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Central Park – Trinidad Triggers

Photos by Meg Minard, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.71

Central Park 700 Smith Ave Trinidad, CO 81082

Year Opened: 1960 Capacity: 887


Pulling the Trigger in Trinidad

The Triggers have established themselves well in Trinidad, CO and in the Independent Pecos League of Professional Baseball, beginning with their debut in the 2012 season. Taken from their website, the Pecos League operates in cities in desert mountain regions throughout New Mexico, West Texas, Arizona, and Southern Colorado players come from all over the US and the world and are a combination of rising stars, falling stars, shooting stars, and athletes with stars in their eyes.

The Triggers play at Central Park Field, a city park located one mile from downtown Trinidad, CO. The city of Trinidad made several improvements to the field and park for this team: updates to the bullpens, adding a cement backing/wall to the seating area, improvements to the grass seating areas and the field itself.

The Triggers share the field with Trojan Baseball (NJCAA – National Junior College Athletic Association) as well as the Trinidad High School team (the Miners).

Food & Beverage 3

There is one concession stand and it serves the fan base well. Concession prices are good. Most snacks (candy, chips, ice cream, etc.) and non-alcoholic drinks (mostly Pepsi brand sodas) are nicely priced. A huge variety of dogs, burgers, and sausages are offered, are cooked fresh off the grill, and range from $3 to $6.50.

Beer on offer is Bud, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Michelob Ultra, Bud Chelada, and Shock Top and the price ranges from $3 to $5. Hot chocolate, tea, and coffee are offered for those chilly spring evening games.

It being a city park, I bet you can bring your own water and snacks into the park. The concession stand also offers some Trinidad Triggers merchandise: ball caps ($25) and t-shirts ($20).

Atmosphere 3

Despite being in a somewhat old facility, it is a fine venue for the Pecos League. There is a nice view of Fisher’s Peak beyond the right field wall and the view changes throughout the game based on the weather. And there are trees all around the outfield wall providing a nice backdrop.

There is a pond and a walking trail just beyond the outfield. If you want to get your steps or exercise in, arrive early and take a short hike around the pond. It is quite a peaceful stroll.

The seating comprises of 14 rows of all metal benches – a few rows with backs – which start getting uncomfortable near the 6th inning. The seats are under an awning so fans are protected in case of rain. The seating area is surrounded by an awful chain link fence that tarnishes the view of the game. This is typical of other Pecos League venues.

The music is fine; not too loud with a good variety. There are some instances where music is played when announcing the player at bat or a relief pitcher which makes it a bit difficult to keep score but it is far better than previous years.

There is one piece of memorabilia for the 2002 Trinidad Miners Baseball Association for updating the facilities at Central Park. There is no flag pole at the venue. Instead, the American flag is attached to the outfield fence. That I had not seen before. The home dugout is on the third base side; visitors on the first base side.

Neighborhood 3

I did not notice an appealing place to visit pre or post game within walking distance of the park. However, downtown Trinidad (just a mile or so away from the park) has several options.

The Mission at the Bell serves Mexican fare and a tasty, powerful margarita! Check out Rino’s Italian Restaurant and Steakhouse for fine Italian food. The Whistle Stop/Sub Shop (a sponsor of the Trinidad Triggers) is located next to the Colorado State Welcome Center and is less than a mile from Central Park.

For your sports bar outing, check out the Brix Sports Bar and Grill on the weekends. It offers 12 beers on tap and food on the weekends (Thurs – Sun). It also has live entertainment (a cover charge may apply depending on the event).

There is a free trolley tour of Trinidad and a history museum to peruse that I would recommend if visiting the area.

Fans 2

Fans are few but many are vocal. They all seemed to know each other and all treated me just fine and offered tips on the surrounding area.

There is the ‘Passing of the Hat’ when a Trigger pitcher gets three strikeouts in an inning or a player hits a home run. Someone with a helmet walks the seating area trying to get $1 donations. Those contributions help the players with everyday essentials: groceries, gas, car payments, etc.

Access 3

Free parking; it’s always nice. Recommendation: DO NOT park in the facility parking lot; park in the neighboring streets (one block – definitely not a far walk). The facility parking lot is a prime foul ball territory windshield breakage area.

If you live in the neighborhood, it is certainly walk-able but most fans arrive via automobile. It’s only about a mile off of Interstate 25 (I-25).

There is one men’s and one women’s restroom which is enough for the crowd base. Players have to walk through the stands or grassy knoll to reach their cars and the restroom. The restrooms are adequate and clean.

Return on Investment 3

It is $6 for general admission; there is free parking, and food and beer prices are decent. It’s baseball for the game and not any other entertainment. And the Triggers do a fine job.

Extras 2

An Amtrak train passing by beyond the outfield wall. Triggers pitchers sitting in the stands and charting and recording pitches, speed pitch, and play. Even better, they offer kids to help them with speed pitch counts, which the kids love. And, the pitchers and kids remember each other due to the players reading to the kids at school or a community event.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the area, do make the effort to visit a Triggers baseball game during the May through July time frame. The venue is picturesque even with the chain link fence. It is a quaint park to watch a game and it is an entertaining evening.

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