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Johnny Unitas Stadium - Towson Tigers Lacrosse

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.57

Johnny Unitas Stadium 7500 Osler Dr Towson, MD 21252

Year Opened: 1978

Capacity: 11,198

Johnny U Stadium at Towson U

Located on the campus of Towson University in the Baltimore suburbs, Johnny Unitas Stadium plays host to the Tigers’ football, lacrosse, and track & field programs. The stadium seats just over 11,000 and underwent major renovations in 2002, when additional seating, artificial turf, and other enhancements were added. The stadium is located in the same complex as several other Towson athletic facilities, including SECU Arena, home of the Tigers’ basketball teams, and Tiger Field, home of the soccer program.

College lacrosse is huge in the State of Maryland, where it is the official state team sport (but not the official state sport, which is jousting) and Towson is just one of several teams in the Baltimore area. The Tigers have consistently ranked towards the top of the NCAA in lacrosse attendance, which considering how passionate this city is about the sport, should come as no surprise.

Food & Beverage 2

There is one concession stand open in the corner of the concourse during Tiger lacrosse games which sells a limited menu. There is a second stand in the other corner open during football games, but due to the lower attendance numbers, it is not normally open for lacrosse. The only thing that could plausibly make a meal is a hot dog for $5, with various snacks including chips, candy, and hot pretzels as well as bottled water and Pepsi products.

Atmosphere 5

Some of the best college lacrosse in the country can be found in Maryland, and a Towson game is no exception. The marching band was in attendance, and although they mainly played during breaks in the action due to NCAA regulations, they started chants at other times during the game to get the crowd into it. Although somewhat limited due to the pandemic, Towson still manages to create a great atmosphere here.

As for the stadium itself, typically only one side of the stadium is open for lacrosse games due to lower attendance than football. When we went, only the north side was open with the south side just occupied by the band. There is a large video board behind one goal that also shows some additional statistics and a smaller scoreboard behind the other goal. All seats are bleachers with backs except for a few chairbacks on the south side which are not available for lacrosse games as previously noted.

Neighborhood 3

Johnny Unitas Stadium is located on the south part of campus, and there is not much in the immediate vicinity other than other athletic facilities. However, Towson is a decent suburban area and Baltimore is a short drive away and offers plenty more options. Whether there is anything within walking distance depends on how far you are willing to walk, but there are plenty of options, both chain and local, along York Road. The Charles Village Pub and The Greene Turtle are both local favorites, but unless you’re willing to walk half an hour each way, you will need to drive a short distance. The Towson Town Center shopping mall is also nearby.

Fans 5

The Tigers average about 2,000 fans a game, which consistently ranks them towards the top of the NCAA. Fans who show up are still passionate and loud throughout the game. If the Tigers are playing another Baltimore school, or a regional opponent like Maryland or Delaware, expect a lot of visiting fans as well. On the one hand, this enhances the stadium atmosphere, but on the other hand, it can almost feel like you’re attending a game at a neutral site at times due to all the away fans in attendance.

Access 4

Towson is located just off I-695, the Baltimore Beltway. Take Exit 25 and after driving for a few miles, you will arrive on campus. Parking is free in numerous lots surrounding the stadium. Your best bet is to park in Lot 13 since that will put you right at the entrance to the stadium, but if that lot fills up, you should park in another lot on the north side of the stadium, since the north gates are the only ones open for lacrosse. In the unlikely event all those lots fill up, there is ample parking available elsewhere in the vicinity of the stadium, but you may have to walk around the outside of the stadium to get where you need to go to get in.

There are restrooms in both corners of the concourse by the concession stands and although only one concession stand will be open, both sets of restrooms will be. They are of ample size for the crowd. The concourse is wide and allows enough space for fans to get around, plus it provides a view of the field which isn’t always the case at other places.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for youth and seniors, which is comparable to other top programs in the area. Although you may be able to find less expensive or even free tickets elsewhere in Division I, you get what you pay for really. Throw in the free parking and affordable concessions and this is a great value.

Extras 2

The marching band adds a lot to the gameday experience, and while they don’t actually march as they do for football, they are still an incredible enhancement to the atmosphere.

There is a Wall of Excellence outside the stadium which honors great Towson teams in football, lacrosse, and track who have played in the stadium. Keep in mind, however, that this is outside the stadium and there is a no re-entry policy, so you will have to look at it before you enter or after you leave.

Final Thoughts

Baltimore may be the best city in the country for college lacrosse, and a Towson game will tell you exactly why that is. Tiger fans are passionate about their team and a game here has an electric atmosphere. Between the band, the fans, and the beauty of a stadium, lacrosse fans visiting the Baltimore area will want to seriously consider visiting Johnny Unitas Stadium. The only reason it isn’t a “must-see” is that there are so many other great lacrosse venues in this area that a fan visiting for a limited amount of time may not be able to see them all.

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