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GCC Baseball Field - Glendale Gauchos

Photos by Meg Minard, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.71

GCC Baseball Field 6000 W. Olive Ave

Glendale, AZ 85302

Year Opened: 1965 Capacity: 350 (approx)


Gaucho Pride

Glendale Gauchos are NJCAA – Arizona Community College Athletics Conference (ACCAC) members. The Gauchos baseball team began in 1967 and plays on its on-campus baseball field in Glendale, AZ.  

GCC Baseball Field, built when the college opened in 1965, has artificial turf around the home plate area and Bermuda grass and annual winter rye on the remainder of the field.  The baselines from home plate to first and third are grass, not dirt, which is common in other ACCAC baseball fields I’ve visited.

The Gauchos won the 1968 NJCAA Div 2 National Championship and made NJCAA World Series appearances in 2023, 2003, and 1991.  The team is starting the 2024 season strong.  Let’s see if they make it back to Enid, OK this summer! Note: The NJCAA Div 2 (National Junior College Athletic Association) has played their baseball championship series at David Allen Memorial Ballpark in Enid, OK since 2009.

Food & Beverage 0

The baseball stadium does not have refreshments for sale.  Fans can (and should) bring their own beverages and snacks.  The facility has several picnic tables spread out near and behind the stands.

Atmosphere 3

Watching a baseball game at GCC is a no-frills affair.  It’s all about the game and the players from both teams.  If you’re one who enjoys the game for the game, this is for you.

The ballpark has three sets of bleachers behind home plate.  For safety, a thick chain link fence surrounds the infield.  It is difficult to see some of the plays through it.  Many fans bring portable chairs and park right behind the chain link fence. 

The stadium has an easy-to-read dot matrix scoreboard in right field showing the basic line score.  Whoever updates the scoreboard does a fantastic job at being accurate and timely. 

Two retired numbers, 11 Boetto and 5 Grant, are displayed to the left of the scoreboard. Herb Boetto was the first Head Baseball Coach at GCC and brought the team to the NJCAA National Championship in 1968.  Dave Grant was Head Baseball Coach from Fall 1979 - Spring 2017 with over 1000 career wins.  He is a Hall of Fame Coach in these organizations:

  • American Baseball Coaches Association

  • NJCAA Hall of Fame

  • Arizona Baseball Coaches Association

  • ACCAC Hall of Fame

  • GCC Hall of Fame

The team does not play music during the game.  The players have a portable radio from the home dugout turned on pre-game, but it is shut off once the game starts.  This makes watching the game here a blessed relief from the noise that’s pummeled into fans at major and minor league games.  Currently, there is no announcer, so print a copy of the roster if that’s something you’re interested in knowing or recording.  Note:  Speakers are used for announcers and music when the sound system works.  The school is currently looking to replace the PA system.

The stadium does not have lights, so only day games are played.  The team plays quite a few double headers during the season – seven innings each, with the first game starting at noon.  I recommend bringing drinks and snacks if staying for both games.

A grassy area with some trees is behind the bleachers.  Kids can run around and blow off steam, or fans can place their chairs in the shade if it gets too warm.

Neighborhood 3

Glendale Community College is in a residential area in the northwest suburbs of Phoenix, AZ.   Houses and apartments border the baseball field.  A few shopping centers and fast food places are nearby.  Parson’s Family Restaurant, a mom-and-pop family restaurant, is a wonderful place for breakfast or brunch and is a mile and a half south. 

Sahuaro Ranch Park, a park with historic buildings, farm animals, and recreation areas, is just up the road and is worth visiting on a nice Arizona afternoon. 


Other sports in the area include: Brazell Field, home of the GCU Antelopes (7 miles away); American Family Fields of Phoenix, the Milwaukee Brewers spring training facility (6 miles away); and the Peoria Sports Complex, spring training home of the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres.


Most of the lodging is near the I-17 exits, about 4 miles from the college. 

Fans 3

The Glendale Gaucho’s fanbase falls under the ‘family and friends’ category.  Most seem to know each other.   Since many of the teams the Gauchos play are close, fans of opposing teams are often in the stands.  The ACCAC does not keep attendance records.  There were about 100 fans (off and on) during the doubleheader I visited.

The fans cheer all good plays (regardless of team) and respectfully utter dismay at the umpire’s calls and strikes. 

Access 3

Getting to GCC Baseball Field is relatively easy.  It is located between I-17 and US 60.  The field is four miles west of I-17 (off the Dunlap Ave exit).  Dunlap Ave changes to Olive Ave as you drive west.  Fans can park along 63rd Ave and walk through a gate to the field.  The ballpark is not wheelchair accessible as some steps exist, and the pathway is grass and gravel.  Handrails are available in the middle bleacher set.

Valley Metro bus route 90 (Olive and 63rd) stop drops you off right at the field.  Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is about 18 miles from the ballpark.  Public transportation is available from the airport; travel time is 1 hour 30 min (rail and bus).

Most importantly, the facility has functioning restrooms, especially needed for those doubleheaders.

Return on Investment 5

Like all ACCAC baseball teams, the Gauchos do not charge to watch a baseball game.  The only expense you’ll have is the snacks and drinks you bring and the cost of getting to the park.


Extras 2

The retired numbers of Herb Boetto and Dave Grant are worth an additional mention. 

Over 245 Glendale Gauchos baseball student-athletes have moved on from this 2-year college to ninety different 4-year colleges and universities.  Thirty-seven players have signed professional baseball contracts; 7 have reached the major league level.

Final Thoughts

Pack your sunscreen, water, snacks, and a cushion (for your bum), and enjoy a quiet, lovely Gauchos baseball afternoon in Glendale, AZ.  It’s a fantastic way to decompress from life’s challenges and see our future generation playing America’s pastime.

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