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Lou Gorman Field - Stonehill Skyhawks

Photos by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.14

Lou Gorman Field

320 Washington St.

North Easton, MA 02356

Year Opened: 2005

Capacity: 500

Lou Gorman Field

On April 5, 2022, tiny Stonehill College, a private Catholic school located in Easton, Massachusetts with an enrollment of 2,500 undergraduate students, announced it was moving all of its athletic teams to the NCAA Division I level, effective in the fall of 2022. Prior to 2022, Stonehill was a member of the Northeast-10 Conference in NCAA Division II. Upon its elevation to Division One, Stonehill joined the Northeast Conference.

Stonehill’s athletic teams competed for years as the Chieftains. In 2002 the school decided to change its nickname. After considering several options, Stonehill officially changed its nickname to the Skyhawks in 2005. This name has no connection to a bird or animal but does have a connection to the school’s history.

After the school’s property was purchased by the Congregation of Holy Cross, an airfield on site was leased to the Navy during World War II and to private companies afterwards. The airfield was closed in 1955 as the college grew, but the Navy continued to use the land for training exercises and would employ the Skyhawk aircraft between 1954–1995.

Lou Gorman Field is named for the Stonehill alumnus and former Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox general manager.

Food & Beverage 0

There are no concessions sold at Lou Gorman Field. Fans are able to bring their own snacks in to enjoy while watching the game. Hot beverages from the nearby Dunkin’ are popular choices on chilly Massachusetts spring afternoons.

Atmosphere 1

With the limited resources available at Lou Gorman Field, you wouldn’t expect a fancy game day experience and you sure aren’t going to get anything extravagant here. The Stonehill staff set up some portable speakers which are used for announcements and between-inning music. A simple scoreboard located beyond the left field wall presents basic game information. If there’s a lacrosse game going on next door at W.B. Mason Stadium at the same time as the baseball game, the noise from the larger stadium will totally overwhelm anything produced by the baseball crew.

What noise is produced at Lou Gorman Field is generated by the players on the field and the fans in the stands. There isn’t much of a turnout by the student body, but the family members and friends in the stands are certainly enthusiastic. If you like being able to hear the chatter on the infield and coaches barking directions at the players, a game at a small facility like Lou Gorman Field is for you.

Neighborhood 3

Stonehill College’s suburban location and sprawling campus belies its location in a bustling area with many dining and lodging options for visiting fans. State routes 123 and 138 intersect at the southwest corner of campus. Both routes are pretty busy local roads, lined with strip malls filled with the usual national chains alongside a few local eateries in both directions. Stadium Journey recommends checking out Stoneforge Grill or Brach’s Grill and Tap for your pre- or postgame meal.

While you may not find many attractions in the immediate vicinity of Stonehill, Boston is located just a half hour’s drive to the north. Visiting fans will find no shortage of things to do there. Fans looking for lodging options closer to school should check out the Residence Inn by Marriott right by Route 24.

More information about local accommodations, restaurants and attractions can be found here.

Fans 1

Stadium Journey attended a game during Stonehill’s first ever home series as a Division One team. It was a cold and raw March afternoon which drew under 50 fans to Lou Gorman Field. Crowds are certain to increase as the weather warms, but you shouldn’t expect a huge turnout for a Skyhawks baseball game, at least while the program is still in its infancy.

The majority of fans in the stands have a personal connection to the players on the field, and are enthusiastic in their support. A Skyhawks crowd can most accurately be described as a “friends and family” type of crowd.

Access 4

Stonehill College is located in suburban North Easton, MA, directly to the west of the city of Brockton and 25 miles south of Boston. The campus is easily accessible, as both Interstates 495 and 93 lead to Route 24, which runs north-south just a mile from Lou Gorman Field. The stadium is located on the western edge of campus, adjacent to some of Stonehill’s other athletic facilities, including W.B. Mason Stadium, Merkert Gymnasium and the Sally Blair Ames Athletic Complex.

Fans can park in the lot in front of McPhaidin Library, located a short walk from the field. A walk across the soccer practice field will bring fans to the ballpark. Be warned that there are no paved walkways around Lou Gorman Field. Fans with mobility issues should tread carefully.

Seating consists of a pair of metal grandstands without backs, one behind home plate and one down the left field line. There’s also ample room for people who would like to bring their own chairs or stand at the fence and take in the action.

Several port-a-johns are located next door at the football stadium and are available for use for baseball fans. For fans who don’t mind a walk, there are permanent facilities in the library and in the Ames Athletic Complex.

Return on Investment 5

Admission to a Skyhawks baseball game is free of charge, as is parking. With no concessions, you can attend a Division One game here without spending a cent.

Extras 1

An extra point is awarded for the Skyhawks’ purple 80’s-Astros style uniforms.

Final Thoughts

College baseball just isn’t a big deal in the northeast. The short season and unpredictable spring weather in this part of the country ensures that you’re not going to find fancy ballparks around here. Lou Gorman Field is no exception to this rule. It’s a basic facility that suits the needs of Division One’s newest baseball team. There’s plenty of room here for the Skyhawks to grow.

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