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  • Tyler Huskinson

UCCU Ballpark – Utah Valley Wolverines

Photos by Tyler Huskinson, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

UCCU Ballpark

800 W University Parkway

Orem, UT 84058

Year Opened: 2005

Capacity: 2,500


Wolverines At Brent Brown

The Utah Valley Wolverine baseball team made its debut at home on March 24, 2005, but it wasn’t until June 13, 2007, that the venue was officially named Brent Brown Ballpark. The stadium holds 2,500 seats and can accommodate an additional 2,500 spectators on the grassy berm along the third baseline and in left field.

Brent Brown Ballpark is not hitter friendly by any stretch. It is 305 feet and 312 feet to the left and right foul poles respectively, however, both ends have short fences. It is a long 408 feet to dead center with a high fence, and the state-of-the-art scoreboard sits in a right-center field with a high fence as well.

College baseball isn’t something that draws much interest or excitement in Northern Utah. While Brent Brown Ballpark is a venue worth visiting, I would recommend visiting when the Rookie League Orem Owlz is playing and not for the UVU Wolverines.

Food & Beverage 4

Brent Brown Ballpark offers the regular stadium fare with hot dogs, pretzels, candy, and soft drinks and the prices are reasonable. The concession stands also offer more unique items such as the Philly Cheesesteak and Mixed Fried Vegetables. Beer is not offered at this venue which is most likely due to the fact that the ballpark is located in Utah County which is quite possibly one of the most conservative counties in the nation.

There weren’t many spectators at the games, so the concession lines were never very long. The ballpark has eight concession booths and only two of them were open during the entire game. At the only entrance to Brent Brown Ballpark, a sign warns spectators that absolutely no food and drink are allowed.

Atmosphere 3

There are a total of three baseball parks along the Wasatch Front which host college and/or minor league teams, and all of them have been constructed so that spectators may enjoy a view of a section of the Rocky Mountains.

The first base side contains the most seating possibilities to avoid the sun. The grassy berm along the third base side and left field get the most sun and exposure to other elements. Shade can also be found along the very top rows of the stadium in every section.

The concourse allowed for plenty of space for the crowd I observed. If the stadium experienced a sell-out crowd, the concourse could become very crowded.

The seats are hard plastic with cup holders for convenience and the pitch of the seats allows for unobstructed views from any spot in the stadium. The playing field is well-manicured grass, with the only con being a short warning track.

Spectators are right on top of the playing field and with the exception of preference for exposure to the elements, there really isn’t a bad seat in the stadium. The home dugout is on the third base side, and the visitor dugout is on the first base side. The team’s bullpens are on corresponding sides and they are uncovered from the field of play with very easy spectator access.

The scoreboard is high quality for a college baseball stadium, and the fact that the stadium is also home to the Owlz doesn’t hurt. The scoreboard displays the home photo roster, score inning by inning, pitch count, and whether the result of a batter on base is ruled as a hit or error.

Willy the Wolverine is an involved and energetic mascot. I have seen him at UVU basketball games and he does a good job there as well. The home team walk-up music is personalized and the music selections between innings are current and/or relevant.

The marketing department strategically waits until the first three full innings are over before doing promotions in the middle of the innings, which I thought was a very smart thing to do considering the size of the crowd.

Neighborhood 3

The ballpark and the main UVU campus are located right off Exit 269 on I-15 and because of the location, there aren’t any points of interest or restaurants I would recommend walking to from the ballpark.

However, because the ballpark is located right off a main thoroughfare connecting Orem and Provo, there are several dining options within a short five-minute drive. Some examples of the offerings are Smashburger and Carraba’s Italian Grill.

Walking to the stadium is very safe and there is free parking on campus.

Fans 2

The crowd knowledge seems to be pretty good. There is actually quite a large fan base for baseball in Utah. There weren’t too many visiting fans since the visiting team was from New York.

There weren’t any particular chants or habits of note. The one saving grace was the crowd and its half-hearted attempt at, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” during the seventh-inning stretch.

Access 5

The UVU campus and ballpark are located right off I-15. It can literally be seen from the freeway. There is an airport in Utah County but is not a major airport. Salt Lake International Airport is a 90-minute drive depending on traffic.

The concourse is more than adequate for the crowd I observed, but could get crowded during a sell-out. The restrooms are very clean and there is plenty for the crowd on hand. The stadium has several areas to accommodate those with handicap accessibility needs.

Not that it was a concern to me, but there was no security check at the only gate entrance.

Return on Investment 4

All tickets to UVU baseball games are $5 and for those looking for a cheap outing during a warm spring day, it’s a great place to go watch baseball without much hassle. There isn’t a bad place to sit in the stadium and it’s a nice place to watch a baseball game.

I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to attend another UVU baseball game, but I wouldn’t be against going again either.

Extras 3

One extra point is awarded for the fact there is a team store on the concourse. Even though it isn’t much bigger than an average family room, it still exists and provides fans an opportunity to purchase merchandise.

One extra point goes to the playground located just outside the concourse along the third base side of the stadium.

One more extra point goes to the player banners along the concourse, the larger-than-life lineup card, and the banner displaying the team achievements.

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