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Evans Diamond at Stu Gordon Stadium – California Golden Bears

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.71

Evans Diamond at Stu Gordon Stadium Frank Schlessinger Way Berkeley, CA 94720

Year Opened: 1933

Capacity: 2,500


Baseball in the California Sun

The Bay Area is home to some of the most beautiful scenery around. The sports facilities here take full measure of this and are often unique in their own right. Evans Diamond at Stu Gordon Stadium is no exception to this rule. If you’re looking for a unique stadium layout for college baseball, you have come to the right place. Nestled on the campus for Cal Berkeley, this facility slots a baseball stadium in the middle of large buildings and tight quarters to give you an intimate feel for the sport being played.

Food & Beverage 3

There are usually two concessions stand here for food and beverages; one is on the upper right field patio, which is sometimes used for special ticket packages for students that include a meal with their entry. The other is located to the left of home plate; here, food items include hot dogs ($2), specialty sausages ($7), nachos ($6), and popcorn ($5), as well as pretzels, candy, and ice cream (all $5). The variety isn’t big but the quality is top level, and the prices are very affordable. Drinks include soda, water, and Gatorade for $5 each as well.

Atmosphere 4

The architecture of Evans Diamond at Stu Gordon Stadium is unique to say the least. Built in 1933, the exterior main entrance of the stadium remains relatively untouched since then. It’s classical facade and large gates remind you of many Romanesque stadiums from that era. However, once you’re inside the look completely changes. The right field line features large shade trees along the upper part of the concourse, shading the top-most rows of seats during the day. The left field line features a large patio area and the sheer west-facing facade of the Haas Pavilion. Here, student athletes can be seen on the upper levels of the building watching their fellow Golden Bears on the playing field. The fans here are passionate, as the Bay Area is chock full of baseball fans due to its historic success at the game.

Neighborhood 4

The stadium itself is situated on the campus of Cal itself. This is one of the country’s most historic and revered colleges, and the beauty of the campus is evident from the moment you set foot here. Just outside of campus is Berkeley, a college town that has everything from hotels (Residence Inn by Marriott and Hotel Shattuck Plaza are your closest options to campus) to restaurants and shopping. Shattuck Avenue and University Avenue both are full of shopping and dining options.

Fans 4

The Cal Berkeley faithful are passionate about the Golden Bears. Here, you will find fans that range from the long-time loyalists and former graduates to the youngest fans wanting to watch some baseball up close and personal. You’ll also find that fans here are polite and sport knowledgeable. Many have been following the team for years, and can talk for a long time about players of the past as well as the current crop of talent on the field.

Access 3

The hardest part about getting to games here is the parking. On campus parking is limited, and if you were to find a spot, you will need to pay the meter or have a parking pass. Outside of campus there is metered street parking, but again this can be hard to come by. Fans likely are best off parking in a lot or garage off campus and walking from there. Getting to campus is also something that requires a lot of side streets, as there isn’t a highway exit immediately adjacent to the stadium. That said, heading due east from I-80 will get you there without an issue.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets to Cal baseball start as low as $8, which is a steal compared to the Bay Area’s MLB counterparts. Coupled with affordable concessions, this makes watching some top-level college baseball a very affordable option for a sports night out for a family of four.

Extras 4

When you first arrive inside the stadium, a fan giveaway table greets you with free posters and other goodies for Cal fans. Another neat part of visiting this facility is the carved tree stump in left field. The large tree stump was carved into the shape of a large baseball bat named “3000 Hacks” by the 2006 UC Berkeley sculpture class.

Tree Carving, Photo by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Also around the stadium are commemorative plaques – the most visible is the Ed Sanclemente memorial plaque just behind home plate, recognizing the former Cal shortstop from the 1940s. Finally, right behind the right field line is a small trailer that serves as a team store for Cal baseball, offering shirts, hats, jackets, and other items for fans to purchase.

Final Thoughts

A team steeped in history, and an athletics program equally as accredited, Cal baseball offers a solid game day experience inside the intimate walls of Stu Gordon Stadium. While getting there and finding a parking spot may be difficult, watching some of the PAC-12’s finest slug it out on the diamond under the warm California sun is well worth the visit to Berkeley.

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