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Multipurpose Stadium – Penn Quakers

Photos by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.71

Multipurpose Stadium 240 S 31st St Philadelphia, PA 19104

Year Opened: 2011

Capacity: 450


Penn Softball

Note: The stadium name changed from Multidimensional Amphitheater to Multipurpose Stadium since Stadium Journey last visited.

The University of Pennsylvania, also known as Penn or UPenn, is a private Ivy League university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Penn is one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. Benjamin Franklin is Penn’s founder.

The university has also produced many alumni, which include 14 heads of state (including two U.S. Presidents) and 25 billionaires. Penn allows undergraduates access to courses at all of Penn’s undergraduate and graduate schools, except the medical, veterinary and dental schools. Undergraduates at Penn may also take courses at Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore, under a reciprocal agreement known as the Quaker Consortium.

Penn’s sports teams are nicknamed the Quakers. Built as part of Penn Park the Multidimensional Amphitheater is the home of the Penn softball program. It opened in 2011. It is located next door to the Hamlin Tennis Center, Penn’s tennis center.

Food & Beverage 0

There is no permanent food stand at the Multidimensional Amphitheater or in any other place within the Penn Park athletic field. Plan on bringing your own food.

Atmosphere 3

Penn Park and the athletic facilities located within, have a nice distinct, almost futuristic look and feel. The architecture is pretty stunning. The softball stadium is a basic affair otherwise, running behind home plate between the bases.

The seats themselves are nice, but remind me of what you would experience at a state or national park campfire auditorium, as the floors are basic gravel.

The view towards some of the tall buildings of Philadelphia is worth a trip to the stadium alone.

Neighborhood 5

There is no real neighborhood to the stadium as it is inside of Penn Park, a set of athletic fields for the university. You will find plenty of shops and restaurants to satisfy almost any appetite. The best bet is to find a food truck, as they will be plentiful around the campus. I was lucky to find the Insomnia Cookies truck on 33rd St between Market And Chestnut just as they had some fresh cookies coming out of the oven. There are a lot less food trucks on weekend games, unfortunately.

Also located nearby at Drexel University is a location of Landmark Americana (3333 Market St), which is a great option for post game eating. This restaurant offers a nice choice of meals and has a large bar, as well. For Saturday games, look out for the $10 all-you-can-eat wings special. They also offer numerous drink specials at the bar. Also nearby is Wahoo’s Fish Tacos (3180 Chestnut St.), which is primarily a west coast chain, so finding them here is pretty special.

If driving, consider Philip’s Steaks at 2234 West Passyunk Avenue for traditional Philly cheesesteaks. This is not one of the more touristy spots, but is still in a safe neighborhood and offers free parking. Philip’s also has a surprisingly good cheeseburger for a cheesesteak joint. Just remember you have to buy the drinks and fries at a different window than your main entree, which is a strange and unique Philly tradition.

Fans 2

The majority of the fans are friends and family of the athletes. The ones in attendance all seem quite knowledgeable of the game.

Access 2

There is not a lot of parking in the area. Parking will not be cheap, as this is Philadelphia and no parking is cheap. Plan on paying at least $15.

You can enter the Penn Park lots at River Fields Drive and may be able to find some cheaper parking.

Interstate 76, the Schuylkill Expressway, is right behind the university and is very busy. But it would make a convenient way to get to the game.

Public transportation is easy to find and use. SEPTA mass-transit system is right off campus, and Amtrak’s 30th Street train station is a short walk away.

Return on Investment 4

Aside, from parking, there is no charge to attend a UPenn softball game.

Extras 3

The view of Philadelphia is worth the trip by itself.

Stop on your way to see the amazing Franklin Field just off to the side of the softball field and Penn Park. The stadium has been open since 1895 and is an amazing venue. Franklin Field is also the site of the annual Penn Relays track and field meet. This event gets the biggest crowds yearly for the stadium.

Also check out the Mondschein Throwing Complex, located on the old softball field, as it is also nearby and offers a great facility for field events.

Final Thoughts

There is no cost to attend this unique facility, other than parking. If in Philadelphia, you should look to see if you can fit a game into your schedule.

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