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Myslik Field at Roberts Stadium - Princeton Tigers

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.86

Myslik Field at Roberts Stadium

Stadium Dr

Princeton, NJ 08540

Year Opened: 2022

Capacity: 2,100

Dread Tiger Roberts

Located on the campus of Princeton University, Myslik Field at Roberts Stadium is home to the Tigers' men's and women's soccer teams. Although a previous field also called Roberts Stadium had hosted Princeton soccer since 2008, the current iteration opened in 2022. The stadium's name honors two Princeton soccer alumni, former goalkeeper Thomas S. Roberts, who was the lead donor for the new stadium, and Robert H. Myslik, who died in 2003.

Food & Beverage 4

There is one concession stand at Roberts Stadium, located on the east sideline. Options include usual items such as hot pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, and pizza, as well as food you wouldn't expect to find at a stadium such as salads, grapes, and vegetarian sushi. Fountain soda (Coke products) is available, as is water in aluminum cans. Prices are affordable - most items are under $5 and everything is under $8.

Atmosphere 4

Roberts Stadium provides the opportunity to watch a soccer game up close and personal. Bleachers surround the field on all four sides, but there are only a few rows, meaning everyone is close to the action. When the crowd is quiet (which isn't often), you will be able to hear all the shouting among players, coaches, and referees. As at most soccer games, the true atmosphere is created by fans, not the team, and Princeton fans can make it quite loud in here at times. Celebration music is played over the PA system after goals to get the crowd fired up, and it seems to do so effectively.

Depending on the game, there may be various activities on the concourse before the match, whether for students, kids, or the general public. Princeton knows fans and atmosphere go hand in hand and does everything it can to get people to turn out.

Neighborhood 4

Princeton has that feel of a small college town. but there is certainly plenty going on here. The Dinky Bar &

Kitchen, named for the NJ Transit line that connects the Princeton campus with Princeton Junction, is located in a former train station near campus. There are many more options in downtown Princeton, ranging from hoagies to seafood to pizza and more. Parking may be a challenge downtown, but there is much to do there even if you have to walk a bit from your car.

Fans 4

Princeton does a good job drawing fans out to games at Roberts Stadium, with crowds ranging from several hundred to over a thousand fans. Considering the place only sits about 2.000, it can get fairly full. Although some of the fans are friends or family of the players, most of the crowd is locals or other Princeton fans with no personal connection to the team. This is not always the case in college soccer, so it is good to see the turnout.

Princeton students typically sit on ledges behind the north goal, and while they can get rowdy, many of them leave early, which is disappointing. The remaining fans are also passionate about the Tigers, with many of them decked out in orange and black. It can get quite loud at times, particularly after goals, big saves, or other major moments in the game.

Access 4

Free parking is available in the Stadium Drive Garage across the street from the stadium. The procedure may be slightly different on weekday afternoons, so check the Princeton website if this applies to you. The Princeton Branch of NJ Transit, more commonly known as the Dinky, is a short commuter rail line (the shortest in the country in fact) connecting Princeton's campus with Princeton Junction on the Northeast Corridor. From the station, the stadium is about a 20-25 minute walk.

Once inside, a women's restroom is located on the east side, and a men's room is on the west side. There is also a single-person gender-neutral bathroom on each side. The concourses are more than wide enough to accommodate the crowds as well.

Return on Investment 5

Admission to all Princeton soccer games is free. Parking is free too, and concessions are affordable. As a result, a game at Roberts Stadium can be an excellent value.

Extras 2

Look for the plaques along the concourse honoring the history of Princeton soccer and the signs along the fence showing their NCAA Tournament appearances. Each of those is worthy of an extra star.

Final Thoughts

While most wouldn't consider Princeton to be a soccer school, the Tigers have a gorgeous new stadium and put a great deal of effort into the matchday experience. As a result, college soccer fans in the Northeast will want to check out Myslik Field at Roberts Stadium.

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