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Memorial Stadium – Boise Hawks

Photos by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.00

Memorial Stadium 5600 Glenwood St Boise, ID 83714

Year Opened: 1989

Capacity: 4,500


Hawks Nesting In Boise

Baseball returned to Boise in 1987 after eight years without baseball. Currently the Hawks are the Short Season A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies and play in the Northwest League. Prior to moving to Boise, the team was the Tri-Cities Triplets, who played in Richland, Washington. The Hawks have also been affiliated with the Angels and the Cubs.

Boise’s previous minor league teams played in both the Northwest League and the Pioneer League. Boise is a large enough city that seems like it should play in a higher league than short season A ball.

Memorial Stadium opened in 1989 and is adjacent to the Western Idaho Fairgrounds on the banks of the Boise River.

Food & Beverage 4

The food options are a pretty consistent slate of offerings, although not always exciting. The food prices are very similar to most minor league baseball stadiums. They are very fair and offer many choices. Most entrees are $4 and up and won’t break your wallet.

Atmosphere 2

The field faces northeast and the stadium has three separate grandstands around the field. The stands behind the plate and on the third base side have seat backs while the ones on the first base side have bleachers. The design is antiquated and is not how modern stadiums are designed.

As with many stadiums nowadays, there is a net around the entire seating area.

The team offers most of the traditional minor league giveaways and antics, but the game still ends up being the main focus. The team tries to keep the entertainment happening in between innings so as to not distract from the game.

Neighborhood 2

There is nothing much in the immediate area of the stadium. There is not a whole lot to see or do within walking distance except for the fairgrounds. There are many food and dining options within a short driving distance.

Downtown Boise offers a thriving environment with many options. There are lots of restaurants and bars for pretty much anyone to enjoy. If you enjoy beer there are many local breweries to try out. Recommendations include 10 Barrell Brewing and Bittercreek Alehouse.

Fans 4

There are some hardcore fans with seats around the home plate area. They will be loud and into all aspects of the game. The fans are pretty traditional minor league fans for this area. Some are very knowledgeable about the game, while others are there as part of a family or a group and may be less interested in the actual game.

Access 3

Parking is free and the stadium is relatively easy to get to. It is not near downtown Boise and is not near a major highway.

Return on Investment 4

The free parking, good variety of food options and the cheap tickets make it a worthwhile visit. Be on the lookout for ticket promotions and other events that can make your game experience better. The team is active in the community, and there are many ways to attend the game.

Extras 2

There is a nice kids play area down the first base side.

Although they are not hawks, another bird of prey, a couple of osprey, choose to nest on one of the outfield light posts. This is not a planned activity but actual wild birds that chose the stadium as their nesting spot. The team has helped with fixing the nest up between years and to keep them from nesting on the actual stadium structure.

Final Thoughts

Boise’s Memorial Stadium has seen better days and is far removed from how modern minor league stadiums are normally expected to be designed, but it is still a good place to watch a game. The team is expected to move to a stadium in downtown Boise in a couple of years, depending on various approvals.

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