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Goss Stadium at Coleman Field – Oregon State Beavers

Photo Courtesy of OSU Athletics

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Goss Stadium at Coleman Field

430 SW Langton Pl

Corvalis, OR 97331

Year Opened: 1907

Capacity: 3,248


Oregon State Baseball at Goss Stadium

The Oregon State Beavers baseball team has seen ample success over the last half-decade, producing incredible MLB talent headlined by all-star Jacoby Ellsbury.

Goss Stadium at Coleman Field has been the home for OSU baseball since 1907, and has seen two national champion teams (2006 and 2007). The stadium seats 3,248 after renovations in 1999 and 2009.

The most recent renovation increased seating capacity nearly double, from 2,000 to 3,248, allowing more fans to enjoy the festivities.

Watching a game, you can see the passion for Beavers baseball by the fans. OSU fans, students, and alumni do love their baseball. Goss Stadium is located directly on campus, giving a complete college feel.

Food & Beverage 3

You’ll find popcorn, hot dogs, soda, burgers, and the typical concession food.

Atmosphere 5

What makes Goss Stadium unique? The atmosphere. There are few places that can match the excitement at a Beavers’ baseball game. Since 2012, Goss Stadium has hosted five super regionals, proof of the prowess of the OSU program.

Despite the age of the stadium, recent renovations keep it as a fine venue to catch a game. Being on campus gives it an extra special feel. Like Beavers’ football and basketball games, it’s nearly impossible to find a fan not wearing bright orange or black.

Neighborhood 4

This is where a little debate can take place. Some fans like having ballparks a little secluded, but I love the fact that Goss Stadium is directly on campus. Being right next to the basketball and football stadiums gives it a collegiate feel that can’t really be put into words.

Being near campus, fans can find a plethora of spots to find some grub for pregame. Three popular stopping grounds less than a mile away include Nearly Normals Gonzo Cuisine (NNGC), McMenamins and Interzone.

At NNGC, you can find an assortment of burritos and local food. McMenamins is a great spot to grab a beer or grab a burger. Interzone is a coffee shop for early risers or visitors making a long drive home after a late game.

Fans 4

OSU fans are passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated. It’s near impossible to find a fan not wearing school colors. Despite rival fans at games, Beaver fans remain civil and respectful. Of course, like all stadiums, you’ll find a fair share of idiots arguing every ball and strike, but there were very few at the game I attended.

Access 2

The problem with access to Goss Stadium is a two-part issue.

The first is the inconvenient location of Corvallis. It’s difficult to make it there unless you already have your sights set on it. Most major cities in Oregon are located off of I-5, the major interstate on the west coast. Corvallis is 10 miles west of I-5, and inconvenient to get to.

The other issue is the lack of parking around campus. It’s almost impossible to find somewhere free to park. It’s best to just pay the $5 and avoid searching for a long time.

Return on Investment 4

Reserved tickets go for $20, with outfield/GA seats $10. I would suggest going with general admission seats. The view does not really differ, and if you’re going with multiple people, the price difference can add up. Either way, you will be getting your money’s worth. I suggest eating beforehand at local restaurants. Prices per item with respect to food size make it far more practical to find your meal elsewhere.

Extras 2

Another nice feature is the video board in the outfield. It isn’t up to par with the football team’s scoreboard, but that should be obvious.

And with the incredible talent consistently be pumped through this program, odds are good that you’ll see good baseball.

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