are affordable as well, if limited, and this is one of the nicest college field hockey venues in the country. However, the high cost of parking takes this score down a notch.

Extras 3

On your way over to the stadium from the parking lot, look for the large “We Are” sculpture in reference to the Penn State athletics chant “We are … Penn State,” which is often shortened to just “We Are” and used as a slogan for the University

The Penn State Field Hockey Complex is one of several Penn State athletic venues in the vicinity. On the right fall day, fans can easily check out a soccer, field hockey, and ice hockey match all in the same day


A third and final star for all the effort the team and fans put in to improving the experience here, which is something not seen in most college field hockey programs.

Final Thoughts

College field hockey is simply not that big in most of the country, and most schools do not put in any real effort to promote their team. Penn State is a notable exception. The atmosphere here is top-notch for college field hockey, and the facility itself is one of the nicest in the country. Throw in the opportunity to see several venues in close proximity and a trip to Penn State field hockey is well worth it


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