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GW Softball Field – George Washington Revolutionaries

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.43

GW Softball Field 2100 Foxhall Rd NW Washington, DC 20007 Map It!

Year Opened: 2001 Capacity: 500


Colonial Softball

Note: In June 2023, George Washington University changed its team name from the Colonials to the Revolutionaries.

Located on George Washington University’s Mount Vernon Campus, three miles from the main campus in Foggy Bottom, the GW Softball Field is part of the university’s Mount Vernon Athletics Complex. The Complex also includes GW’s soccer field and tennis courts, and the campus itself includes several academic buildings which serve as an auxiliary to the main campus. The Colonials’ softball program has enjoyed success in recent years, capped off by a trip to the NCAA Tournament in 2021.

Food & Beverage 0

There is no food or drink for sale at the GW Softball Field. There is a coffee shop next door in Ames Hall that may or may not be open depending on when you visit, but it is not part of the stadium and keeps its own hours. Fans can bring in outside food or beverage, with the exception of alcohol.

Atmosphere 3

The GW Softball Field has a quirky, unusual layout. Instead of the bleachers being located behind home plate, as they are in most venues of this size, they are located on a hill beyond the right field fence. To access them, you will need to walk around the front of Ames Hall, then up a staircase and finally back down the hill to the bleachers. Some fans like to bring chairs and sit at the top of the hill, or just stand along the bottom of the hill off to the side so as not to block the view of the fans in the bleachers. It all comes down to personal preference. A few fans may be able to stand along the deck in front of Ames Hall as well, but this is mostly reserved for video equipment and may not be possible. There is a digital scoreboard built into the fence in left-center field which shows the linescore and count, as well as a smaller scoreboard down the third baseline, although the latter was not working when Stadium Journey visited.

Other than the game, there is not much going on here. The team plays soft music over the PA system between innings but not generally between batters. The field is on the flight path into Reagan National Airport, so jets will pass directly overhead throughout the game. The unplanned flyovers during the national anthem seem to be a running joke among GW fans. It’s not quite the same when it’s commercial aircraft instead of military jets, and it’s completely unplanned, but when the timing works out, it’s still impressive to watch.

Neighborhood 4

GW Softball Field and the Mount Vernon Campus are located in Northwest Washington off Foxhall Road. Although there are several scenic parks and trails in the vicinity, as well as the German Embassy, your best bet for dining is to head elsewhere in the District. A seafood place and an Italian restaurant are located west of the campus near the Potomac River, and some other places up MacArthur Boulevard, but most of your options will be closer to downtown, not further. The Tenleytown and Georgetown neighborhoods are a short drive or Uber ride away and offer numerous dining and entertainment options. You can also head downtown and visit the many historic sites. monuments, and memorials along the National Mall. Just keep in mind if you want to tour the Capitol or White House, you will need to book in advance.

Fans 2

Attendance at GW softball games is mostly limited to friends or family of the players. Most of them are regulars and attend just about every game and are incredibly knowledgeable about the players and team. They can get loud at big moments, but there will seldom be much more than a hundred of them in attendance at any given game. This is pretty typical for college softball in the northeast, where the sport isn’t as big as it is in some other parts of the country.

Access 3

Depending on how you are arriving, the Mount Vernon campus can either be significantly easier or significantly harder to get to than the main campus in Foggy Bottom. While it is not Metro-accessible, it is a lot easier to drive to this campus in outer Washington than it is to drive downtown to the main campus. There is a parking garage on campus right across from the stadium. Parking is free all day on weekends or for up to three hours on weekdays. It can get very pricey if staying for more than three hours on a weekday, starting at $16 for up to four hours and going up from there, so try to go on a weekend or time your visit accordingly.

Once you manage to park, accessing the stadium is trickier than it needs to be. After exiting the elevator lobby, fans will need to walk across the road towards the outfield fence, then up a staircase to the front of Ames Hall, up another staircase along the side of the building to the top of the hill, then back down the hill (either the hill itself or a staircase on the far side) and up the bleachers to sit down. If you bring your own chair and sit at the top of the hill, it’s slightly easier but your view may be blocked by trees. It’s less complicated than it sounds, but still more complicated than it needs to be.

Return on Investment 4

Admission to Colonials games is free, and if you go on a weekend, parking is free as well. If going on a weekday, you will have to time things carefully to avoid paying a ridiculous amount for parking, so we would recommend going on a weekend if possible to maximize value.

Extras 1

There are free programs available in a bin by the entrance to the stadium.

Final Thoughts

GW Softball Field is a typical northeastern college softball venue. The unfortunate reality is that the sport isn’t as popular here as in some parts of the country, and nothing George Washington does will change that. The stadium here has a quirky and unique layout and a small but loyal group of regular fans, but this is still a very basic experience.

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