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  • Paul Donaldson

Magnolia Field - Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils

Photos by Paul Donaldson, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 1.71

Magnolia Field Fannie Lou Hammer St Itta Bena, MS 38941

Year Opened: 1950 Capacity: 200


Baseball in the Valley

Magnolia Field is home to Delta Devil baseball on the campus of Mississippi Valley State University. The atmosphere at Magnolia Field is cozy and friendly. Most of the fans in attendance are family or friends of the players, with a couple of staunch Delta Devils Athletics supporters. Located in West Mississippi, you’ll likely only find yourself at the ballpark if you are following your favorite SWAC baseball team on a road trip or are family of one of the players. The ballpark is humble, doesn’t have concessions, but won’t cost you thing since admission is free.

Food & Beverage 0

Make sure plans are made for snacks and drinks prior to heading out to Magnolia Field, because there are no concessions. With that said, you can bring in your own refreshments without any hassle.

Atmosphere 1

Magnolia Field is a small and humble home ballpark for the Delta Devils. The stadium consists of three small sets of bleachers which flank a press box which lies directly behind home base. A small tent is erected near the third base dugout where a few fans seek the shade along the fence in the comfort of their tailgate chairs.

A black chain link fence set atop a small red brick wall separates the seats behind home plate from the playing field. A small scoreboard sits beyond the right field fence providing limited information.

The natural grass playing field shows signs of wear and could use some TLC. The outfield wall is a tall black chain link fence.

Neighborhood 2

The city of Itta Bena is home to Mississippi Valley State University and Magnolia Field. The ballpark is adjacent to Rice-Totten Field. The campus of MVSU is a comfortable and safe environment to enjoy a baseball game. It’s located a few miles away from Itta Bena, which doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of restaurants and attractions.

Larry’s Fish House and the Capricorn Internet Cafe are places to eat, if you’re dedicated to eating in the area. Otherwise, you might find more options in Indianola or Greenwood, both about a 20 minute drive from the campus.

Fans 1

College baseball is not a very popular sport among most SWAC institutions and this trend is no different at The Valley. Typical crowds can usually be counted on both hands and rarely top 100. Fans in attendance are usually friends and family of the players with a few strong supports of Delta Devil athletics.

Access 4

Itta Bena is accessible off I-55 in west Mississippi via Highway 82.

Once you arrive on campus, Magnolia Field is just past the football stadium. A parking lot past a dorm allows ample free parking. The seating area is just a short walk from there. Considering that attendance is free, getting into the stadium is a breeze due to there being no need to purchase or pick up tickets.

A restroom facility is located near the parking lot just beyond left field.

Return on Investment 3

Return on investment is a mixed bag. Considering there’s literally no cost in attending the game, it’s hard to assess any type or return on an investment you don’t have to make. However, unless you are a loyal follower of MVSU athletics, there’s little return on your time investment either in driving out to the ballpark or watching the game.


Extras 1

While most venues offer some type of “extra” component which sets it apart from other experiences, the atmosphere at Magnolia Field is bare bones.

The “One Team One Valley” sign on the dugout adds some fanfare to an otherwise stale environment.


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