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Jenny Craig Pavilion – San Diego Toreros (women's volleyball)

Photos by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.71

Jenny Craig Pavilion 5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110

Year Opened: 2000

Capacity: 5,100


Indoor Beach Volleyball

Jenny Craig Pavilion at the University of San Diego is home to the university’s volleyball and basketball teams. USD is located near Mission Bay in northern San Diego, not far from the Pacific Ocean. The venue opened in 2000 and seats 5,100 fans – it is also used for campus events and concerts. The facility is occasionally referred to as the Slim Gym in deference to its namesake.

Food & Beverage 3

Jenny Craig Pavilion has a concession stand in the lobby just outside the entrance to the court, which offers the standards you might expect at a sporting event – hot dogs (including vegan ones), pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, chips, candy, ice cream, and churros. These items range from $4 for the smaller items to $10 for the vegan dog. The stand also offers bottled water, soda, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, beer, wine, and seltzer – alcohol starts at $8, but the non-alcoholic drinks are $4 to $5.

Atmosphere 2

For women’s volleyball there is not a lot going on besides the volleyball game itself – the PA announcer does a great job, and puts a lot of passion into his calls, and there are also some banners on the walls showcasing the Toreros basketball and volleyball achievements, but there is no mascot present and no fan contests, etc. during breaks in the action.

Neighborhood 4

Jenny Craig Pavilion and the university are located in a mostly residential area, with only a few gas stations and local restaurants within walking distance along Linda Vista Road. The school’s football stadium is right next to the pavilion – in fact they share a courtyard. One great Mexican restaurant nearby is Taco Bomb, just up the street from the university; Taco Bomb is very authentic and definitely worth stopping by if you have a chance.

There is an aquarium on UDS’s campus, which is also worth a visit, but the big attraction in the area is Mission Bay and all its beach and water-themed attractions, including SeaWorld San Diego, and there are about a million hotels along I-8 to accommodate all the visitors to this area. There are also plenty of other restaurants and attractions closer to San Diego proper if you want to drive 15-20 minutes south (longer with traffic).

Fans 1

Very few fans show up for San Diego Toreros volleyball games, so the facility seems pretty empty, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of cheering from the fans – the players cheer a lot among themselves, and do a lot of whooping and hollering, which you can easily hear even if you are in the back row, but there isn’t much passion from the crowd.

Access 4

Traffic is not as bad as it seems like it should be, given the proximity to SeaWorld, but this may depend on what day of the week the volleyball games are scheduled. There is free parking down the hill from the pavilion on weekends, but for weekday games you will have to pay. There are bathrooms down the hall from the entrance to the court (inside the same building).

Return on Investment 3

Tickets to Toreros volleyball games are $10 plus tax. The free parking helps if you can get it, and concessions prices seem reasonable especially given this venue is in pricey San Diego/California. That said, unless your team is playing the Toreros, or you happen to be a big-time volleyball or USD fan, a match at Jenny Craig Pavilion may not offer enough excitement for some attendees.

Extras 2

There is a team gear stand in the lobby outside the entrance to the court, which sells items for multiple USD sports. You can also sit as close or as far from the court as you choose.

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