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John B. Schuerholz Park - Towson Tigers

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.71

John B. Schuerholz Park 7500 Osler Dr Towson, MD 21252

Year Opened: 2001

Capacity: 500


Towson Tigers at Schuerholz Park

Located on the campus of Towson University in the Baltimore suburbs, John B. Schuerholz Park has been home to the Tigers’ baseball teams since April 2001. The stadium seats 500 fans and is located on the east side of the Towson campus. The stadium has a natural grass field with the exception of some artificial turf near home plate. It is named after John B. Schuerholz, a former Towson baseball player who later became a professional coach and general manager, including leading the Atlanta Braves to their World Series title in 1995 as GM.

Food & Beverage 2

The concession stand at Schuerholz Park is located behind the bleachers and press box – look for the window built into the brick. There are only a few basic items here – hot dogs, candy, chips, soda, and bottled water are about all you can find. They may have hot chocolate on cold days as well. The stand is cash only, but everything is affordable at under $5.

Atmosphere 3

There are several areas at Schuerholz Park where fans can watch the Tigers play. The most obvious place is the bleachers behind home plate, which consist of bench seats with backs. However, there is also a hill down the right field line in front of Burdick Hall, where fans can bring their own chairs or lawn blankets. An elevated walkway runs down the leftfield line above the concourse. This is not actually part of the stadium itself, but is a part of Towson Way, a pedestrian path across campus. Some fans choose to stand and watch the game from here, although most of them are just walking from one part of campus to another and take a break to watch a bit of the game before going wherever it is they are going. There is also a scoreboard in right-centerfield which shows a line score and other basic information.

Most of the experience here is pretty basic northeastern college baseball with few thrills or frills, but there are a couple of traditions worth noting. As at many college venues, fans are not permitted to keep foul balls hit out of play. However, if they return the balls to the Towson dugout, they will receive a free commemorative coin. You will often see kids out on the hill racing each other to get to foul balls first. During the seventh inning stretch, the team plays “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” just like they do at Orioles games in nearby Baltimore. It is nice to see a Baltimore tradition spread beyond Camden Yards to other venues in the area.

Neighborhood 3

Schuerholz Park is located on the northeast part of campus, near the Oster Drive entrance off Towsontown Boulevard. There is not much to do in the immediate area, but Towson is a decent suburban area and Baltimore is a short drive away and offers plenty more options. Whether there is anything within walking distance depends on how far you are willing to walk, but there are plenty of options, both chain and local, along York Road. The Charles Village Pub and The Greene Turtle are both local favorites, but unless you’re willing to walk half an hour each way, you will need to drive a short distance. The Towson Town Center shopping mall is also nearby.

Fans 2

Towson draws only a couple hundred fans a game, which is typical for college baseball in this region. The crowd is a good mix of regulars and more casual fans who may follow Towson athletics in general but aren’t as familiar with the baseball program. They can get somewhat loud at times, but baseball really isn’t a huge deal here. When the Tigers are playing another nearby school like Delaware, there can be almost as many visiting fans here as home ones.

Access 3

How easy it is to get to Schuerholz Park will depend on whether you are going on a weekday or a weekend. On weekends, simply park in the Union Garage for free, then walk around the intramural field and Schuerholz Park will be on the other side. There is currently some construction going on in this area but as long as you follow all posted signs and don’t attempt to enter a restricted area, you should be fine.

On weekdays, parking in Union Garage is not permitted without a permit, so the situation becomes more complicated. Fans will need to reserve and pay for parking in the Towsontown Garage and park in the spaces marked for overflow. This is a slightly longer walk than the Union Garage but not outrageously so. That being said, the parking situation is much easier on weekends, when you can park in any space in the garage and not have to pay for it.

Return on Investment 4

Admission to Towson baseball games is free and concessions are affordable, if limited. We recommend going on a weekend to avoid paying for parking and maximize your value.

Extras 2

There are free programs available in a container at the front of the bleachers.

A second and final star for all the unique vantage points around Schuerholz Park to watch the game.

Final Thoughts

The unfortunate reality is that, outside a few schools, college baseball is not a huge deal in the northeast.

Towson is no exception, as a trip to a baseball game here offers the basics but not much more. Although the team tries to incorporate some other Baltimore baseball traditions, the experience here is hurt by the lack of interest in the sport from fans. Lacrosse is the big sport here in the spring, and most Towson fans are too focused on that to pay attention to baseball. The team tries to make a good experience here, but there’s only so much they can do without the fans showing up in support.

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