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Joe Bauman Stadium – Roswell Invaders

Photos by Meg Minard, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.00

Joe Baumann Stadium 900 Block E Poe Roswell, NM 88201

Year Opened: 1939

Renovated: 2005 Capacity: 410


Alien Baseball

The cleverly named Roswell Invaders baseball team plays their home game at Joe Bauman Stadium in Roswell, NM. The Invaders are charter members of the independent Pecos League of Professional Baseball. Both the team and the league were founded in 2011. The Invaders have been successful, winning the Pecos League Championships in 2011, 2013, and 2015.

Joe Bauman Stadium Coca Cola Field (locals refer to it as Coca Cola Field – no dash). The stadium is named after Joe Bauman, who set a professional record with 72 home runs in 1954 while playing for the Roswell Rockets of the Class-C Longhorn League.

It is adjacent to the Eastern New Mexico State Fairgrounds about 2 ½ miles south of downtown Roswell. Originally built in 1939, the city renovated the stadium’s grandstand in 2005. Though seating capacity is somewhat smaller than other Pecos League ballparks, the stadium fits well in Roswell and for the Invaders. The field is shared with the Roswell High School baseball team.

Food & Beverage 3

One concession stand sits beneath the announcer and official team office directly behind the home plate grandstand. It offers basic snacks like burritos, nachos, hot dogs, Frito pie, and pizza ($4 – $5). Other goodies sold are chips, ice pops, seeds, and candy for $2. Bottled water and beverages are $2 or $3. Adult beverages include 7K IPA (Santa Fe Brewing), Big Luau Cider (Black Cock Brewery), Cerveza Lager, and Electric Igloo Lemonade all $6 for 16 oz.

The stand closes early; so get your food at least before the 5th inning. Fans can bring in their own sodas and snacks.

Atmosphere 3

An Invaders game provides a low-key, local, welcoming impression where the focus is still more on the game than other extra activities.

For seating, be sure to bring a cushion to sit on as all seats are bleachers. Three sets of bleachers line the infield. These were rebuilt in 2005. The section behind the home plate has backs, handrails, and wheelchair spots. The two on each side of the infield diamond are just benches. Some fans bring their own portable chairs for a more comfortable seat. Thick nets cover all three seating areas.

The sun sets behind the grandstand so is not really a factor when deciding where to sit. Game day staff plays music, sometimes (but not all the time) deafening load. So your ear drums don’t get ruptured, sit on either of the side bleacher sections as those are farther from the speakers.

Theme songs from the X Files and other extraterrestrial TV shows and movies are aptly disbursed throughout the innings. Walk-up songs are played for the Invaders. Thankfully, the person in charge of music does not play noise or music between pitches; just between innings. And, for the most part, music isn’t played when the announcer is speaking.

The PA announcer’s voice is clear. He calls the starting lineup slowly – slow enough for fans to keep up writing out their own scorecard. Nice job. Roster sheets are not available to the general public. The field causes lots of skips and hops of the ball in the infield. Dust rises off gloves and at plates during plays. The scoreboard rests behind the center-right field wall. It shows the basic line score, runs, hits, and errors.

Activities involving fans are offered between innings but not the game of this review.

Note: Some Pecos League games can be long. The game Stadium Journey attended lasted 4 ½ hours for nine innings of play. It was so long, the sprinkler system automatically came on and individuals had to run and find the shut off valve. Actually, that was pretty funny.

Neighborhood 3

Roswell got its name on the map because of an alleged 1947 UFO crash on a ranch outside the town and the follow up conspiracy. Therefore, much of the downtown businesses focus on UFOs and space aliens. A UFO Festival generally takes place around July 4 in Roswell, so fans can check out the festival and see a game if the schedule allows.

The most popular destination is the UFO Museum and Research Center. Next is a short, fun, black light walk-through of alien art work; a spacewalk of sorts called Roswell UFO Spacewalk. Visit the McDonalds, shaped like a spaceship with a space-themed interior. Take a few minutes to visit the Visitors Center in town. It’s a worthy resource center on things to see and do.

Peppers Grill and Bar is a recommended place for food and drinks and is just a block from the Visitors Center. Los Cerritos Mexican Kitchen comes highly recommended and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Plenty of hotels of various brands line Main St. I stayed at the Baymont Suites and though not walking distance, it is cheap, clean and safe.

All of the activities and ‘things to do’ are less than five miles driving distance to/from the ballpark.

Fans 3

The Roswell Invaders fans are welcoming and friendly. Families, children, host families, retirees, parents, and more make up the crowd. There is not a lot of them. A few fans ring cowbells when the team makes a good play. Many attendees seem to know each other. Most wear Invaders gear and clothing. They throw out their own trash, not often seen at ballparks.

Access 3

Once in town, getting to the ballpark is not difficult. Use Roe Rd off S Main St. The ballpark and a hard-dirt parking lot are on the right. Parking is free. After parking, enter the grounds through an open fence; a small ticket booth is on the right.

A paved path leads to the stands and a wide promenade is between the bleachers and the infield wall making it easy to move around. Cement block restrooms are serviceable but I wouldn’t call them nice, though they are clean.

Roswell has a small airport (Roswell Air Center) with a limited number of flights in and out of Dallas/Ft Worth and Phoenix. A local bus service is available but it looks like transit times are not conducive to the baseball schedule.

Return on Investment 3

A single game ticket is $7.50. Group events offer lower priced tickets. Parking is free and the concession prices are quite reasonable.

Extras 3

Several other items are worth noting:

  • A hard copy ticket with the Roswell Invaders logo on it is still given out.

  • The team uses lime green bases for first, second, and third. Pretty cool in keeping with the alien theme.

  • The players interact well with the crowd and in the community. Two members greet fans as they enter the stadium. They walk the stands chatting with visitors and selling raffle tickets for an autographed bat (per se). The players participate in events like a car wash where proceeds are split with the Special Olympics.

Final Thoughts

If in Roswell, NM visiting UFO and alien-related items during June and July, make an effort to head to Joe Bauman Stadium to catch a relaxed, entertaining baseball game.

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